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Found 5 results

  1. https://mods.vintagestory.at/automapmarkers Automatically adds map markers to your map when you interact with certain objects. Fully configurable to add only the map markers you are interested in. Current options include: Add map markers when you harvest resin, berries, or mushrooms. Add map markers when you collect loose surface ores. Add map markers when you interact with traders. Makes it easier to remember locations and return to those locations later, and eliminates the tedium of manually opening the map and creating map markers. Can also help to ensure you don't miss out on gold or silver surface ore, which are sometimes difficult to spot! The mod is disabled by default when first installed. To enable the mod, open the configuration menu (Ctrl+Shift+M by default, adjustable keybind), and click the Enable button. You can also configure all of your preferences from this menu, including the icons, colors, and names that should be used for each type of automatically created map marker. The latest version of the mod now works both in singleplayer mode and on multiplayer servers. Check out the file changelog for more details! This is my first mod, friends. I hope you like it. Github repo: https://github.com/egocarib/Vintage-Story-Mods/tree/main/mods/egocaribautomapmarkers
  2. Crops drop more seeds when fully mature, leaves drop more saplings, grass(-like blocks) drops seeds rarely. It's on Github here: https://github.com/LlubNek/vs-MoreSeeds For VintageStory versions before 1.14: MoreSeeds_1.12.14_1.0.0.zip For VintageStory 1.14: MoreSeeds_1.14_1.5.0.zip For VintageStory 1.15: MoreSeeds_1.15_2.0.1.zip MoreSeeds_1.15.0-pre.1_2.0.0.zip
  3. Lichen • a simple slow-growing composite organism that typically forms a low crusty, leaflike, or branching growth on rocks, walls, and trees. ============================================================================= My first mod for vintage story. Thanks to all the very patient and helpful people in the discord who answered my many numerous questions, weathered my bug reports and were just generally an extremely overall pleasant community to interact with. Notably novocain for writing an app to make my workflow from BB to VSMC possible and radfast for helping me troubleshoot issues with VSMC ============================================================================= Lichen is the start of an expansion content mod which will add mostly decor, building blocks, plants, and animals of a more natural, and even primitive, variety. If you have any suggestions, please, I'd love to hear! Please do not hesitate to report ANY and ALL bugs! ============================================================================= This mod is released under a CC0 license, except when under the circumstances i use original game assets (obv), then that specific part (textures etc) assumes the parent license. have fun kids. we're all ash in the end. ============================================================================= Languages Currently Supported: English, Russian, German I am currently looking for more translators! ============================================================================= BUILDING BLOCKS Wattle Fence A Wattle Fence made from sticks woven around bits of chopped logs. ============================================================================= Patchwork Tent Blocks A dye-able modular tent block system made from cured pelts that gently sway in the wind. ============================================================================= Hide Pillows & Reed Mats Some decorative details to make your home more home-y. ============================================================================= Crescent Chairs & Wicker Tables A set of fancy chairs and tables in every vanilla wood for your home! This is where pictures would go... if I could upload any! I think image upload & embedding was disabled to the forums? If I can upload images again, I'll put them here. ============================================================================= ANIMALS White Tailed Deer A fleet-footed passive quarry that flees at the first sign of danger. Their antlers are useful resources. Antler Tools ============================================================================= White-Tail Buck Head & Antler Mounts Display your trophy above your mantelpiece! This is where pictures would go... if I could upload any! I think image upload & embedding was disabled to the forums? If I can upload images again, I'll put them here. ============================================================================= === BASE GAME STONE MINING LEVEL CHANGE === ============================================================================= UPDATES v1.5.1 Backported the recent bugfixes & decor to VS 1.14.10. v1.5.0 Added Crescent Chairs, a decorative stool made from planks in every vanilla wood type. Added Wicker Tables, a small decorative table made from reeds and planks in every vanilla wood type. Added Trophy Mounts for the White-Tailed Bucks, in Head and Antler versions. Fixed the UV map on the bottom of the deer's hooves. Fixed the Large Reed Mat being uncraftable. Reduced the amount needed for both large & small reed mats. v1.4.2 Updated to Vintage Story 1.15 Fixed a crash when shooting Antler Arrows (whoops.) Updated the Reed Mats to work with the in-block decor system. (You can now place blocks on them!) v1.4.0-1 Added Decorative Reed Mats (Large / Small) Added Hide Floor Pillows (Dyeable!) Added Antler Tines which can be whittled into antler blades & arrowheads Added Antler Pickaxes, a pre-metal-working pickaxe that can only mine stone and flint. Includes a patch to the base game stone & flint to require pick level 1 to allow primitive stoneage quarrying. This should be compatible with the vast majority of mods, but if it's undesired, just delete "rock-picklvl.json" in the patches folder. The antler pickaxes will be useless, however. ============================================================================= UPCOMING FEATURES Linen Fabric Tents (Will feature brighter colors & a fancier look) Birch Bark Cultivation Antelope (will spawn in the same biome as hyenas) ============================================================================= 1.15.1: Lichen-v1.5.0.zip 1.14.10 Lichen-v1.5.1-1.14.10.zip Lichen-v1.5.0.zip
  4. When creating a new world, play settings cannot be customized when using the maximum GUI scale (16) as the "Back" and "Apply" buttons are cut off. The second picture is the same screen with the GUI scale set to 15, where the buttons are just barely visible. (v1.14.10)
  5. As in the subject when I try to make Meat Stew, the cooking process is not progressing. I tried to do this with berries, onions and carrots in all configurations. It always looks like on the picture. I think this is a bug, but I can also be doing something wrong. Meat and vegetables are fresh.
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