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[EN] THE IRONWOODS (1.16.X) - A Roleplay Server


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"Fear not this night, for you shall not go astray.
Though shadows may fall, the stars still find of their way."


The Ironwoods is a modded role-playing server which may... lean into the lovecraftian aesthetic of Vintage Story.
We're opening our server up in hopes of finding other role-players interested in creating fun and engaging narratives with us!

We kindly ask our members be over 25 years of age.

Please visit our discord for more information.

Perhaps the Ironwoods shall... pull you in?

Our rules:

  • Keep it safe, sane, and consensual.
  • Apply common sense.
  • Don't be a dick.

Some features:

  • No land claiming.
  • No class exclusive recipes.
  • Temporal storms and stability.
  • Six (6) real-world hour days.
  • Thirty (30) in-game days per month.
  • Time pauses while offline.
  • A curious collection of lore~

The mods:

  • Alchemy
  • Ancient Tools
  • Animal Cages
  • Bricklayers
  • Carry Capacity
  • CivBooks
  • Cottage Windows
  • Expanded Foods
  • Flint Chisel
  • Lichen
  • Necessaries
  • Primitive Survival
  • Rope Bridges
  • Sliding Doors
  • Snowball Mod
  • Trade'o'Mat
  • Th3 Essentials
  • Th3 RP
  • The BASICs
  • Wildcraft
  • Wild Farming
  • xrowboat


"In suffering, we make hope."

A gnarled tree with a central, ever-watchful eye.







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