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Found 6 results

  1. Download This mod (currently) has eleven potions to choose from: Archer's Flask- Gives the player increased ranged damage, accuracy and charge speed. (Accuracy and charge speed is shown in the character stats dialog) Potent Oil - Gives the player increased natural healing effectiveness, which means you should heal quicker over time. (Healing effectiveness is shown in the character stats dialog) Purging Brew - Gives the player increased hunger rate to help use all of your food before it spoils. (Hunger rate is shown in the character stats dialog) Settling Bre
  2. Hello and welcome to the Xleveling and XSkills mod. These are technically two mods with the aim to add a character progression system to the game. I split this in two mods to seperate the systems behind the mods from the actual skills. XLeveling is an interface that does nothing noticeable at its own. But it provides an interface to add skills and abilities to the game, does synchronisation between server and client and saves and loads data. And it provides a dialog that can be opend by pressing the 'O' key by default. I made it so that you can use this to implement your own skills to th
  3. IMPROVED POULTICE MOD BY DYTHANOS Welcome to my first ever published mod! [be gentle] This mod serves to add much needed features to both the single player and multiplayer experience by tweaking the current poultice item and adding a class that uses them more effectively. Poultices in this mod will now be usable on other entities allowing you to heal wounded animals and other players. (or even drifters if you are feeling cheeky!) I have also lengthened the time it takes to apply poultices (much less so for linen poultices, which are now called bandages) and improved their b
  4. Mintphonix Modpack Mintphonix is a Vintage Story server focused on community and working together. Ran by both Volphox and Draven, it's community is growing and getting better each week. We love seeing such amazing and friendly people join us as we simply enjoy one of our favorite games together. If you would like to join our amazing community, feel free to join the Discord and request to join in the #server-join-requests channel! Discord: https://discord.gg/CpeceaMKmr This is the modpack used on the Mintphonix server, a whitelisted server dedicated to having a large, frien
  5. Hello World, this mod allows for the farming of flowers(including crotons and rafflesia), herbs, berry bushes, and mushrooms. Seeds can be obtained from flowers and herb by putting them in a crafting grid with a knife. Growing plants can be planted on any fertile ground no tilling required. They will change color with seasons and will stop growing if the temperature is too hot or too cold. Greenhouses can allow plants to grow in any condition! Mushrooms can be reproduced by putting a ratio of one mushroom per one rot making mushroom spawn after several days of being sealed.
  6. UPDATE: Fixed issue of Dry Grass not being able to be placed on ground in order to start a fire. My bad! Hello! I'm pretty new to the world of Vintage Story but I've been enraptured by it! After playing it a bit, I found that there were a few things I would want to have in the game, so I went about adding them myself! This mod is small right now, but I plan on working on it and additional mods that will cater to as many as possible. In this version of the mod, there are only a few additions/modifications to the game: Scythes now swipe twice as fast and cut more grass at
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