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V[0.3.3] The ORASCOPE (VS 1.8.6)

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Introducing the Improved ORASCOPE!

It is a map overlay. Makes finding ore ~ far less of a challenge.

Install Procedure:     Simply COPY Zip file directly into /Mods

> Orascope_Release_v0.3.3.zip <



Use Prospecting pickaxe on rock face direction of the area you want checked; it will let you know if there is any ore within a short distance.

ORASCOPE USE: Control it with these commands (Press 'T' for console)

.orascope on
.orascope off
.orascope stats

You may also need to set a permission, the mod will supply the command text needed.



Release notes [v 0.1.2]:

  • Fixed Axis (swap Y and Z, minecraft style)
  • Better Map Display (centred correctly)
  • Improved legends
  • Untested with Vintage story V1.8.3 ~ since release was simultaneous.... maybe it will work(?)

Release notes [v 0.2.0]:

  • Prospecting Pickaxe will actually report on ORE PRESENCE. Both quantity and tier listed.
  • Minor changes to Orascope code
  • V1.8.6 compatible

Release notes [v 0.2.1]:

  • No longer crashes crafting catalogue

Release notes [v 0.2.2]:

  • Adjusted scan size (Now 5*5  Projected +5 deep; thats 150 Blocks worth).
  • Actual DISTANCE to nearest Ore, and DIRECTION reported.
  • Corrected rotation of scan direction

Release notes [v 0.2.3]:

  • Corrected Up / Down scan projection
  • Ore composition reported
  • Client side ore-scanning (less server load)

Release notes [v 0.3.1]:

  • Mini-map Ore 'X' Marker
  • "Sorta-kinda" Realtime update of deposits (auto-marked)
  • Stats and Deposit info command

Release notes [v 0.3.2]:

  • New Icons, with outlines
  • Basic Permission integration for servers
  • Stats and Deposit info command - more Totals
  • "Deep Scan" mode

Release notes [v 0.3.3]:

  • Fixed inaccuracy issue. Should be VERY precise now.
  • Prospecting Pick now also hints ore height (higher / lower) when in N/E/S/W direction
  • minor tweaks to 'stats' display
  • NOT tested with VS versions POST 1.8

















Edited by Melchior
Finally fixed location issue!
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Hi !

19 hours ago, Melchior said:

its almost self-explanatory


Almost, yep. So, can you explain it more ?

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Was thinking of updating to add a "Ore Finder"; replacing the current function of the prospecting pick with a short range; 'Arrow' that shows visually the nearest deposit of any ore.

A tool for 'Dummies' 😉

Anyone this this is a good idea?

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maybe an item that works like a metal detector. It beeps more frequently the closer you get to ore. Might make finding ore in a 3D environment easier.

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yes.. yes an "ore finder" device or  the like would be good.. just something to least go 'Hey.. theres tin here' or something.. so you dont spend hours trying to fine 1 piece of it

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Am literally working on it now 😓 (Also possible V.S. bug!)

The Prospecting Pickaxe will work; Differently...  it will be MUCH more helpful; it may even draw a obvious line to the nearest ore deposit (if any).

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Short addendum on the new release;

The actual shape/size of the search area may be kinda (unintentionally small) - it may be increased in a later version.

It is a straight projection from the face of the rock mined NOT a 'bubble' like the Orascope command was. -- Mine the face TOWARDS the area you are interested in.

(also this versions has NOT been tested in multiplayer - it should still work...)

Also it DOES replace the "useless" percentages report of the old Prospecting pick...


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Related to Previous posts ;

The new Ore location code will decide a strategy by ore count;

  • a complex cluster finding algorithm for large deposits (+5),
  • a simpler average for ~5 and for >= 1 ,- the actual location of the single block of ore.

The Y-Axis values are the raw block position; not quite the same as the relative coordinates provided my map/tooltips/HUD (no offsets applied either).

These are the ones shown in the 'stats' command, FYI.



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