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Game Account

(27 reviews)
15.00 EUR

About Game Account

Includes the following

  • A game account key sent to you by email, which is required to start the game and to connect to most multiplayer servers.
  • A digital download of the game that is yours forever
  • Free updates
  • The forum title "Vintarian"
  • Access to a Vintarian only forum area
  • Support for when you have issues with the game



This game is perfect in everything: great atmosphere, gameplay, optimization. If you like to play Minecraft and you think that something is missing in it - take a look at this game.
The developers know what their game needs and what it should be. Hope this game will grow further and we will receive more and more features.

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Amazing game for very good price! Such attention to details. Crafting and cooking has so much details in it, making it more realistic. Yea. Maybe that makes game more grindy, but feels so rewarding if you get past that and see your recource and food supplies gathering in your cellar. :)

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would be nice if u could play the game when u buy it not wait 48 hours for support ticket

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