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Found 4 results

  1. Have you ever been tired of looking for an iron fence, crates, a quiver or a chandelier in dungeons? Especially if you need ten of them in your mansion? Have you ever been surprised by the strange lack of recipes for a vines basket, omok or colored torches? Why can't lining be added to an already finished lantern? Why can’t the plates cover the floor, although it is written on them? This and much more adds my More Recipes mod. If you have suggestions for recipes for other items or changes to current recipes - suggest it :) Recipes and other info: Wiki Download: ModDB or GitHub
  2. GraveMod A simple little mod that on death creates a waypoint and stores the items in a grave, to ensure you can get your stuff back and don't have to wonder "where did i die ?" ,"Are my items despawned or is this the wrong place?" Graves can also be crafted for decorative purposes. To install just drop the zip into the Mods folder. More infos and source code: https://github.com/p3t3rix/VsGraveMod Version history: 1.0: initial release 1.0.1: small bugfix 1.1: now search surround blocks for a position for the grave 2.0: Use Foundation library to ensure com
  3. All Textures based on the Original, except the sun and moon. Current features are : 1. The contrast of ores is adjusted so that the ores can be seen better (all stone types are optimized). 2. Glases with smaller borders 3. "Teletubbi" Sun and Moon Download : PrinzipsSimpleThemepack1.0.2.zip
  4. Waypoint Extensions by Apache Gaming Quickly, and easily add waypoint markers at your current position. Syntax: .wp [ (Optional)] [bees | beehive | bismuth | bismuthinite | black-coal | blcoal | blue-clay | bclay | borax | brown-coal | brcoal | cave | chromium | chromite | cinnibar | copper | fire-clay | fclay | gold | home | iron | hematite | magnetite | limonite | galena | lead | malachite | meteor | platinum | poi | quartz | rhodochrosite | rhodium | ruins | saltpeter | silver | sulphur | sulfur | cassiterite | tin | titanium | ilmenite | trader | translocator | tl | uranium
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