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Animal escape artists..


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We are seeing a LOT of our sheep and pigs escape from fenced in and even walled in enclosures.  We have tried double high fences and have had players set a second ring of fencing around their main corral (with several tiles of space in between the inner and outer fence perimeters), and pigs are found outside the main enclosure but within the second outer fence line, clearly showing that they are somehow "phasing" through fencing and escaping their pens.

Our server reset with the release of client version 1.15.5, and we are just, within the last few weeks, getting to significant populations of domesticated animals.  We saw a few go strangely missing all along from time to time, but now that populations are higher we are more able to tell what is going on, and we are seeing it a lot.

Trying to discern if a mod might be causing this, but we have no mods enabled that mess with fencing or collision mechanics or other such things. No clue what is allowing this "phase" glitch to happen.

Are we alone in seeing this? If so, it is likely related to some mod or other server specific issue.

Thanks in advance...

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- Make sure your enclosures are large enough so that animals do not push into each other. In my experience, the larger the enclosure, the fewer animals phase through fences. It's by far the biggest contributing factor.

- Avoid building your fence across changing elevations. Even if you terraform nothing else, try and make your enclosures flat.

- Do not have filled troughs on the other side of fences. Sometimes, an animal will decide that it absolutely must eat from a trough outside of its enclosure, and will throw itself against the fence until it eventually glitches through. Happens a lot to people who like to make enclosures for different animals all next to each other. Troughs have a certain range; try to make sure animals can only detect those they can reach.

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We see this happen on our server too (1.15.3 currently, but has also happened for 1.14.10). No mods; just vanilla.

Best I can tell it usually happens soon after the animals give birth and/or reach maturity and there is a 'growth' explosion. Not all the animals can fit comfortably in the pens and it seems to pop some of them outside the enclosure.

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Appreciate the feedback and the pointers. ;)

We have a few pretty experienced players in our crowd and have discussed these things and how much they may be playing a role in the problem. It just seems like it is happening a LOT more than it usually did on our previous server and on other servers our folks have played on in the past.  We were wondering if we are the only ones that have seen an increase in this happening.

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