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    Fancy people version 1.8.6, a stable release, is now ready for download in the account manager. This update fixes minor issues for mac os users as well as with the games frame rate and horizon fog. Calling out all Mac OS Users: I noticed the in-game mouse position seemed to be off by 5 pixels vertically (e.g. a button click event was only registered 5 pixels lower), and some texts were not vertically centered. I have added corrections for this now. Please let me know if this caused any issues for you. Game updates Tweak: Mouse smoothing now depends on frame rate Tweak: Found and mitigated a significant performance drain in the cloud system. Most notable on high view distances. See below. Fixed: The wavy horizon fog motion went super speed at high frame rates. Fixed: Might fix water blocks rarely dropping itself Fixed: Falling sand and gravel sometimes floating on top of water Frame rate on v1.8.5, right after upping to 1024 view distance Frame rate on v1.8.6, right after upping to 1024 view distance
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