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v[0.1.0] Storage Bin (for VS 1.8.X)

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Not enough reeds to make a Basket? Chopped down one too many Giant Oak Trees? Or just the usual Quarry overflow...

Use clay to make a STORAGE BIN. It stores, stuff. The form does need lots of clay to create it...


Release Notes (v 0.1.0):

  • Took longer than expected, due to odd way VS had generic containers defined, also my modelling skills arn't stellar.
  • Tested locally, no show stopper bugs (but you should always BACKUP before testing any mod)

>>> StorageBin_Release_v010.zip <<<



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OK when I lay down the clay to "knapp" the container, what do I need to use to do so?  I tried what I had, stones, clay, sticks, grass, stone axe & knife, all while in "shift" and I cannot "knapp" the blocks around it, I just end up destroying the item.  I am running the latest release, 1.8.6 on Windows  7 x64.  Thanks.


OK, I figured out how to make the container, the issue is that if you EVER release the shift button for crouch, you lose the ability to do/complete any knapping to create the container.  Now what I need to know is how do I access it?  I tried many every key on the keyboard while having it the active block.  No joy.

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