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Mod Request: Make chiseled blocks recognized as "stable surfaces".

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I'd like to request a simple mod that makes the game recognize chiseled blocks as "stable surfaces" allowing for things like lamps and such to be placed on them. 

It is understood that blocks chiseled down to lower the surface of the block would make lamps and other items placed on them to appear as floating, and blocks that have had their base chiseled up would appear floating over the block below them, but the player would just have to keep in mind such things when chiseling out items intended for use in such a manner.

As it is, I can't make cool looking lampstands that are functional...

Humbly submitted...

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I made a patch for blocktypes/chiseledblock.json, changed sidesolid: {all: false} to sidesolid: {all: true}. Now claypot can be placed on the chiseled blocks, but for some reason torches (and other) can be put on the light-chiseled side only. So it will be necessary to look at the code


2020-05-21_00-08-03.thumb.png.d4a52752a623488ebf119d61f8da5e66.png 2020-05-20_23-44-55.thumb.png.0d4ccba2e5bd284a95abe1767aa3cd9a.png



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