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Found 16 results

  1. The reimagined grave system. After the death of the player, the player's corpse will spawn in its place (at the moment it is a regular humanoud skeleton). You can go to it and collect things (by holding RMB), by default only its owner or a player in a creative can collect a corpse. Not despawning. In addition, a waypoint will be created at the place of death. By default, it will try to resolve conflicts with known mods, for example supports StreamDC. Since the game is an unpredictable thing, this mod also adds the ability to restore items lost at the last death using the /return
  2. Hello this mod greatly expands upon the current animal husbandry system and attempts to make it more realistic and fun. Features include: Livestock Hunger System Animal Specifics: Hare Chicken Pig Sheep Food Troughs, Compost Bins & other Changes/Additions Update notes Please let me know of any bugs, and feel free to leave any suggestions or feedbacks. Happy farming! farmlife_v0.98.zip Compatibility: Download the CompatibilityLib in order to use this mod with Capture Animals mod.
  3. A simple library that makes it easy to add compatibility with other mods for assets. You just need to add your asset to assets/<yourmodid>/compatibility/<othermodid>/<vanilla-path>. They will only be loaded if <othermodid> is loaded. For example: I have a More Variants mod (modid - morevariants), I want to add a patch to support Carry Capacity (modid - carrycapacity) and add recipes for Extra Chests (modid - extrachests). As a result, the assets will look like this: P.S. If assets/<yourmodid>/<vanilla-path> and assets/<yourmodid>/compatib
  4. Hello World, this mod allows for the farming of flowers(including crotons and rafflesia), herbs, berry bushes, and mushrooms. Seeds can be obtained from flowers and herb by putting them in a crafting grid with a knife. Growing plants can be planted on any fertile ground no tilling required. They will change color with seasons and will stop growing if the temperature is too hot or too cold. Greenhouses can allow plants to grow in any condition! Mushrooms can be reproduced by putting a ratio of one mushroom per one rot making mushroom spawn after several days of being sealed.
  5. Mintphonix Server Modpack Mintphonix is a Vintage Story server focused on community and working together. Ran by both Volphox and Draven, it's community is growing and getting better each week. We love seeing such amazing and friendly people join us as we simply enjoy one of our favorite games together. If you would like to join our amazing community, feel free to join the Discord and request to join in the #server-join-requests channel! Discord: https://discord.gg/CpeceaMKmr This is the modpack used on the Mintphonix server, a whitelisted server dedicated to having a large
  6. Reimagined teleportation system Will spawn broken teleport structures ~ every 4000 blocks. You can repair the structure with a temporal gear, then teleport from it to any other structure you activate. By default, the structure needs to be repaired only once, but to use it you need to walk to it once with your feet (and open the teleport dialog). The structure does not break, so you cannot move the teleport. Both of these items can be toggled in the config or with /tpnetconfig (does not require restarting). There are also a few additional commands /rndtp [range] teleports to a r
  7. Mod adds energy and related things. Blocks: Water Wheel Rotary Generator Capacitor Connector Cable Relay Furnace Forge Charger Engine Items: Wrench Electric chisel Source code: GitHub Download: 1.14.2: temporalengineering_v1.1.2.zip
  8. Mod adds different variants for existing blocks. Warn! Latest stable release: v1.2.1 (texture bug) or v1.2.0 (no animation). On v1.3 you can crash when opening a chest! (See v1.4, I fixed the JRE (hopefully)) Download: GitHub Known issues: Labeleld chests have a vanilla oak chest texture in inventory Warn! For compatibility with other mods, you need CompatibilityLib. Supported mods:
  9. Have you ever been tired of looking for an iron fence, crates, a quiver or a chandelier in dungeons? Especially if you need ten of them in your mansion? Have you ever been surprised by the strange lack of recipes for a vines basket, omok or colored torches? Why can't lining be added to an already finished lantern? Why can’t the plates cover the floor, although it is written on them? This and much more adds my More Recipes mod. Recipes added for: Deconstruct added for: Other: If you have suggestions for recipes for other items or changes to current recipes - suggest :)
  10. This mod adds Temporal Mirror, you can save a point (Sneak + RMB on the block) and return to this point (Hold RMB). The mirror is crafted from a frame and temporary gear and can teleport up to 1k-15k blocks (depending on the material). Can be repaired. The frame is made on anvil or using metal casting. A wooden frame require any wooden plank and chisel. P.S. The plans add a second mirror, for teleportation to the players (Terraria forever!). And improve the model, but most likely it will already be in 1.13, when VS will support regular .obj models. P.P.S. In very distant plans,
  11. Adds more commands for chat. Currently available commands: /me <message> - send message as player action /tell <player> <message> - send private message to other player (alias: /t) /reply <message> - reply to last private message (alias: /r) Download: GitHub (works on 1.13.4 and above, not needed on client) If you are missing any commands, write, I will try to add.
  12. For those who are tired of driving poor hens or sheep for thousands of blocks The mod adds Cage. The Сage's case is crafting from any metal on the anvil. Add resine to the case - you get an empty cage. After that, you can find some animal and catch it (chance to catch 10% or less than 10% hp). When you throw a cage into an animal, it can be captured. But if you luck is not on your side, the cage may break with an 25% chance when it enters an animal and it didn't captured. If hp of the animal is below the limit - 100% chance of capture. You can free the animal if you drop the cage again
  13. Just adds an elevator The elevator has a range of 8 to 128 blocks. Better material, more range. You can also improve the elevator once by adding a temporal gear to it and doubling the range. P.S. Temporal dust for creating elevators is obtained by grinding a temporal gear in a quern (1 gear to 8 dust). Download: GitHub
  14. Updated game from 1.13 to 1.14.2 today (via updater from site). Now after every launch game set windows screnn resolution to 1024x768 and i can change it only with alt-tab -> windows change screen settings. This is new, on 1.13 it worked perfectly.
  15. this is a work in progress. there is much to be done still and I have much to learn to be able to do what I need to do but here is what I have so far. I'ts semi-playable some things don't work in it some things might be missing texutres, and though I haven't had any crashes since my last fixes it's possible it might crash your game. if this happens and you know why and maybe even how to fix it let me know and I'll be happy to fix it and add you to the contributors list. this is experimental. my very first mod for vintage story and my very first Json mod ever. names of items
  16. When using a chiseled block, the room does not count as a "room", and your food rate still increases when cold. I'm not sure how difficult this one is to manage, given that chiseled blocks can be any shape. I ran into an issue with a block I chiseled by mistake, but didn't actually modify it. Because the block looks identical to non-chiseled blocks, it's very hard to track down. If not possible to calculate rooms with chiseled blocks, maybe an overlay/dev tool to display valid room-blocks could help. Seems like slabs are valid blocks.
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