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Found 3 results

  1. IMPROVED POULTICE MOD BY DYTHANOS Welcome to my first ever published mod! [be gentle] This mod serves to add much needed features to both the single player and multiplayer experience by tweaking the current poultice item and adding a class that uses them more effectively. Poultices in this mod will now be usable on other entities allowing you to heal wounded animals and other players. (or even drifters if you are feeling cheeky!) I have also lengthened the time it takes to apply poultices (much less so for linen poultices, which are now called bandages) and improved their basic healing amounts. For example: Reed Horsetail Poultices now heal 3hp but take 1.75 seconds to apply and a Linen Honey Sulfur Bandage heals 8hp and takes 1 sec to apply. To heal yourself with this mod, press and hold the RMB while not targeting another entity. To use on another entity, you must be near that entity and press and hold the RMB. For use on another entity, you do not have to keep the reticle on the target, but you must stay relatively close by or you will not complete the healing. This mod also adds the Medicine Man class, a village wise man that communes with nature and is highly effective at using poultices on themselves or others. He lacks the youth to fight in melee and is too set in his ways to learn new technologies, but even with these weaknesses, they will be a welcome addition to any village. If you experience any bugs with this mod, please let me know below. improvedpoulticemod_v1.0.0.zip
  2. Mintphonix Modpack Mintphonix is a Vintage Story server focused on community and working together. Ran by both Volphox and Draven, it's community is growing and getting better each week. We love seeing such amazing and friendly people join us as we simply enjoy one of our favorite games together. If you would like to join our amazing community, feel free to join the Discord and request to join in the #server-join-requests channel! Discord: https://discord.gg/CpeceaMKmr This is the modpack used on the Mintphonix server, a whitelisted server dedicated to having a large, friendly community. The server is heavily modded so I decided to release a modpack so new and existing players will have an easier time getting the mods needed to join. However, it is by no means required that you join the server to play it. Note: This modpack is no longer maintained. Vintage Story Launcher Polraudio Zion's Vintage Story launcher is now compatible with the 1.5 modpack update. The pack is now integrated with it, including a description and proper pack icon. You can check out the page for the launcher here. Complete List of Mods (Needs Updated) *NOTE: ALL MODS BELONG TO THEIR RESPECTED OWNERS, I TAKE NO CREDIT FOR THE MODS LISTED ABOVE. LOOK BELOW FOR A LIST OF CREATORS. Modpack Updates Version 1.5 Version 1.4 Version 1.3
  3. UPDATE: Fixed issue of Dry Grass not being able to be placed on ground in order to start a fire. My bad! Hello! I'm pretty new to the world of Vintage Story but I've been enraptured by it! After playing it a bit, I found that there were a few things I would want to have in the game, so I went about adding them myself! This mod is small right now, but I plan on working on it and additional mods that will cater to as many as possible. In this version of the mod, there are only a few additions/modifications to the game: Scythes now swipe twice as fast and cut more grass at once - I found it really quite aggravating to cut grass with a scythe and most of the time just ended up using a knife to cut it because it ended up being faster. I want going through the ages to save me time and effort, not just give me more tools that don't do much. Thatched Grass - Combining 9 Dry Grass in the crafting grid (one grass in each box) will give you a piece of Thatched Grass. Thatched Grass Clothing - Combining Thatched Grass in the crafting grid as you would for getting armor in MineCraft will give you either Thatched Grass Pants or a Thatched Grass Shirt. These clothes come with a low Max Warmth, but with the ability to remake them when the conditions get low. 64x Dry Grass can be added to a barrel in order to create one compost. This process takes about a day, so it doesn't take forever to get a single piece of compost, nor does it take 64 wasted foodstuffs. Mod page link: https://mods.vintagestory.at/show/mod/310 Dry Grass in Barrel: Thatched Grass Recipe: Thatched Grass Shirt Recipe: Thatched Grass Pants Recipe: Thatched Grass Shirt and Pants being worn: If you'd like to take a look at all of this in action:
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