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  1. CarryCapacity is a mod which allows picking up blocks and carrying them in your hands and on your back. This was made possible with the help of the awesome @Tyron providing some code samples with the official example mods. You can pick up chests, baskets, crates, barrels, planters, vessels and anvils by sneaking and holding right click with empty hands - that includes your offhand slot! This will prevent you from sprinting, and depending on what you're carrying, slow your walk speed down further. Placing them back down again is done by sneaking and holding right click on a block. Chests, baskets, barrels and vessels can also be worn on your back. To put what you're holding in your hands onto your back, sneak and hold right click in the air - without aiming at a block, otherwise you would just place it back down. Similarly, it can also be taken off again. Worn like this, baskets won't slow you down, but everything else will. [ VSModDB ] [ GitHub Releases ] Source code and more in-depth information is available on GitHub as well.
  2. Version 1.3.0 Adds a 2block size workbench. can be crafted in inventory, see handbook for recipe. Offers own recipes, discribed in the Players Handbook with own Description-Page. Works in Singleplayer, also on Online-Server. MOD Download [if you like my mods, with a donation you can support me and my work]
  3. Adds Rope Bridges for all wood types (and sticks) Recipes Changelog Download Rope Bridges v1.1.0 for VS1.15.zip Rope Bridges v1.0.7 for VS1.14.zip Rope Bridges v1.0.7 for VS1.13.zip Previous Versions
  4. Mod DB Post Fences won't be enough anymore. - My take on trying to rebalance temporal storms a bit. Adding a few change to drifters - During temporal storms, drifters will being to teleport erratically - Removed the ability for drifters to spawn too close to you* TeleportExample.mp4 and as an added bonus, drifters won't teleport into solid blocks. The mod has some freedom to configure it as you see fit The variables that can be changed in the patch .json - Mod is only required on the server. stormteleport_v1.0.0.zip
  5. 1.5.1 Minor Update - adds support for Carrying Capacity and I added the Russian language file from Zig thanks Zig! 1.5 Is now available! This is a fairly major update, especially in the background! I've introduced fluid and power networks which vastly streamline how they function. Also have removed the QPTECHAPI requirement. https://mods.vintagestory.at/qptech 1.5 Changelog (* devices are only available in creative right now) QPTECHAPI no longer used or needed (will be ignored) much improved power networks, connected devices form networks share storage/generation/usage as a single network fixed device powering on/off disabled animations to preven major crash added Fluid networks to more smoothly move fluids thru pipes a pipe on side or bottom will take fluid out of a network only pipe on top of fluid tank will input into tank barrel filling pipes over barrels will fill them (if possible) will stop filling if a valid sealable recipe is present will also drain from bottom if barrel cannot be sealed or if it's not sealed LV Punching Machine - plates->drilled plates *MV Lathe - cold ingots -> rods new machine types/industrial processes: *MV Heater - supplies 2000 units of heat if powered (needs electricity) *MV Crusher - supplies crushing power (needs electricity) *Boiler- provides steam (requires heat + water) *Turbine - provides torque (NOT related to the mechanical power system...yet) *MV Generator - provides power from torque (from the turbine NOT related to mechanical power system) irrigation pipes tweaked to use new fluid network added items: braided copper wire cable cracked rubber crucible steel screws, steel bolts, steel rings MV Stator, MV Rotor, MV Motor MV Sheet Roller - metal plates-> metal sheets *MV Wiremill - metal sheets-> metal wire Link to Discord Moddb link
  6. A mod that adds new fuels. I originally created this mod to be able to reclaim my iron-shavings from the MetalRecovery mod. Now includes fire logs and peat processing. High-Grade Fuel: Burns fairly long at extreme temperatures, useful for melting all metals, but poured metals take a very long time to cool. (Outputs two items and anthracite can be used instead coke) Fire Log: Burns at very low temperatures but each log lasts 40 minutes! For use in a fireplace to keep you warm during winter but not much else. (Outputs 8 items), stacks to 128. Peat processing: Downloads: https://mods.vintagestory.at/show/mod/450
