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  1. Personally copper, since I have boatloads of that ( I was lucky enough to find a cave with ultra high native Copper ( 37 ‰ ) , so I make the spiles , meat hooks , fishing stuff and non essential tools out of it. I havent tried looking into modding ( crafting ) due to time restrictions but would it possible to have the smithing result of the metal hook just be a generic hook and not metal specific ? This way all metals would still be valid as a material and cutting back on the variants reducing them only to the different wood type used The hook could just be a generic iron-y looking hook
  2. Mods and player count , those are the things I need but I got messages from several people saying I should check out citadel hosting which looks like exactly what I need
  3. They are visual only IIRC and used for simple storage ( less than a chest )
  4. They probably have a grasp on the situation as they made a mod that changed drifters Damage ,speed and even agro/attack range and others
  5. The counter is actually a neat idea and to expand on it : Since we already use the hammer to smash meat ( or in my case use the excess amounts of Peridotite stones in a better barrel ) BUT to cut up the meat why not have the player use a cleaver ? Its only use is really the killing of domesticated animals and even that is something not many get to use. This would kinda incentivize the player to explore new tools
  6. So you are telling me the mod and game basically pulled off a TF2 Soldier and teleported ( registered ) too much breaded stuff which caused the game to grind to a halt during crafting things unrelated to the bread ? Why does this remind me of my old developer job ? But glad you found the issue although it is a weird one... So as long we dont have any breaded / fried meats around it should be safe , right ?
  7. IF this helps ( as you said my sausage was wrong.....that sounded wrong.....) here is my mod list : Anvil Recovery and Geothermal are disabled but the game doesnt like me removing them from the folder. Maybe you can spot why the sausage is not giving proper nutrition
  8. I mean drizzle on top I had the first intention of putting the bottle in off hand and food in one hand to "drizzle it on" or put the food on the floor and then use the bottle content on it via rightlick. As so many things are done in world and not in grid
  9. have you really looked at it though ? 490 total for one sausage is actually pretty good IMO And you can put that into a salad to make even crazier stuff
  10. As the title says I am looking for a server host in order to start a little server with friends from generally Europe and all over US + Canada. Would be about 10 people and we would like to use mods. Anybody got some good recommendations for hosts ? In the past tried multiple hosts for games like Terraria , Minecraft and other survival games with varying results of performance with even just 5 people. And regarding mods , many had that smart statement "If the game has workshop support it will pull from the Steam Workshop and install and update automatically" ... yeah , sure... VS
  11. Okay because using 14.8 and the 1.3.4/5 was causing no issues for me either , only after updating and using both 1.3.4/5 and 1.14.10 gave the horrid crafting lag combined with the fireplace audio glitching out randomly
  12. Did you perhaps also upgrade to game version 1.14.10 ? After I upgraded from 14.8 to 10 I started to have insane crafting lag and audio glitches with fireplaces. I need to check again if that was 14.8 to 10 , the shift to 1.3.4 of EF or maybe both but its 4:30am for me now. But it only appeared today after I had to change version due to upgrading this mod
  13. The bucket of holding and duplicating sap
  14. Update : 1.4.8 is the culprit ( at least for me ) I updated to 1.4.10 and the recipe for sap in the first slot works while cooking the sap in the saucepan from the tree directly on fireplace no longer shows anything BUT : I can generate sap out of thin air https://clips.twitch.tv/BeautifulAwkwardPlumberPeoplesChamp-Bwkm69e2U7JxYP88 Same works in survival and I am now at 37 L of sap in the bucket and filled saucepans on the ground
  15. No you understood right , I thought it worked but the game didnt update the description from 1.3.4 to 1.3.3 , so I got my sap on 1.3.3 Anyway Created new world with no other mods besides Expanded foods 1.3.4 Same issue as I described before. Out of curiosity : What game version are you using ? Mine is still running on 1.4.8 as the mod info says thats the compatible one
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