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[EN] S̛t͜o̸r̴m҉ ͠T͠a̡lk started on 04 Sep 2021


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Hello fellow vintarians!

Few days ago we started a brand new server. The world was created on 4th September and we'd like to build a long lasting world, without an unnecessary resets. No fluff, no spin, let's have fun - come in 🙂 




  • Dedicated server in Poland, Europe (we have also players from America and they don't experience lags)
  • Automatic backup is performed daily at midnight GMT+1
  • Server config mostly vanilla
  • 30 day month length


  • Have fun and let the others have it too
  • Respect the others and be respected
  • PvP enabled, but requires two side agreement


  • XSkills/Xlib
  • Carry Capacity
  • Player Corpse
  • Trade'o'mat (10 per player)
  • Starterpack
  • Medieval Expansion
  • Necessaries (1 mailbox per player with one attachement per mail, trash can, vines patch, grindstone) 
  • Survival Categories
  • Workbench Expansion
  • Instruments
  • Lichen
  • More Roads
  • Useful Stuff
  • Travelling Merchants

Join our discord: https://discord.gg/KSpg6MsCzm

Download the mod pack: https://files.lonski.pl/blobs/2l5qxcr6jf6yvydlqdedpp41h7mf?disposition=attachment

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  • Sps changed the title to [EU][EN] S̛t͜o̸r̴m҉ ͠T͠a̡lk started on 04 Sep 2021
  • Sps changed the title to [EN] S̛t͜o̸r̴m҉ ͠T͠a̡lk started on 04 Sep 2021

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