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    CarryCapacity is a mod which allows to pick up blocks and carry them in your hands and on your back. This was made possible with the help of the awesome @Tyron providing some code samples with the official example mods. You can pick up chests, baskets, crates, barrels, planters, vessels and anvils by sneaking and holding right click with empty hands - that includes your offhand slot! This will prevent you from sprinting, and depending on what you're carrying, slow your walk speed down further. Placing them back down again is done by sneaking and holding right click on the side of a solid block. Chests, baskets, barrels and vessels can also be worn on your back. To put what you're holding in your hands onto your back, sneak and hold right click in the air - without aiming at a block, otherwise you would just place it back down. Similarly, it can also be taken off again. Worn like this, baskets won't slow you down, but everything else will. [ Download ] Source code and more in-depth information is available on GitHub as well.
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    A mod that adds a few more things to the client side of the game, a few main features right now are: Auto Death Waypoints, Floaty Waypoints, a measuring tool under .measure, .lightutil, a construction planner under .shape, and block placement previews so you know what those slabs are going to look like before you place them. There are a few default keybindings which can be changed in settings: U to show floating waypoints. O to cull automatic death waypoints. P to open Waypoint Utils GUI L to open Claims GUI This mod can be used on any server since it's a client mod. You can use .wpcfg in chat to show other commands and change other settings. .measure lets you use a measuring tool .lightutil has some stuff relating to showing light level of blocks .pconfig [enabled|tinted] for block placement preview config. .shape [sphere|cube|circle|dome|path|clear|extrude|save|load] [radius (shape id for saving/loading) (from waypoint id for path)] [thickness (to waypoint id for path)] [attach (true/false)] for making outlines to aid in construction .obj exports an obj mesh file of the block or entity the player is currently looking at. .objworld [horizontal radius] [vertical radius] exports an obj of the world, does not have plant/water tint and grass coverage. Here's a screenshot of the floaty waypoints feature: Known Issues: The color list under the GUI gets misaligned when scrolled down. Other GUI Elements can break when there's more than 120 waypoints Should now be mitigated somewhat as long as waypoints aren't clustered close together, please report if it still happens Should be completely eliminated now. Download: 1.12.14-VSHUD-1.4.0.zip
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    This is my first mod, I hope you like it. This mod adds a gravestone block that is placed when you die, the gravestone will store your items so they don't de-spawn. When you right click the block it gives you the items back, if you are not the player that created the gravestone it will send a chat message with the name of the player that created the gravestone. Changelog 1.0.0 : Initial version (Graveyard.zip) 1.1.0: Add chat message with gravestone coordinates (Graveyard-1.1.0.zip) 1.1.1: Fix chat message with wrong coordinates (Graveyard-1.1.1.zip) 1.1.2: Internal build 1.1.3: Update to 1.9.2 (Graveyard-1.1.3.zip) 1.1.4: Update to 1.10.15 (Graveyard-1.1.4.zip) 1.1.5: Update to 1.11 (Graveyard-1.1.5.zip)
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