  7. https://mods.vintagestory.at/automapmarkers Automatically adds map markers to your map when you interact with certain objects. Fully configurable to add only the map markers you are interested in. Current options include: Add map markers when you harvest resin, berries, or mushrooms. Add map markers when you collect loose surface ores. Add map markers when you interact with traders. Makes it easier to remember locations and return to those locations later, and eliminates the tedium of manually opening the map and creating map markers. Can also help to ensure you don't miss out on gold or silver surface ore, which are sometimes difficult to spot! The mod is disabled by default when first installed. To enable the mod, open the configuration menu (Ctrl+Shift+M by default, adjustable keybind), and click the Enable button. You can also configure all of your preferences from this menu, including the icons, colors, and names that should be used for each type of automatically created map marker. The latest version of the mod now works both in singleplayer mode and on multiplayer servers. Check out the file changelog for more details! This is my first mod, friends. I hope you like it. Github repo: https://github.com/egocarib/Vintage-Story-Mods/tree/main/mods/egocaribautomapmarkers
  8. https://mods.vintagestory.at/moremolds (Figured More Molds Needed a Forum Home) BANG BANG BANG... BANG BANG BANG... Picturing the Grinch at Christmas time for all that Noise Noise Noise got me thinking... "Ya Know? They might not be QUITE as efficient as smithed items, but really... even a rough plate is still a plate. Even if we have to work on it later to make it more efficient!" That led to making molds of some of the more tedious items that seem like they really could have a mold. Metal Plates Metal Sheets (Currently was no recipe before... Not sure where you find them) Metal Knife Copper Chute Section Metal Chisel You will note as well... Copper Chute Mold REQUIRES fire clay, but makes 4 at once. Yah, yah, yah... You can argue that a poured knife isn't gonna be as sharp as a smithed knife, of a poured chisel as efficient as a smithed chisel... but ya know... they are both a voxel tall... and this world is run by voxels. So I pour my tiny voxel based knife, and then display it proudly on my poured voxel based Bismuth Sheet. This mod is definitely a WIP so please leave suggestions. This is my first mod working with models. SIMILAR MODS - Be Sure to Check Out and Share The Love! Looking for just a lightweight option for just Plates and Arrowheads, Check out IronFractal's "Additional Molds" Changes Verson 1.1.1 Version 1.2.0 ROADMAP AS OF AUGUST 29, 2021
  9. BackpackPack is a mod intended to be a successor to "QOL Tweaks BetterBackpacks", it is designed to fill in gaps in the backpack progression and even drastically increase the base games backpack capacity with the plus version. It replaces all of vanillas backpack recipes with improved versions and adds some early and late game backpack progression. This mod has two versions- the "BackpackPack" and the "BackpackPackPlus"; The normal version keeps the storage capacity of vanilla backpacks and keeps the newly added backpacks in line with those numbers. The second, or "Plus" version uses numbers similar to the original "QOL Tweaks Betterbackpacks" mod meaning backpacks give you much more storage that is about double of the base games numbers. Use the normal version if you like vanilla storage numbers, and use plus if you like huge inventory sizes. Backpack Progression: (Quantity slot amounts are shown as PLUS version, N/A to standard version) Storage Numbers: Mod is usable on existing worlds, however backpacks existing before the mod was installed and across the two versions will need to be replaced (by re-crafting or spawning them in) to have their storage numbers be updated. The two versions are exclusive to each other, as they have different mod id's so if you load a world that had the standard version with the plus version the other versions items will simply cease to function, but the currently loaded version will work fine, you may want to refund the cost of the items though if you make the switch intentionally. You wont loose the items from mistakenly loading the wrong mod though, just load back up the version you had when you made the items and they will function as normal. Character backpack graphics (as in being shown on the back) seems to be buggy for some reason, if you want your backpack to show on your back you will have to re-log otherwise nothing will show up on your back, seems to be some issue with the base game. Downloads: Standard Full link: https://mods.vintagestory.at/show/mod/1061 Plus Full link: https://mods.vintagestory.at/show/mod/1060
