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  • The Goal of Vintage Story is, above all, to create a customizable virtual world where you can get lost exploring the wilderness, settle down in a beautiful and living landscape and unleash your creative powers by building magnificent structures and machines. 

    What will set it apart from other voxel games?

    100% Indie, 100% Passion, 100% Control

    We are funded from our own pockets and do this for the passion of gaming and community, thus we the players shall decide the path of this game.


    For the players and modders

    There should be no need to install a dozen mods to make a game playable - everything you need to get playing is already there, and then some. Very large Singleplayer worlds, properly manageable standalone multiplayer servers, 32 block colored lights, custom model editor, player groups, advanced world editing tools, cinematic camera recording tools and more.

    Beyond that, a server modding api is available for any exotic requirements there might be. Want to complety swap out all Vintage Story blocks with your own? You can!


    Empower Creativity

    Vintagestory does not aim to be an adventure game with sandbox mechanics. It aims to be a sandbox game with adventure mechanics. Creative and peaceful aspects of sandbox games within a high quality framework have been neglected in recent years. We hope to change that.

    Mechanical power is planned to become a highly flexible game mechanic that allows everyone to automate processes and modify the world.


    0-spawnchunks-cut.pngConfigurable Worlds, Powerful Generators 

    The terrain generator of Vintage Story is one of a very few voxel games that is able to seamlessly transition from one biome to another and thus it does not have to rely on fancy portals to teleport to different biomes to give you the illusion of a diverse world. 

    Already from the start, the game will generate beautiful terrain, with a large variety of landforms, fully procedural trees and self emerging biomes. Structures, Dungeons and Villages will definitely be added as well in the future.

    Beyond that, the world generator is highly configurable through json files. Pretty much everything, from landform shape to landform roughness to the shape of individual trees, to the kinds of grass, dirt, snow layers,... all is freely changeable. On top of that the world generation is implemented as a server mod and can be interchanged with any other generator.


    Love for Immersion, Consistency, Balance and Usability

    As long term gamers ourselves we know all to well what can ruin a game experience. Choppy framerates, difficult to use menus and dialogs, unbalanced game mechanics, loss of immersion, dishonest game trailers,.... whatever Vintagestory does, it will try to do it well. The best menu system is the one you don't notice it exists, best the kind of consistency is the one where everything feels just right, the best kind of lag is no lag, the best balance is the one where you spend your time thinking of the right skill combination.


    Endless fun

    Something often amiss in many voxel games is the joy of collecting and upgrading items but without overwhelming the player with choice or complexity. Far to often every available item in the game is collected in a matter of hours or the player is thrown into a world with a massive variety of blocks and items not knowing where to start.

    Vintagestory aims to be game experience of gradually increasing complexity that does not end in a few hours.


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