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  1. Bug Report. Cast tool heads do not release from colored tool molds when cooled. Version 1.0.1 For VS 1.9.10 They do release from standard clay molds. Occurs in Creative and Survival.
  2. Epic might be worth looking at. They're going to have a big game giveaway this month, including Subnautica. https://www.techspot.com/news/77757-epic-games-store-goes-live-free-games-surprise.html Edit: If you haven't tried Subnautica, it's amazing. My personal game of the year for 2018.
  3. WillOfStone


    No worries. Life can be a bear sometimes. As long as you get back up and punch it in the nose, you'll be okay. :) Maybe this will interest you. Epic Games is opening a digital game store online to compete with Steam. They're stated cut of games is 12%. Might be worth checking out. These are the guys who own Fortnite and Unreal. Well, you all take care and have a great Christmas.
  4. I'm too late to vote, but I want to add my input as a former content creator for Curse. I will never have anything to do with them ever again. Amazon/Twitch was only interested in the player base and demoted the modding community to a corner in the basement. They don't moderate their own forums anymore, and they no longer have any standards for what content they accept. It's worse than Technic now. They're only interested in your game to increase their monopoly.
  5. Strange that players make noise, but animals don't.
  6. It would definitely be something that would need a lot of play testing for balance reasons. Not too easy, but not too grindy. A lot of games struggle to find that sweet spot.
  7. Maybe tie in skill levels to unlock recipes. For centuries or more, man had access to iron ore but not the knowledge to process it. A player would need to spend time working with say copper to advance to the bronze skill level, then to iron. It wouldn't matter which items you made, as long as it was enough to increase your skill with working metals to the next stage. Empyrion:GS has a system where you gain points by doing things like gathering, hunting, building. When you have enough points, you can unlock the recipes from the next level. Recipes found in dungeons etc. could be for cool rare stuff like armor sets.
  8. Average FPS went up by 7 on an R7 240. I can't visually see the difference, but every little bit helps. EDIT: Wow, you edited and pulled that while I was typing. lol
  9. I've mentioned to Tyron before that I would definitely buy a VS coffee mug, or 2 or 5. :)
  10. Ocean generation should be added as soon as they are able, to get the seawater mechanic into crafting, but limit it's size for now. Later when ocean content is added, the size can be increased. Does this make sense?
  11. If we have oceans, we need to have sharks and other sea critters.
  12. Okay, so it's not about the chunks, it's about the map as a whole. A 3d bitmap with other variables affecting each pixel?
  13. Okay, if it's a planned thing, then yes sooner is better. Seems like that would be a given without needing to vote on it, to me. Tyron is just too good at laying out all the options for us. I feel spoiled. :)
  14. @ Draconicrose, I know right? I think changing the WG too much at this point would mean remaking/rewriting a lot of existing content to fit. Personally, I think animal AI needs improvement. Wolves and Hyenas aren't this aggressive in real life. They're pack hunters and only attack when they have a number advantage. A single wolf attacking a human who is 3 to 4 times their weight would only be done in desperation. They also don't attack everything they see as soon as they see it like they're rabid. Maybe too much to ask of a video AI though.
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