  10. These mods are simple quality of life tweaks to some parts of the game that I thought could use some tweaks, each tweak comes in its own zip so you can only install the individual mods that you want. Better Archery: Better Backpacks(and optional increased backpack cost add-on): Better Poultice: Faster Barrel: Full-Drop: Craftables: NoMolding: Stackables: Useful-Scrap: MushroomMod: OrePulverizer: My other mods: ArmorTweaks-[New armor stats] BetterDrifters-[More loot, or difficulty] SuperFuel-[High Heat fuel] Creativables-[Creative rotor and TL in survival] TemporalTinkerer-[Repairable tools, and tech] WeaponPack-[New Weapons] MoreClasses-[Better Classes] Downloads:
  11. WeaponPack alpha currently adds 9 new weapon types with metal variants. Weapons are now gated to certain types due to material limits which adds a fun dynamic to progressing though the ages. For example the khopesh can only be cast in a clay mold and is a starter weapon, as such its not able to be made from iron+ metals. Then you progress to the gladius when you have an anvil and the rest of the mod tries to follow this pattern. Important: I will no longer be updating the hardcore version as I need to find a better way to implement harder recipes into a single mod. But it's not efficient to keep up with essentially two versions of the same mod, and I just feel like the hardcore version is not really worth maintaining unless I get enough people who want it. New weapons for 1.15 update: Added the Katar- a very short range weapon capable of insane amounts of damage, it's a hit and run weapon so the risk of getting hit is high but that risk rewards you with up to 15 damage at the steel tier meaning it can one-shot surface drifters! Not all is crazy though as they suffer from not only that tiny range but also in their durability, it's also hindered by a slow attack speed like the spear. Added the Throwing-Spear- This spear is meant for throwing, meaning it does even more damage when tossed than the standard spears double damage, its also able to fly a bit farther. Throwing spears can be made from every tool metal and in primitive versions with flint or obsidian. You must forge metal spear heads on an anvil but each ingot will give you 72 spears in total which is important because they are a single-use item meaning they will break when they hit anything and cant be retrieved. They do less damage and have less ranged when used as a direct weapon as compared to a vanilla spear. Other changes this update include slight buffing to scrap weapons and the club, overall tweaks to increase damage across the board but also reduced range overall. The halberd and heavy spear are now fully implemented with respect to attack speeds, they will now attack at the rate of the spear with a similar animation. Added descriptions to weapons for handy info. Also removed resin from pine logs recipe, flax twine to rope, and the plank needed to make the macuahuitl so now it takes a whole log. Weapons: Other Tweaks: Currently adds some big buffs to scrap tools/weapons, and clubs to keep them up to par with the rest of the mod, long blades are left alone in every way but they are not as good as most weapons of their tier. Currently scrap weapons have around bronze statistics but they have less than copper durability, now there's a good reason to use them. Download: https://mods.vintagestory.at/show/mod/445 Old versions:
  12. Hey everyone Welcome to my first mod. I made this for a friend and myself as we loved Sphax in minecraft and I decided to bring this over to Vintage Story Description This is based off the Texture Pack called "Pure BDcraft" for minecraft. This texture pack aims to give the game a comic book feel and give you a unique experience while playing. Not only does this change the textures but it also changes a lot of the shapes in the game. This was done to match certain aspects of the items to their Minecraft counterparts such as doors for example. This is a massive project and thus still has quite a bit of work still to do. I work on it during my free time which varies from week to week but it is a personal project id like to see to completion. Setup This is a 128 by 128 texture pack as a pose to the vanilla scale being 32 by 32 thus this pack takes quite a bit