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  1. Fuuf, @#$%^&... Need right feedback, bugs and so on... monolithysworkshop_v1.14.8.-1.2.0b4.zip
  2. Added my egg model to henbox monolithysworkshop_v1.14.8.-1.1.12.zip
  3. Fix mod, you may try it now.monolithysworkshop_v1.14.8.-1.1.10.zip
  4. Working on restoring functional, and some new models...
  5. Some new experience. I can make model? make animation, but I can't fit it in client, only if some one help me with this
  6. Tnx! And i am still trying create model for B.clay. Most of time B.clay was as pieces, not dust. So i try Drow it, but as i think i stoped this for some time
  7. Can anyone may say me how make transporent texturex in game? Or problem is in model size?
  8. I try to make transporent egg (egg white), but with transporent textures it became mirror
  9. As i think, not so good model If model can't be recognized - it was bad model. Thanks for critics
  10. I try to make ideal egg, with more than 100 poly - client was crashed
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