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Here i'd like to suggest an idea of cooking. A lot of food i've come across in game only restores stamina and not health. That's where i bring in cooking. To start off you'd make a cooking pit. That would require metal ingots or stone in a square of 8 with a fire pit in the center. After that you would require a fired pot made with any kind of clay. That would just be made with clay in a circle lol. In this, you're basically making soups and stews for the most part...but also boiling meats and veggies. You can use any kind of fuel in the fire except coal bc that would be nasty, and the layout is similar to a fire pit with a crucible. However, you'd need to fill the pot with water to work. Other than that, cooking is the same as melting metal in the crucible.


Broiled bushmeat

Veggie soup: boil any veggie

berry juice: boil an berry

Game Stew: raw bushmeat + carrots + wheat

and more to add onto

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The game already has a cooking pot that you can use to make soup, two kinds of stew (vegetable or meaty) and porridge.  The cooking wiki is here: https://wiki.vintagestory.at/index.php?title=Cooking .      You'll need to scroll down to the "advanced cooking" section.

Beyond the pot, suffice to say there are several more methods planned.  The next of which will probably be the clay oven.

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