of resources To overcome various crashes, please update the following lines in your config file. Feel free to play around with these values but note that the smaller they are, the more likely the game will crash with this texture pack Known Issues These are some bugs that I have come across while using my pack 1) Due to the pack being 128x128, if you play with mods that use 32x32, the game will crash with a warning about not setting the textures to the correct 128x128. to overcome this, I have found that if you modify a mods "modinfo.json" as follows, this resolves the issue 2) When joining a server, I noticed that since 1.15, the fence shape no longer dictates the textures. So in order for your client to display fences properly with this texture pack, download the server fix that I have included here and add it to the servers mod folder. This is a tiny mod that just adds the fence and gate shape files. This may be resolve in the future 3) Unloaded chunks on servers. So I noticed on my personal server if i loaded the texture pack, there were specific chunks that would be invisible. I am unsure what caused this and the chunks were always the same ones. They had nothing special on them. This has not to my knowledge effected single player and I have only come across it once with my existing server. When i started the server anew, this issue was gone. Removing the texture pack resolved the issue 4) Redwood trees trunk texture is not done. I removed it as it was bugged. The side textures were not aligned correctly and the shape file, although set to use the full image, were thrown off. The bug has been reported so hopefully it will be resolved in the future. Once this is fixed, I will add that texture back Things still to do 1) Continue replacing the vanilla textures for some blocks and items 2) Do textures for entities such as all the animals and the player 3) Alter some existing textures that I have already done 4) Continue to change some of the shapes to match the textures Downloads 1.15.+ - PureBDCraft 0.0.1 1.15.+ - PureBDCraft 0.0.1 - Server patch Screenshots Credits Credits go to BDcraft and their amazing texture pack for minecraft. Please go to Pure BDcraft and support them and their hard work Credits to the modding community over there too who help spread support for the Texture Pack to all the minecraft mods which gave me all the variety of textures to use for this pack And lastly, Credit to the Vintage Story creators who brought us this amazing game.
  13. -Collaborative Classes Revised- PLEASE NOTE: Any version earlier than 2.0.0 will not be compatiable with versions after and including 2.0.0 Why the revision? I after testing the mod I felt that the amount of classes were too large and that this stopped most people from playing the mod, this is one of the reason for the change but also due to balanceing issues and general feedback. This is my first mod so thank you for both your time and understanding. Collaborative Classes is a mod that aims to bring a stronger focus on classes in vintage story. This includes changing the postives and negatives of the classes to be more focused on collaborative gameplay. Many of the classes now specialize in only a few particular things, with a set of negatives to things they are not good at. With the aim of the mod to promote trading and collaboration on servers, I would recommend not playing in single player. Mod Includes: Revamps the classes to be more focused around collaboration and trading within a community. Adds reinforced tools (2x Durability) that require mulitple classes to craft. (Tools for All Classes) Miner can turn Crystalized Ores into Gem Bits for other classes to use in recipes. Miner can craft a hybrid pick that both mines and can be used as a weapon Mercenary can turn Gem Bits into sellable gems. Mercenary can make smaller denominations of rusty and temporal gears (for player trading) Mercenary can craft superior copper and iron weapons Mercenary can mend metal armor Gatherer can craft dye which can be made into coloured chiselable blocks Gatherer can craft seeds (quite expensive) Hunter can make bone masks Hunter can mend leather armor Download: https://mods.vintagestory.at/show/mod/453 Classes: Features: Things (Hopefully) To Come: Finish Gem-Cutting Trait & Recipes. Done Bone tools/weapons for hunter. Scraped Idea Seed recipes for gatherer. More Classes Such As Cook. or maybe adding recipes for food to existing classes? Need a coder More Gem Bits recipes for Gatherer, Hunter, Miner Additional Items For