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  1. Charcoal works as well. Uses it up pretty quickly though (if you have lots of chests).
  2. Never found them in the 1.7 series, and in the 1.9x series, my wife and I spent the better part of a playing week looking for bees with no success. I got sick of it, generated a damn hive and only after that have we ever seen them (and still rare at that). Terrain type we found them in was where you find hyenas and brown grass.
  3. IIRC, isn't Polished Rock is dependent upon Solid Rock? My wife and I spent days digging out blocks and blocks (and blocks....) trying to decide floor color and pattern in the game we play together. Went through a metric ton of picks doing it.
  4. I agree completely with the regards to MC and Hytale aiming for the broadest player base. If you can do it, it works well (as far as that goes), but there aren't many OF ANYTHING that achieves that goal. Heck, WoW is a prime example; 15 years after release you still you hear people say "it's a WoW clone" when talking about a new MMO. The result was a decade of companies chasing that elusive "WoW killer" title, and generalizing their games as much as possible to the detriment of players looking for something with more flavor and depth. Fortunately it seems the industry is shaking that off, and realized that a great, enjoyable and profitable product is possible without targeting trillions of users. Personally I see a lot of promise in games like VS and RimWorld (perhaps Pantheon Rise of the Fallen; we'll see). Beautiful, detailed and deep product that do not aim for the most generalized experience, knowing full well they are targeting a particular subset of the overall gaming audience. Personally I am very glad to support them fully, and I just hope others value it too.
  5. Yea, it can be a lonely, sparse world in VS at times. I find the absolute worst to be when you do finally stumble across a trader's hut and it's empty. =( Course my worlds tend to be generated prior to the fix for that, but still... Silt
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