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  1. I did this with one of my first pieces of steel - I accidentally double-whacked on the final cut for a pickaxe T_T I have other steel, but it wasn't worth it to use an entire bar to fix one voxel. I just kept the incomplete head in a chest in case there's ever an update that lets us get scrap pieces, or get a damaged product from ill-made goods, or even reforge it. There's plenty there to make a knife or chisel. No holding my breath, it just felt bad to throw it away lol.
  2. If someone coded a nest setup like that, you could also reasonably adjust their behavior depending on species. Rabbits and hares are crepuscular, so you'd see them out foraging the most often right at twilight. The best time to get bunny meat when it's harder to find would also mean playing it fast and loose with drifters and wandering wolves.
  3. I saw a couple of posts touching at it, but nothing more general than flowers die back, so here's a more general one. I want. To suffer. ... apparently. Skip to the bottom for a bullet list of "Liked" and "Want" My spouse and I were discussing our surprise at the way a harsh winter turned out. I can understand if it makes it too difficult to play for the standard setting (don't want to scare off new users) but I'd like to have winter be even more punishing without switching over to the seriously-don't-die mode, because that's more about unlucky reincarnation and scary monsters tha
  4. Ah, yes! Things that either don't have their IRL uses in game or are otherwise not helpful. Jack-o-lantern mushrooms and Turkeytail are distinctive and interesting. You could also either do a tinder polypore and make it functional or instead include any of another number of conks that wouldn't really have a use in game. For anyone curious, a tinder polypore is a hoof-like mushroom the sticks out of the side of a tree with a hard woody body. The underside has pores, rather than gills or teeth, and this particular species has been used for thousands of years for fire! It's terribly important
  5. TL:DR, cook a pot of fly agarics, grab the pot of soup (still toxic, water isn't changed) and set it back on the fire to cook again. Presumably you changed the water for second cooking, and the toxic effect is thereby removed, as is the case in real life. Additionally, a suggested change to the poisoning for a more true-to-life experience and better interactivity. Explanation below; this is my favorite (and also a very misunderstood) safe edible mushroom! I was very excited to see even a small a variety of mushrooms, because as a mycologist, I get repeatedly disappointed by games mishandli
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