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  • Vintage Story Survival Mode
    A Survival experience with Depth (Currently in Development)


  • farming.pngFarming

    Fill your bags with grains and vegetables, but not until you've gone through the the adventures of finding the right seeds found throughout the world, surviving on a handful of berries and cactus fruit, finding the best soils and growing your farm.

    Be sure to rotate your crops and lay fallow your lands, for the ground to needs to regain its nutrients!

    Planned: More crops, Cooking, Fertilizers and more





    Metallurgy and Smithing

    alloying.pngOnce your food situation is stable, the time has come to get rid of those slow and broken stone tools.

    Gather ores from the eerie caves of the land and begin smelting them on a crucible on the fire. Remember to find a heat source hot enough to smelt copper, such as lignite or bituminous coal. 

    smithing.png.1fe383ff57d81feb930f05f0a9396424.pngOnce you got your molds and crucibles you are ready to pour yourself some shiny new ingots. Once cooled down, you finally get to upgrade to much faster and stronger tools on the anvil, where an intricate microblock crafting system awaits you.

    Any leftover ingots can be stacked into grand piles to display for the perfect display of your wealth!

    Planned: More Metal tiers (Iron, Steel, Titanium), more Weapons and Armors, etc.






  • Vintage Story Creative Mode
    Build your world, block by block!

  • creative inventory-small.pngA broad pallete

    Vintage Story has a wide range of blocks to choose from, all of which are beautifully hand crafted by our artists with careful consideration in style, tone and shape. Many of these blocks have custom functionality attached to them, such as working doors, self arranging fences, glowing fire pits, long range smoking chimneys, working chests, writable signs, attachable lanterns and much more. 
    Each and any of them is freely configurable through external json files - the only requirement is some json knowledge and a text editor! The same goes for adding new blocks.



    ambience.pngBeautiful ambience

    To put your builds in the best light possible our game engine supports FXAA, block and ambient bloom, god rays, gamma correction, seamless day&night transitions, beautifully attenuated colored light sources, extended range block and sun light, ambient occlusion and mip mapping.

    The same level of attention also went into ensuring the most efficient use of your computer hardware, so despite all these advances, Vintage Story tends to run very well on low end computers.

    Of course, fancy graphics effects is not everybodies cup of tea, so there are plenty of ways available to adjust or competely disable them.

    Powerful creation tools

    Vintage Story is packed with tools to support you in your creative building process. A wide range of text commands allow you to control time, perform large scale editing, set up cinematic camera paths, freely change your moving speed, easily switch between fly mode and normal mode and on top of that a macro manager that let's you map any sequence of commands onto a key combination on your keyboard. 

    • World Edit
      MS Paint Style drawing of blocks. Some of the features are: Selection and Fill commands, various tools (paint brush, air brush, erode, import, raise/lower), various tool specific settings, undo/redo capability, block area import/export, rotation and brush/import preview. Head over to the how to use page to read about all its capabilities.
    • Cinematic Camera
      Allows the creation of smooth camera paths by just defining a handful of points.
      The path is shown visually as you construct it, so you always know exactly where the camera will be passing through. Paths can also be exported and imported at a later point. The commands are also documented on the how to use page
    • Flat or pretty terrain with 1024+ block building heights
      Beautiful buildings need a beautiful backdrop - Vintage Story offers stunning terrain generation with a wide variety of landforms. If you just need a blank slate, then there is also completely flat terrain available.

      The build height is comfortably configurable right from the create world dialog. Vintage Story has no difficulties with generating a 1024 block high flat world even on low end computers. That's 4 times the build height Minecraft supports.

    modapi.pngNo-Nonsense Mod Api

    Vintage Story exposes an extensive range of documented components used by the game server. This includes a large amount of interfaces, helpful datastructures, math utilities, api calls and event hooks.

    Some core components of the game itself are implemented as a mod, such as the world generator, all the world editing features and block loading mechanic.

    Again, the only requirements are knowledge of the language C# and a text editor and you are ready to go! For the professionals there is Visual Studio Community Edition, and excellent IDE in which also the development of Vintage Story takes place. Simply add VintageStoryAPI.dll as reference and you are set up.

    A reference documentation and example mod is available.



    If you want to know more detail, we have a full List of Features

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