Mercenary. Done Get Feedback=Better Mod? Potential Issues: Any mod that adds/changes classes or traits WILL clash with this mod. BUT should work with xskills and xlib mods Any mod that edits the game lang file MAY clash with this mod. Reinforced tools won't use other mods crafting recipes. Loading up an old world and opening the traits tab WILL crash your game This mod will only work on fresh worlds Credits: Thanks to BluryFace for some great models - (https://www.twitch.tv/blury_rng) If anybody is looking to help or want to make a addon to this mod, absolutely, message me and I will be glad for the help/support ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Changelog: Collaborative Classes Revised 2.0.1.zip
  14. Temporal Tinkerer (Formerly "useful-locusts") is a mod that aims to implement all sorts of gadgets and trinkets to extend out endgame content. Currently there are two technologies temporal and electric, both have their own quirks but still provide powerful items. Includes 3x3x2 mining, a super fast multi-tool, powerful armor cutting swords, and a couple new sets of insane armor. Now introducing the new temporal armor sets! These armor sets are split into two categories- utility and combat. These armor sets, like the tools can be recharged with temporal power cells in the crafting grid, watch out however as they are not unbreakable- they will still get destroyed once the durability reaches 0 so try to repair them before they get too low. The utility set provides: +75% movement speed on the boots but you use hunger 35% faster and they don't protect you very well +50% faster ranged weapons and accuracy on the helmet but provides mediocre protection The chest plate provides a new unique effect- reduced-hunger drain! While wearing this device you will drain hunger 50% slower, it has drawbacks though, the device is heavy, sometimes unreliable, and you only heal at 50% the rate with items when wearing it. It does not provide any armor value but still degrades when hit. The combat set provides: better protection values than even the strongest of metal armor sets, high protection tier. But they are vulnerable in PVP to the swords added in this mod because they deal massive damage to armor durability. +20% movement speed and very high protection on the leggings, but 5% increased hunger rate +15% ranged accuracy, high protection, but 5% slower move-speed/increased hunger rate on helmet The chest plate generates an invisible force field around itself meaning that any attack targeting the chest slot (50% chance) will be completely negated, the armor also amplifies the effect of healing items. The item has fairly low durability though so be sure to frequently recharge it with cells or it will eventually break, items like the temporal sword can chip down the durability pretty quickly as a counter New schematic/trading system: Now you can summon a trader hologram when using a trader summon item, this will spawn a tinkerer trader who can offer up parts and schematics you will need to craft any temporal equipment, save up those gears! Schematics are used in the grid with ingredients and will never be consumed, so you can use them forever once purchased. New stuff: The new schematic system introduces a complete overhaul to all the recipes for temporal equipment Temporal essence is now the new power source for temporal items, you can obtain the essence from drifters or purchase it from tinkerers then use it to craft temporal power cells Added recipe for the creative rotor using very late game components New items like ancient plating can be obtained from junk piles, locusts and the tinkerer General Mod Content Overview: Images: Feel free to- suggest anything, build off of the mod, or use these assets in your mods! All existing worlds with the mod previously installed are compatible with any previous update. You wont loose any items, but you will need to generate new chunks to find any new ruins. Downloads: https://mods.vintagestory.at/show/mod/444 Old Downloads:
  15. MumbleLink enables positional audio support in the voice chat program Mumble, allowing anyone using the mod in multiplayer and in the same voice channel to hear one another spatially in 3D - meaning you can make out their direction relative to you and, if so configured, hear them quieter depending on how far away they are. The mod is completely client-side, so you can use it on any server you wish. [ VSModDB ] [ GitHub Releases ] Source code and information on how to set it up are also available on GitHub.
