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  1. Maybe a bookcase to store books
  2. variety is always good!
  3. That would be very interesting for the future, it would expand the possibilities!
  4. I hope version 1.15 comes with fruit trees, I chose some trees that I found interesting, and also a new chocolate mechanic. Chocolate preparation: 1- Harvest the cocoa beans. 2- Dry them in the "Wooden Pan" in the sun. 3- Grind the beans in the mill. 4- Cook the cocoa powder in the "Cooking Pot" with honey and milk. 5- Pour the chocolate into a mold to make a chocolate bar. (Which can be used to make cakes, cookies and other sweets).
  5. clicando na opção o jogo fecha e uma tela de erro aparece: "Uh Oh! Crash Report!" I have this problem in v1.14.10 and v1.15.0-pre.2
  6. Good work! I'm anxious! Does 1.15 intend to bring fruit trees? And would these trees have different woods?
  7. As sementes estão atualmente na categoria "Items" e minha sugestão é movê-las para a categoria "Flora".
  8. I loved the idea, it would totally match the game, crows flying in the afternoon would bring more immersion! they are generally used a lot in movies and suspense and horror stories!
  9. That’s a good suggestion, but this content wouldn’t be important now
  10. Marlin

    New woods

    Ebano wood need not be the only one
  11. Marlin

    New woods

    I think it would be very interesting to add new trees with darker woods, it would be a great alternative to aged wood. Some examples of darker woods:
  12. Storms are a great idea, an added challenge
  13. Todas as opções são muito interessantes, mas acho que a atualização dos oceanos é necessária já que as águas do jogo são totalmente sem vida e monótonas. além de que essa mecânica seria totalmente nova para o jogo! Translation: All the options are very interesting, but I think updating the oceans is necessary since the waters of the game are totally lifeless and monotonous. in addition, this mechanic would be totally new to the game!
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