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  1. Buggy behavior if you try to use the backpack slot while inside a claimed area like the trader wagons. After trying to take it on and off, I got weird behavior including but not limited to: Unable to switch held items (forced to hold reed basket). Rightmost backpack (a reed hand basket) vanishing Crashing
  2. Necro for posterity: Light levels greater than 8 (9 or higher) prevent hostile spawns, UNLESS it is a temporal storm, in which case they can spawn anywhere. You can make "half hallways" out of slabs that prevent spawns even in temporal storms, as they cannot spawn "inside" blocks. I've used this method.
  3. Oil lamps are the cheapest and earliest light source that never burns out. 1 clay bowl + 1 fat lump. It only has light level 11, but that still prevents spawns in a 2 tile radius, enough to protect a small room and roof quite cheaply. Torches are 14, like minecraft, and last for 3 days, which is plenty for caving. All other options require copper smithing at a minimum, but are way better.
  4. Generally, there are 2 dangerous situations that good players encounter routinely. 1) Temporal Storm Solution A: Nerdpole and/or pit trap, stab everything to death with a spear. Bows not cost effective. Solution B: Jousting+Sword, requires expensive armor to be done safely. Bows not spammable. 2) Caving Solution A: Run away, wait for everything to despawn, run back, put torches everywhere. Solution B: Fall off a ledge by accident, engage in melee while the expensive armor prevents death. Because you need to walk up to corpses with a knife to harvest them
  5. Very helpful video. Do you consider the second prospecting mode as being a mandatory QOL feature? It's off by default, so I wondered if it was considered too cheesy for normal play. I didn't realize that surface rocks marked underground deposits. I kinda screwed myself by not marking those locations... I'll have to be careful when I survey new areas from now on.
  6. That was far more helpful advice than I thought. After making the prospecting pick, I realized the cave that scared me off had twice the copper density of my previous lucky find. That gave me the courage to fully invest myself in conquering the daunting cave. Once I looked up a few spoilers and realized Minecraft rules still apply, it was fairly easy. Leave the zone to make enemies despawn, return, put torches everywhere, then relax and start mining... then hear noises and realize there was a dark branch I missed, then GTFO with a few thousand copper on me. If I didn't know about the
  7. I have a copper anvil, hammer, sword, and pick. How do I find enough metal to transition to mid game? The copper pick wears out faster than it can find copper ore at random (in a chunk that where I already found copper ore), the caves spawn an unending stream of drifters - rendering combat impossible under the best of circumstances, and I haven't found any traders that exchange renewable resources for tools. How am I supposed to progress? So far, I have two options: 1) Go on multi-day treks, scouring the surface for more stones containing copper. 2) Spend multiple IRL days
  8. I'm a bit of a newbie, so this is just a work in progress, but it traps everything quite nicely. The half slabs look like full blocks, so they keep pathing up the stair (right behind the drifter) and falling down repeatedly. That said, it needs to be wider. Some drifters have enough reach to get one hit in when they come in from the left. After I've survived a 100% intensity storm I'll have a much more elegant and useful design, but for now this works. I don't even bother killing them - I just trap them in the morning to get them out of the way without needing to damage my weapons
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