  16. Meteoric Expansion The skies burn with balls of fire barrelling towards the planet at cosmic speeds....Is this the apocalypse? Welcome to Meteoric Expansion! This mod aims to bring the cosmos to Vintage Story in a very literal sense. In vanilla Vintage Story it's possible to stumble across small surface deposits of meteoric iron...but where did it come from? Meteors don't exist in vanilla! Meteoric Expansion fills this space. This mod will spawn occasional randomized meteors that will streak through the skies, burning up or exploding like a real meteor would. There's also a small chance that they'll crash to the ground, depositing their riches into the world...! IMPORTANT Meteoric Expansion ships with configurable options! By default meteors are NOT destructive and will NOT damage the world or player structures. With the destructive option set to false Meteoric Expansion is mostly cosmetic. You may find a few scattered bits at the collision site, but no meteorite embedded in the ground. Risk vs reward... To change your config, load up a game with the mod installed and enabled. After the mod runs once, a MeteoricExpansionConfig.json file will be available for edit in... 'C:\Users\{Your Username}\AppData\Roaming\VintagestoryData\ModConfig' Exit to menu, edit this file, then load your save to see the changes! Further config details can be found by opening the mod ZIP and reading the readme in 'assets\meteoricexpansion\config\' Download Mod Download the latest version of Meteoric Expansion for Vintage Story 1.15.0: Meteoric Expansion v1.0.5 To download previous versions of the mod, view version change logs, report issues, or to view the mod source files, please visit: Meteoric Expansion GitHub My Other Mods Ore Crystals: Adds crystals to ore deposits along with other various crystal-based craftables! Item Lights: Gives items the same illumination capabilities as blocks. Any donation support would be greatly appreciated~
  17. Ancient Tools Ages pass. Civilizations rise and fall. Yet even time can't erase all evidence of history. Ancient history is preserved through the artifacts dug up centuries after they were lost. Ancient Tools is a mod that looks to inject tools into Vintage Story that have either been lost to time, or have been treasured since ancient times. It will bolster the vanilla Vintage Story experience by providing immersive tools and techniques to further progression. I intend to start small with this mod and update it when new things are ready. If you have any suggestions please do leave a comment! So...what's included? Download Mod Download the latest version of Ancient Tools for Vintage Story 1.15.0+: Ancient Tools 1.2.4 To download previous versions of the mod, view version change logs, report issues, or to view the mod source files, please visit: Ancient Tools GitHub For Modders:
  18. Farmland Drops Soil changes the behavior of farmland to drop soil when broken, depending on the nutrients available. This is for those people that got frustrated by losing their precious Terra Preta when wanting to move their farms to a better, fancier place or even their entire base. Well, you can't! Except with the amazing Farmland Drops Soil mod. When you break a farmland block, it will have a chance to drop their respective soil block, depending on the nutrients available. If you wait for the nutrients to fully recover, you always get your soil back. Otherwise, it will pick the lowest nutrient, and adjust the drop chance based on it. For example, a Terra Preta farmland with N=80, P=60, K=40 has a 50% chance to drop the soil block (40 / 80 = 0.5). [ VSModDB ] [ GitHub Releases ] Source code is available on GitHub as well.
  19. YABBA - Glass Chapter AKA - "That Glass Chiseling Mod" https://mods.vintagestory.at/yabbaglasschapter Originally YABBA was going to be Yet Another Building Block Addition to add all sorts of blocks. Well, of course the first thing I added in back in April of 2021 was the ability for people to Chisel Glass, because it was the thing that was the most requested in our servers. TechRabbit, LocoMiner, TheGingerHasASoul, and others all came to know YABBA as "That Glass Chiseling Mod". Just like we now call GIF Gif because the people want to call it that (Though I am stubborn and pronounce it the same as the Peanut butter), The Current Chapter of YABBA, as it is, shall be known as "That Glass Chiseling Mod". How this update came to be Basically: After talking with others, and sharing the roadmap for where I wanted to go with this, I was told that it didn't fit the feel of YABBA in it's current form. Glass Chiseling was a functionality to blocks, not adding blocks itself; as such it would be better to break apart YABBA into Chapters to keep the overhead down. So there are still other Chapters of YABBA in the works, but they are going to be split up from YABBA - Glass Chapter; Giving players the ability to customize what they want in their worlds/servers SCOPE: Lightweight Block and Chiseling Mod for Glass COMPATIBILITY: 1.14.8+ (Currently tested on 1.15.5) I am creating the forum update only now because as much as I like the ModDB, the forum interface really provides the best way for feedback and improvements on mods still. So: That being said... have ideas, suggestions for improvements... or something else that you think fits the feel of YABBA (We are thinking YABBA will affect more the Functionality of blocks), let me know! SIMILAR MODS BY OTHER AUTHORS: AUGUST 2021 - Tels has also started working on Glassworks over at https://mods.vintagestory.at/glassworks that has some promising features and blocks that are going to be different than what I will have. Be sure to check out his work as well.
