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  1. Alexandre Gallois

    v1.7.8 The Neolithic Mod

    Hy, I've a problem with boar head, when I use an axe on them, they loose their heads. But I don't have it in my inventory ... Same thing with the primitive sword!
  2. Alexandre Gallois


    Thank you for your reply !
  3. Hi, I'm french and when I want to make a tool or a mold. If I select one, it's another one that's made. hoehead -> hammer-hand adzehead ->Axehead axe-hand -> adzehead hammer-hand -> sicklehead knife-hand-> axe-hand sicklehead -> knife-hand spear head-> hoe-head axe head-> shovel head shovel head-> spear head The other are right, hand the problem is solved if I switch my game in English (version 1.7.8) PS: Sorry for my bad English
  4. Alexandre Gallois


    Hy, I've a problem on the server, I don't find the craft to make a crucible. I'm blocked in the stoneage ...
  5. Alexandre Gallois

    v1.7.8 The Neolithic Mod

    Hi! Where can I find this NEI/JEI in game ? I'm lost thanks
  6. Alexandre Gallois


    Hy, I can not find the version 1.0.6 of the mod "totems". And I neede it to connect to the server ... Where can I find it ?
  7. Alexandre Gallois


    Vintage Story Player name: HapiXela Age: 24 Time Zone, If you prefer Country and or State. France Do you agree to follow the server rules? Yes, I agree to the rules!

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