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  1. I think that smoke should be tweaked to be less "sticky", or not be friction affected by the blocks at all. Rn even with 1 voxel border chimneys will stop almost 90% of all smoke particles. That's it, i think this small change can just add more immersion to the game.
  2. Panning crashes the game, the test server, the all
  3. Btw still present in 1.15.0
  4. Not sure. It just appears on random on relogs.
  5. You have some other means to get this stuff? I mean it would be great addition to the class system and additional use to the stuff you probably won't get anyway
  6. The new Potter class with exclusive recipes such as painted planters, storage vessels etc.
  7. It happened again, but my textures seems fine...
  8. Hmm, it's actually fixed itself on relog. Not really sure what was that
  9. 1.15.0-rc.3 Somehow there is additional pixels (white and red), Wasn't there before
  10. 1.15.0-rc.3 Flax dough bugged (don't know about the others) Other stages are normal
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