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  1. seed: Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself. world height: 384 v1.12.8 Beautiful start area, and some areas to the north are even more impressive! Some areas in this seed are the most beautiful terrain I've seen in any game. There's lots of limestone to the east and northeast, and copper and tin aren't hard to come by. Tons of caves, of course, and if translocators are part of the seed gen I've found lots of them too. I haven't found any salt yet, and I've not found much iron, but I generated the world back when ore generation was very rare at higher than default world heights. There's enough sedimentary rock that I'll likely find salt eventually, though. You can find limestone north/northeast/east of spawn. I think easiest area to get to might be around 300 X, -1900 Y.
  2. Thanks, sprint + place worked! (ctrl + right click on my setup)
  3. You previously were able to use wooden buckets to create new water blocks, but that seems to have been patched out. Is there a new way (I'm assuming that's not exploitable for infinite water blocks like the bucket was) to move/create a water block?
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