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  1. This is all helpful info. Thanks. I have easily found borax in about half of my worlds, but in the other half it has been more illusive. I think that's why I love this game so much, you never know what resources you are going to easily obtain, and so you have to improvise with what you have until you discover something else you need and can incorporate it into your game.
  2. So you need sedimentary rock for borax to spawn? I actually am in a space with chert as it's surface rock, and lots of sandstone nearby. I'll just keep looking... Does the propick detect borax?
  3. This is good to know. I have not adjusted the ore distribution from the default for this particular world, but it's good to know this for future worlds when setting the world parameters. Спасибо.
  4. That's all I need to start working with the stack of meteoric iron ingots I have ready to go. It's frustrating. But... I just want to say that the diversity between different play-throughs in this game is incredible. I have now made it to iron (and more recently, steel) in more than 10 worlds. And while I have loved it when I have found all I needed within a 1000 blocks of my home, I have also become bored more quickly in those worlds. The world I am in right now is a fun one. But I have not been able to find Borax or Bauxite - two key components for working with the better metals. This h
  5. This was a one-time random thing. I've broken plenty more without ever seeing this issue again.
  6. I don't know what the trouble is but it seems to be limited to this one hive. Last I checked it had counted down to 3 days until swarm. It's like time is moving REALLY slowly in that one spot or something. I've moved on, long ago, but I just wanted to raise the question. Thanks for chiming in.
  7. understood. I am just trying to do my part in the early access process - raising the issues as I come across them, then letting the developers decide if they need to be addressed. Also, this post may reflect someone else's experience so it is good to have it documented, even if it isn't "fixed". Thanks
  8. I have a little bee setup with 4 skeps surrounded by flowers. All four skeps had a large population and were indicating that they were ready to be harvested. I broke the first skep, and instead of dropping honeycomb and reeds, it just dropped a mini skep that I could not pick up. I tried it with a second skep, this time the bees swarmed and stung the dummy, but again no honeycomb or reeds, only the small skep that I could not pickup. I have broken skeps successfully in other worlds, and even once I broke two skeps in this world and they dropped the stuff they are supposed to. I think that was
  9. Everything else in the game works fine. This is only an issue with the hive. I found another hive in a different chunk and it behaved as expected so I got a full skep that way, but when I go back to the "stuck" hive it now says 6 days until swarm - and this 6 months after I set it up to populate the skep. I'm not bothered by it, but I did want to raise it as something that is not quite working correctly. I am playing single player local.
  10. Version 1.14.2 stable, normal survival mode. I found a bee hive with poor population high up in a birch tree. I built a platform right next to it, populated it with 6 flowers and an empty skep. The bee population went from poor to large when I checked it after a few days. It said "bees will swarm in approximately 9 days". I came back after 9 days only to find a still empty skep. The hive now indicates "bees with swarm in approximately 10 days." I have checked it every day and it always says they will swarm in 10 days. I just moved the skep from about 4 blocks away to literally right next to t
  11. I just wanted to add something else... I think I know what happened. In both instances of this happening I was near a mountainous area. I am pretty sure a landslide or maybe multiple landslides happened and my computer was trying to sort that all out, and that's why it couldn't update what was happening with me in a timely manner. I remember hearing the sound of a landslide in the background as I chopped the tree right before it broke. So there it is. Thanks
  12. Thanks, I will. I waited about an hour, then opened the world and it worked fine, so I'm guessing your diagnosis is a good one. I'll look for other bug reports that mention something similar. So to sum up, it looks like it was a one-off (or two-off actually) kind of problem. My computer was probably doing something in the background that hosed the game. I just wanted to throw this out there in case others had experienced something similar. Thanks again!
  13. I've played multiple worlds, some over 100 hours (I like this game...) all in survival. I've tweaked the settings each time to try something new. In the world that has this bug, I added the sideways gravity (like in hardcore survival) and made the world smaller. Otherwise it is the same as other worlds I've played successfully. The first time this happened I was chopping a birch tree. When it broke, nothing fell - the blocks just all disappeared. I could no longer pick up anything, and any block I would try to break would just disappear. I couldn't eat (it would just chomp endlessly) When
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