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Found 4 results

  1. Hey, fellow players! Here's the initial public release of my "tweaks collection" mod, which aims to make yours (actually, mine ) survival experience better! This mod adds the following thingies: 1. Mailbox 2. Trashcan, the 3. Rusty Spikes 4. Trapdoor patch! Since version 0.7-B: 5. Branch Cutter! 6. Vines patch Changelogs and downloads have been moved to MODDB! https://mods.vintagestory.at/show/mod/19 0.72-B changelog: 0.74 changelog: 0.75B changelog: 0.7.7-B changelog: 0.7.8-B changelog: 0.8.2-B changelog: 7. Grindstone 0.8.3-B changelog: 8. Sulfuric Acid and Glue! 0.8.4-B changelog: 0.8.5-B changelog: 0.8.6-B changelog: 0.8.7 changelog: 0.8.8 changelog: 0.8.9 changelog: 0.8.10 changelog: 0.8.11 changelog: 0.8.12 changelog: Please keep me notified about found bugs! And stay tuned for more content! Yeeeehaaaah! For fellow modders (aka Mod Compatibility): Older versions: 1.15-rc.2: necessaries_v1.15.2-0.8.12.zip 1.14.5+: necessaries_v1.14.5-0.8.9.zip 1.14.0+: necessaries_v1.14.0-0.7.8-B.zip 1.13.4: necessaries_v1.13.4-0.7.7B.zip 1.12.14: If (and only!) you're already using Immersion mod, use -immersion version of Necessaries which is compatible. necessaries_v0.73.zip necessaries_v0.73-immersion.zip
  2. Vies Storage Current Version : v0.1.0 (VS-1.12.14) The Vies Storage mod adds more chest options to Vintage Story, without breaking the challenge we all know and love. Currently the mod contains : - Copper Chests (18 slots) - Tin Bronze Chests (20 slots) - Iron Chests (22 slots) To make these chests, you will need to forge "Chest Support" items using an anvil and the metal type. For the full recipes, refer to the in-game handbook! Planned: - I want to make various chests for all of the metal options in the game. They will have their storage capacities based on their Tier. Tier 1 = 18 slots | Tier 2 = 22 slots | Tier 3 = 26 slots - I want to add labeled versions of all chests. - I would like to add secret paintings that can hold a few hidden items too. viesstorage-1.12.14-0.1.0.zip
  3. Vies Blocks Current Version : v0.1.0 (VS-1.12.14) The Vies Blocks mod adds more blocks to play with! This mod also introduces a new utility block, the "Trash Can". Items in the Trash Can stay until it is emptied. There is no retrieving discarded items! Currently the mod contains : - Hay Blocks (Stairs, Slabs, Doors, Trapdoors, Fences, and Gates). - Bamboo Blocks (Stairs, Slabs, Doors, Trapdoors, Fences, and Gates). - Trash Cans (Acacia, Birch, Kapok, Maple, Oak, Pine) To use the Trash Can: 1. [Right-Click] the Trash Can and place items you want to discard in the slots. (has 4 slots) 2. Exit the GUI, then hold [Shift] + [Right Click] to empty! Planned: - Add a new block, the "Trunk". This is a storage container with 24 slots. You can upgrade it with supports to change the look and make it 28 slots. - Add a new block, "Painting of Memories". This is a painting with 7 variants. When you place it, sneak + right-click will scroll through each variant. - Add more random blocks as I play on my server. - Find a way to make the Trash Can look full when it has items in the slots. - Have the over over tooltip with Trash Can directions displayed. ViesBlocks-1.12.14-0.1.0.zip
  4. Hi I just made a new mod called Quivers! It's very simple and just allows you to craft the quiver which currently does not seem craftable for some reason but after some testing it seems functional, so now with this you can make and use it! I have changed the mod a little, it now adds the leather quiver with 12 slots AND there are now also more quivers for early and mid game. Tiered Quivers: Primitive Quiver - 4 slots and made from cattails, twine and a knife. Linen Quiver - 8 slots and made the same as primitive but with linen instead of cattails. Leather Quiver - 12 slots! Made the same as previous tiers but with leather. Ideas and suggestions welcome. This is my first completed mod ever so while constructive criticism is greatly appreciated, be gentle Version history and downloads Downloads are inside the spoilers!
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