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C&N - land protection mod


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Test server:  (Claims mod testing server)

General Info


Mod serves for territory protection and configure access to it. Main parts are plots, city, village.
Plot is just a area 16x16x(height of the world) of the map (/plot borders on/off) that can be claimed.
Plots can be claimed using village or city. A village can have only one claimed plot but it costs less than city.
For a city amount of plots depends on its population.

For each plot you can change access permissions for groups(friend/citizen/ally/stranger) build/use/attack animals.
There are different types of plots which are described in another part of topic.

Firstly you need to create a village or a city. The village is cheaper by default. But it will exist only limited time - 1 real week, and can be created by
player only if he is playing his first week on the server. During all the time village exists you don't pay anything for it.

For creation of a city you can have payment item in your inventory the same way as with village. But every real day you
city and it's citizens will pay fee. Citizens for every plot they have(mayor can set fee for plot or plotsgroup), and city for every plot.
If city doesn't pay fee it's dept will increase and after threashold it will be deleted. If citizen doesn't pay he is kicked from the city or 
his plots are taken away(depends on the settings).


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I am extremely interested in this mod and seeing how it progresses.  However, I don't seem to be able to create a new town with /t new townName.  It always says I have no funds.  Logically, I created a chest instead to create a town bank.  This did not provide the indicated /confirm dialogue.  Curiosu what I'm doing wrong?

Edit: Ahhh... Must have currency in hand.

However, I still can't make a chest for a town bank.

While I'm here, a few requests:
Dynamically sizeable claims, something other than a 16x16. I'd love the flexibility of the vanilla claim system in this.  Specific desire: Set up a tavern or inn in which I can sell rooms to live in.  Or a marketplace with individual stalls of less than 16x16.  I know you've got a long ways to go with getting this fully functional.

Also -> Can you perhaps implement something that is required to create a town or nation beyond currency?  Preferably something like a charter that can be bought and will be consumed when a town is created.


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As we talked on discord i'll add info messages for unsuccessful attempts of chest-bank creation (and also check why server gets "" instead of the content of the sign text).

I also will think over how dynamically sizeable claims can be added (need to do something with player's plot permissions cache and most likely it'd be claims in the border of the plot). But i understand that for tavern or marketplace it would be a good addition.

I'll add on the list "permission for town creation" (it probably can be made through commands in this mod or added like an item in additional mod to leave main mod server side only.

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I also cant seem to be able to start a town. when i do the command /town new [name] command i get the following error:

berg:default_berg_prefix Object reference not set to an instance of an object.


ive created a personal bank without issue. got 1000 gears in it and a 1000 in my inventory. but no matter what when i run the command, thats what i get. Is there something im doing wrong?

ive since realized this isnt client side 🤡


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