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V[0.2.2] The ORASCOPE (VS 1.8.6)

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Introducing the ORASCOPE!

Tired of missing out on all the Tin, Zinc, even just plain old Copper Ore?

Fed up with wasting Pickaxes on fruitless resource expeditions with nothing to show but the lantern bug bites?

This compact  mod will be a GREAT help to you!

Install Procedure:     Simply COPY Zip file directly into /Mods

>>Orascope_Release_v022.zip <<


Use Prospecting pickaxe on rock face direction of the area you want checked; it will let you know if there is any ore within a short distance.

ORASCOPE USE: Type this  command into the text console (Press 'T' for console):

/orascope nearby

The resulting report will be messaged back;

N 4|0000020000##
N 3|0000222000##
N 2|0000010000##
N 1|0000010000##
N 0|0000000000##


The ASCII Art map combines the various Ores' into one flat plane (Z-axis is compressed), and the zero entries are non-ores... Its a 9 block radius centred on the player.

These coordinates are RELATIVE to ABSOLUTE NORTH. Not the players orientation - more like what you see on the world map. Basically if you are STANDING (above/below) on ore: it will be North: 0, West 0.



Release notes [v 0.1.2]:

  • Fixed Axis (swap Y and Z, minecraft style)
  • Better Map Display (centred correctly)
  • Improved legends
  • Untested with Vintage story V1.8.3 ~ since release was simultaneous.... maybe it will work(?)

Release notes [v 0.2.0]:

  • Prospecting Pickaxe will actually report on ORE PRESENCE. Both quantity and tier listed.
  • Minor changes to Orascope code
  • V1.8.6 compatible

Release notes [v 0.2.1]:

  • No longer crashes crafting catalogue


Release notes [v 0.2.2]:

  • Adjusted scan size (Now 5*5  Projected +5 deep; thats 150 Blocks worth).
  • Actual DISTANCE to nearest Ore, and DIRECTION reported.
  • Corrected rotation of scan direction









Edited by Melchior
Updated Release (texts)
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Hi !

19 hours ago, Melchior said:

its almost self-explanatory


Almost, yep. So, can you explain it more ?

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Was thinking of updating to add a "Ore Finder"; replacing the current function of the prospecting pick with a short range; 'Arrow' that shows visually the nearest deposit of any ore.

A tool for 'Dummies' 😉

Anyone this this is a good idea?

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maybe an item that works like a metal detector. It beeps more frequently the closer you get to ore. Might make finding ore in a 3D environment easier.

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yes.. yes an "ore finder" device or  the like would be good.. just something to least go 'Hey.. theres tin here' or something.. so you dont spend hours trying to fine 1 piece of it

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Am literally working on it now 😓 (Also possible V.S. bug!)

The Prospecting Pickaxe will work; Differently...  it will be MUCH more helpful; it may even draw a obvious line to the nearest ore deposit (if any).

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Short addendum on the new release;

The actual shape/size of the search area may be kinda (unintentionally small) - it may be increased in a later version.

It is a straight projection from the face of the rock mined NOT a 'bubble' like the Orascope command was. -- Mine the face TOWARDS the area you are interested in.

(also this versions has NOT been tested in multiplayer - it should still work...)

Also it DOES replace the "useless" percentages report of the old Prospecting pick...


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