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  1. Can we play this or should we wait until after its officially moved to the official client area / download web page? Thanks
  2. Or you can change the hunger command calculus from an integer to a fraction like 0.01 or 0.001, etc. to slow it down a bit
  3. I found VS by reading an online article on the Digital Trends webpage titled "The best games like Minecraft" written by Jacob Roach on November 23, 2020. I played Life Is Feudal and the 'YourOwn' version and also Minecraft which I loved, but wanted a a better alternative with LIF elements. Also Minecraft Java edition has a horrible computing optimization as a basis and using 3rd party mods like Optifine to me is like jumping through hoops adding additional layers on top the game which wasn't designed great from the start. I'm quite happy I found this gem.
  4. I only tested on an existing saved game and not a new game. The Drifters and wolves are not aggressive or attacking my paper doll character now. I didn't know for certain if the command would actually be applied to change the state or if I needed to start anew game with the conditions from the very beginning. I hope that helps.
  5. Hello Streetwind, I use below command code without the brackets and received a response of "Ok, value off set". I exited the game and relaunched it, and game state preview shows "Creature Hostility Never hostile", so it worked brilliantly. Cheers mate! "/worldconfig creatureHostility off"
  6. After testing the below creature hostility command, I found that it does not affect the hostility mechanic that was established when the game was originally created and ran with the setting set to 'hostile'. /worldconfig creatureHostility [aggressive|passive|off] For example, the game does register the setting by showing it was registered with "Ok, value [off] set", however it does not over-ride the game mechanic functionality, but only shows "off" in the description' alone. After I shut down the game and even restarted my computer on the 4th test, I found wolves and drifters stil
  7. How do you update the game after a new version is available? Do you uninstall the current version and install the new version or simply run the installer and it overwrites the existing game and binaries?
  8. I found the problem solution. I followed the in-game Help Starter Guide and didn't review the online Wiki guide which has the correct instructions for starting a fire. The part about using the "C" sneak key while having the fire starter in hand is completely missing from the in-game Help Starter Guide. I'm now able to create camp fires, and like you said, it does take a bit of time to start while watching the animation of rubbing the sticks together. Thanks for the information you provided. That helps greatly.
  9. The Fire Starter tool does not work. I placed dry grass on the ground and placed 4 fire logs on top then used the fire starter and found it does nothing at all.
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