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Found 8 results

  1. Version 3.6.0 Main features of Mod Portcullis in different sizes (3x3 to 5x5) Drawbridges in different sizes (3x4 to 5x7) Gates in different sizes (3x3, 4x4 and 5x5) Waterwheel Mechanical Power (breastshot, undershot and overshot technics) Lampposts Firebrazier Floor-Plates for auto-open/close Vanilla-Doors, Portcullis and Gates Languages: English + German + Russia Aurochs Important for Update from 2.x to 3.0.0. Please read! MOD Download [if you like my mods, with a donation you can support me and my work]
  2. DISCLAIMER: This is mod changes world generation in any world it is loaded in. Do not have this mod enabled/downloaded when going on to a world that you do not want modified. It does not affect super flat creative worlds. Want to add some more challenge to your next playthrough? Or want some more post apocalyptic/fantansy vibes? This mod overhauls the vanilla world generation and causes it to split into two parts: the floating islands known as the "Goodlands" and the deadly infested wastelands underneath called the "Badlands". This also adds a new ranged and flying mob, the Locust Drone! The Goodlands The parts of the world that are still habitable that hang above the wasteland. All flora, fauna, and structures you would usually find on the surface of a normal world are here. Animal AI has been tweaked so that it will try not to suicide off the edge when fleeing. Since reeds are rare due to a lack of standing water, vines can be used as a replacement for them and grow at the bottom and undersides of islands posing a unique early game challenge. Currently, there are 3 types of islands/landmasses hills, plateaus, and massive mountains. The Badlands The torn apart surface of the world. Drifters constantly spawn here, regardless of light level and further adding to the danger is random locust nests scattered about. While very dangerous, it is also rich in ores, metals, and massive pillars of salt. Locust Drone A new mob that hovers above the badlands, the locust drone will not make any attempt to flee or come closer to the player, but will shoot spiky bullets if the player gets in range. They are weak but their random movements can make it hard to land a shot with a bow, if not in melee range. Drifter Changes Drifters will consume dead bodies and have a chance to throw a rock at the player if they cannot reach them. Pictures Setup Guide Make sure to set spawn radius to 0 or else risk a death loop due to falling. While this mod can be used by itself, these are some mods I would recommend: This mod does mess with world gen in ways it really was not meant to, so bugs/poor performance are expected. Please let me know of any or if you have any suggestions. Good luck! caelumterras_v0.92.2.zip Update History Disclaimer: Please post any bug reports, suggestions, and feedback on the forum page of this mod. Anywhere else, such as Discord, will be ignored!
  3. Abandoned by author. No further support. VSChatBot Here's a Discord Bot for those of you who want to engage your community more by allowing them to see what goes on in-game, all from the safety of their favourite chat application, Discord! I've been developing it in cooperation with the awesome community of RabbitTech, so a big shout-out to those guys (especially TechRabbit himself) for dealing with the silly bugs and giving feedback. Features Send text messages from the General chat in-game, directly to a discord channel Send messages from the same Discord channel, directly to the General chat in-game Assuming storms are enabled, storm notifications will be sent when they approach, begin and end Optional death messages Optional server up/down messages Various utility commands like !help, !time, !players and !lastseen Installation It's a discord client wrapped as a regular mod, so installing it is like any other regular VS server-side mod. You will, however, have to manually create a bot at https://discord.com/developers/applications Create a new application and name it something appropriate Go into the Bot tab and 'Add Bot' Optionally disallow 'public bot' which seems to be the default Go into the OAuth2 tab Scroll down and give it the 'bot' scope Scroll further down after clicking and add the 'send messages' text permission Scroll up again and copy the link that Discord has generated into a new browser window Add it to the respective server you want You should now see a bot connect to your Discord server Go back to the Bot tab and keep it open for when you need to copy your Bot token into the config file Once this is done, you can take the vschatbot.zip and put into your mods folder. On the first start-up, the mod will create a vschatbot.json config file in your ModConfig folder and then shut down. This needs to be filled otherwise the bot will not function. The 3 mandatory fields are: "Token" which is the token generated by the Discord application. Must be a string, so surrounded by "". "ServerId" which is the id of the discord server you want