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Found 7 results

  1. QPTECH 1.1.1 is out on the Mod DB https://mods.vintagestory.at/show/mod/321 \o/ Go grab yourself some electricity! Also now requires the initial release to the QPTECH API for integrating electricity and other things in the future. (1.1.1 update fixed a wire bug, you may have to replace electrical items you have put down in 1.1.0) Presenting QPTECH 1.1 the LV update1.1 additions:- Electricity: basic power generation and several handy devices- Clayformer: produces unfired clay goods from raw clay- Metal Press: produces metal plates and other items from heated ingots (softer metals only at
  2. Better drifters is a mod that aims to make drifters a little more terrifying. As one of the main enemies its weird that these little guys are a threat at all to anything but your ankles. With this in mind I have increased the tainted, corrupt and nightmare drifter size by about 50% and they are now just barely smaller than the player. The normal and deep drifters had their size increased too by a slightly smaller extent. Nightmare drifters now have a glowing face so you can identify them a little easier so you have a little more time to try and out run them. Currently incompatible with mo
  3. VSProspectorInfo This mod takes the results from your prospecting pick attempts and stores the results automatically, on the appropriate chunk in the world map. This makes it a lot easier to dig for local peaks of ores, generally just prospecting whenever you're out spelunking and gives you visual aid as to where you have prospected before. This mod is a fork of P3t3rix's original mod, ProspectorInfo, from here, so all credit to him for the original idea of the mod and the original code! I merely forked it, fixed it for v1.14.2 and added some new features. The mod is purely clie
  4. All Textures based on the Original. Current features are : 1. The contrast of ores is adjusted so that the ores can be seen better (all stone types are optimized). 2. Glases with smaller borders 3. A separat Themepack only highlights the Terra Preta u wished : Downloads : Prinzips-Ore-Themepack-1.2.3.zip Prinzips-Terra-Preta-Highlighter-1.2.zip Last Update : 07-05-21 Narf Inc.
  5. MCB: Overhaul is a mod meant to completely change progression and evoke the feel of Minecraft Beta - when Minecraft was more about building than adventuring. It is separated into multiple packages, with as many as possible capable of standing on their own. There aren't enough packages to consider it a full overhaul yet, but features will be released as they are completed. The packages can be found on the mod database. Stone Pickaxes: Adds simple stone pickaxes. They can mine anything copper can, allowing you to skip collecting ore stones off the surface. Made through knapping. At som
  6. DOWNLOAD HERE This mod adds shale and sandstone versions of the shingles and their knapping/grid recipes. Original author is Semmelx3 (his discord is Raccoon#9477), all credits belong to him
  7. Just a simple Mod that changes how plaster is made. It will now only require 1 lime to make quicklime and combining quicklime and sand will now yield 4 plaster instead of 1. BetterPlaster.zip
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