  20. Version 2.1.0 The mod creates a default Item-Packages based on available player-classes and stores in JSON file. As Server-Admin (also in Singleplayer) you can edit this json file by adding the items / blocks with its code. Editing the Item-Package-Json file requires a restart of the Server/Singleplayer. Only the ItemCodes are supported! All Players will be recorded by its uuid, which is created by VintageStory-AccountManagement, and garantues that no one will get the items twice. path: \VintagestoryData\ModConfig\starterpackmod\<world-id>\starterpack.playersreceivedpackage.json You can edit both files, but be sure you know what you are doing with it. HINT for Admins of existing worlds: For your existing players you must allow users to re-select their playerclass to get the package delivered. There is a no API to get that information that a player has already closed that dialog. The mod is regulary thought for multiplayer. Singleplayer is supported also. Known issues: Backpacks / Baskets etc causing client crashes, so blacklisted them by mod-coding - sorry. Download in ModDB [if you like my mods, with a donation you can support me and my work]
  21. Better drifters is a mod that aims to make drifters a little more terrifying. As one of the main enemies its weird that these little guys are a threat at all to anything but your ankles. With this in mind I have increased the tainted, corrupt and nightmare drifter size by about 50% and they are now just barely smaller than the player. The normal and deep drifters had their size increased too by a slightly smaller extent. Nightmare drifters now have a glowing face so you can identify them a little easier so you have a little more time to try and out run them. Now drifters have new sounds and a distinct aggro sound. Combat tweaks: Drifters have had their health increased from: normal- 12-15, deep- 16-20, tainted- 22-25, corrupt- 30-40, nightmare- 40-65. But have also had their max spawn count decreased from: normal- 14-10, deep- 8-7, tainted- 7-6, corrupt- 6-5, nightmare- 5-3. Now you will face fewer drifters but they are individually more dangerous. In addition their movement speed when chasing you has been increased for every drifter except the normal surface one. Nightmare drifters will chase you so fast you almost cant out walk them, so while you can run away, they will close that gap far faster now. Drifters can now see you from further away depending on tier, for example the surface drifter is unchanged at 14 blocks, while the corrupt drifter can see you from 20 blocks. They also will attack more frequently depending on level, and will attack at a range of rates rather than a fixed one. Normal and deep drifters now deal damage 20 milliseconds later than they used to so you can have more time to dodge them. Drifters now spawn at more distinct heights, now you wont face nightmare drifters but at the deepest of depths. Loot and cosmetics: Not all is so scary, these drifters will now drop loot much more frequently and as a base you are almost guaranteed to get at least one flax fiber from a surface drifter. Drifters take less time to harvest with a knife and some can just straight up drop metal scrap/parts off of themselves on death. Overall most loot drop rates have been increased to match the difficulty increase, but not so much as to be considered overpowered. Nightmare drifters have a 5% chance to drop their severed spiked arm on death, this weapon deals tons of damage but has a low durability. Drifter size increased, includes hitbox extension. Nightmare drifter looks scarier. Drifters now make idle sounds less frequently because its annoying. Enabled a rare unused idle animation called "despair", its purely cosmetic but I though it was a neat animation for being unused. Now drifters have new sounds and a distinct aggro sound. Images: Downloads: https://mods.vintagestory.at/show/mod/547 Alternate hardcore version available in comments. Thanks to Thaliusfor making the changes. For those who want a even bigger challenge.