it to connect to. Make sure this remains a number (so no "")! "ChannelId" which is the id of the channel on the discord server you want it to send messages from in-game to, and take from. Make sure this remains a number! ServerId and ChannelId are the identifiers given by Discord to your server and channel. You can find them directly in Discord if you enable developer mode and then right click -> 'copy id'. Once these are filled, you can restart the server and you should see the following message as part of start-up in server-main.txt in your log files: [Notification] vschatbot: connected to discord and ready! If not, something went wrong, most likely during configuration of the Discord bot. Contribute Want more awesome Vintage Story content? Help me spend more time developing mods than enterprise software, by becoming a patron or donating straight to paypal! Commands The bot have several commands available, but all are out-of-game. They can be triggered by prefixing your message with ! or @mentioning the bot !help [string] - shows all the available commands if sent with no arguments. If sent with argument, will show the command help of that particular command. !players - shows all online players at the time !time - shows the current time of the server and the current season. The time of the server respects the server config of additional days per month and more, so you will see dates like 35. March. This is to be expected and is how the game calendar works. !lastseen [playername] - allows you to look up when the given playername was last seen online (only works after the bot has been installed obviously). !stats [playername] - shows more detailed stats for an individual (only total play time + deaths atm, more coming as I develop my player stats mod) Source Code https://gitlab.com/vsmods-public/vschatbot Releases v1.2.0 (29/04/2020): https://gitlab.com/vsmods-public/vschatbot/-/releases/1.2.0 v1.1.1 (03/01/2020): https://gitlab.com/vsmods-public/vschatbot/-/releases/1.1.1
  4. Realistic Logs and Firewood mod for 1.14.7+ Description: I liked the idea of having firewood that looked like the in-game tree bark and burned longer with a more realistic burning temperature. I created textures for the in-game firewood logs and modified the burning temperatures and durations. Thanks to I33tmaan and Digitalr who assisted me in putting this content mod together. This mod utilizes the in-game handbook, has its own tab and guide tab help feature. To see the handbook tab in survival mode, you must have Survival Categories by ZigTheHedge mod installed. Known Issues and Mod detail for modders: Due to coding issues, the firewood piles are not yet textured properly. If anyone with C# coding skills would like to take this on, let me know. Also, if you have come up with a mod that adds new tree(s), please let me know so I can add more firewood! Project can be found on GitHub here. Required on: Server and client. Mod Recommendations: I recommend the following mods that would compliment this mod. Survival Categories to show the handbook tab, and Medieval Expansion and/or Braziers for the braziers to put firewood in for heat in the winter. DISCLAIMER: I have not tested Medieval Expansion with the Braziers mod to see if there are compatibility issues yet. UPDATE: It seems Braziers mod is ok with Medieval Expansion, but NOT ok with Better Stairs. There seems to be a mod issue there. Survival Categories by ZigTheHedge Medieval Expansion by Rhonen Braziers by DigitalR DOWNLOAD HERE: At the Vintage Story Mod Database web site: V0.0.2
  5. No bells or drifters mod for 1.14.7+ Description: So I liked the idea of a more peaceful world but wanted to keep Locusts for the Temporal Tinkerer mod. So I created this simple mod to stop only Bells and Drifters from spawning. It's my first mod and was fairly simple to create. I simply modified the game code and then used the ModMaker.exe utility. It is also my first time using Github, so kind suggestions on how I can better set my repository up would be appreciated. Enjoy! Required on: Server and client. DOWNLOAD HERE: Update: March 19, 2021 Reason: Changed ModID for capital letter issue with Linux in modinfo.json V1.0.1 at Vintage Story Mod DB
  6. rc.0.3.0_Katana.zip Мод на различные катаны. Мод измените катаны. Переведено на английский и русский языки. rc.0.3.0_Katana.zip rc_0.3.1_beta.zip
  7. Hello everyone, so this is my first mod. Created it mainly to learn the API and asset system. It adds a crook to the game to increase the sappling dropcount when breaking leaves with it (is around 25% chance with a crook). To build a crook you need sticks and craft them with the following shape in the inventory: SS_ _S_ _S_ Source: https://github.com/FloFri/vs-crook Greetings FloFri crook_v1.0.0.zip
  8. This simple mod will add the unstable falling physics from gravel/sand to soil. Coming from TFC+ this was a small but little change I missed, makes the early game a little more challenging. soil-physics-patch.zip
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