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[EN] Fair Travels | RolePlay Focused | NEW MAP


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Hello everybody! Fair Travels is a community and server for Vintage Story focused around roleplay in a medieval fantasy world! 

We are looking for new players, Veterans or Beginners, and if you are looking for a new server to play on: Look no further! 

Features include: 
- Long day and night cycle.
- RP proximity chat and formatting.
- A lean mod list that prioritizes stability, performance, and quality of life.
- Unique lore!
- Fun and relaxed environment.
- Newly generated map. Survive in a new harsh world with others. Found a community, build a store and open a business or guild someday!
- Future events such as fairs and festivals as well as very fun expeditions to faraway lands!

Join the discord and make a character! We have unique background lore to help make a fun and interesting character.


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