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Is it supposed to be pitch black at night?


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Just started playing, having trouble figuring out how to do things. By the time I figured out how to make a knife and cut grass it's dark out. I can't see anything at all. I've turned the gamma up to max but I still can't see anything besides the occasional patch of stars overhead. Is it supposed to be this dark?

I finally figured out I'm supposed to make a fire pit but all I've been able to do so far is put some grass on the ground. The wiki and help leave out basic stuff, like when I have 14 reeds, how do I get only two reeds into the crafting area (to make a basket, like the wiki suggest)? Also I've placed grass all over the ground (as fire pits) how can I pick them back up again? I kept trying to "fuel" the fire but it just kept placing more fire pits. And I can't start the fire pits either.

It took me all of the first day just to figure out how to make a knife and cut grass. It it supposed to be this hard to figure things out? Did I miss a tutorial or something?




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Welcome to VS!

Yes, nights are dark without light.  First day tasks are stones (flint or obsidian), sticks and 64 reeds (40 for creating your 1st tier inventory & 24 for a storage basket).  Sticks and stones for tools (knife and axe) so that you can gather reeds and some firewood for your first night.  A shovel is advisable if monsters do not have delayed spawning.

The handbook (press 'H') has a lot of info in it, such as crafting "recipes".  If you hover over an item in your inventory (and I believe target a block in the world) and press H the handbook will bring up info about that item or block, including items that can be crafted from it.

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Thanks Maelstrom! 

Hovering and pressing H is VERY helpful.

Also finally figured out how to split stacks by right clicking. Is there a more precise, more efficient way?

My fire kept going out. I figured out it needed cover overhead and now I've got one going next to a dirt hill with an overhang! I am not used to thinking this hard to play a game ha ha. It's interesting though.

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You can click and drag in the crafting grid to evenly distribute items across multiple spaces (for example, hold a stack of reeds and click and drag slowly around the outside cells of the crafting grid will drop 8 reeds in each slot to make a couple of baskets). You can also right-click to drop just one item at a time in each space.

The game does have a steep learning curve for a newcomer but the handbook will explain most things, and you can always ask more questions here. :)

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