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Giant Chess Set

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A half a kilometers square board and as of now, one half of the pieces. For white I have chosen Red/White livery. Black will be purple/black when I get around to it.






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holy mother of god, this looks incredible, so much creativity!!! :o Pawns and rook look especially good! Maybe someday in future this will be a set I can order in amazon for Christmas? :x

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Edit: Tyvm. I will send you a copy when its complete. Interesting that you like like different ones than me. Piazza dei Miricolo, Pisa. Bishop and pawns are my favorite, but at night, the Knight, because the creative block blue used for the rain drops look nice in the dark.

I will use this space for more pictures.

1. Another angle of the Knight

2. View of pawns from the Basilica interior.

3. A view of the Queens train and Kings chess board.

4. Pawn Dawn (bah-dum-tish!)

5. Play suspended due to weather conditions! ;)






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