  22. Allows Bushmeat to be used as an ingredient in meals. Bushmeat Meals v1.0.6.zip
  23. Vintage Story Mod - "Hardcore" Because "Wilderness Survival" doesn't scare the hairs off your ass anymore. Congratulations! You Died!... You Can't Come Back From Death. Download This mod is hosted at Vintage Story ModDB at https://mods.vintagestory.at/hardcore Features Single Player Option for Permadeath Starts players out with one life Chat Commands "/revive {playername}" to add lives to player "/smite {playername}" Kills named player, removing a life. "/lives" to see lives Admin of map will be kicked from server, but will be able to reenter. Installation Please make backups of your worlds before installing in an existing world However, this mod should work in an existing world. Issues Currently only works correctly in Single Player. Still working out bugs to get it to work on server, but this is in the works. Planned for Next Issue ModConfig with Default Number of Lives Whether Players will be Kicked or Banned Whether Admin will be granted God Mode (No kick on death) Allow all chat commands to run from a server world and be persistent Roadmap (x) Lives Respawn as long as gear-bound Options to recognize if PACT Mod is being used
  24. Lichen • a simple slow-growing composite organism that typically forms a low crusty, leaflike, or branching growth on rocks, walls, and trees. ============================================================================= My first mod for vintage story. Thanks to all the very patient and helpful people in the discord who answered my many numerous questions, weathered my bug reports and were just generally an extremely overall pleasant community to interact with. Notably novocain for writing an app to make my workflow from BB to VSMC possible and radfast for helping me troubleshoot issues with VSMC ============================================================================= Lichen is the start of an expansion content mod which will add mostly decor, building blocks, plants, and animals of a more natural, and even primitive, variety. If you have any suggestions, please, I'd love to hear! Please do not hesitate to report ANY and ALL bugs! ============================================================================= This mod is released under a CC0 license, except when under the circumstances i use original game assets (obv), then that specific part (textures etc) assumes the parent license. have fun kids. we're all ash in the end. ============================================================================= Languages Currently Supported: English, Russian, German I am currently looking for more translators! ============================================================================= BUILDING BLOCKS Wattle Fence A Wattle Fence made from sticks woven around bits of chopped logs. ============================================================================= Patchwork Tent Blocks A dye-able modular tent block system made from cured pelts that gently sway in the wind. ============================================================================= Hide Pillows & Reed Mats Some decorative details to make your home more home-y. ============================================================================= Crescent Chairs & Wicker Tables A set of fancy chairs and tables in every vanilla wood for your home! This is where pictures would go... if I could upload any! I think image upload & embedding was disabled to the forums? If I can upload images again, I'll put them here. ============================================================================= ANIMALS White Tailed Deer A fleet-footed passive quarry that flees at the first sign of danger. Their antlers are useful resources. Antler Tools ============================================================================= White-Tail Buck Head & Antler Mounts Display your trophy above your mantelpiece! This is where pictures would go... if I could upload any! I think image upload & embedding was disabled to the forums? If I can upload images again, I'll put them here. ============================================================================= === BASE GAME STONE MINING LEVEL CHANGE === ============================================================================= UPDATES v1.5.1 Backported the recent bugfixes & decor to VS 1.14.10. v1.5.0 Added Crescent Chairs, a decorative stool made from planks in every vanilla wood type. Added Wicker Tables, a small decorative table made from reeds and planks in every vanilla wood type. Added Trophy Mounts for the White-Tailed Bucks, in Head and Antler versions. Fixed the UV map on the bottom of the deer's hooves. Fixed the Large Reed Mat being uncraftable. Reduced the amount needed for both large & small reed mats. v1.4.2 Updated to Vintage Story 1.15 Fixed a crash when shooting Antler Arrows (whoops.) Updated the Reed Mats to work with the in-block decor system. (You can now place blocks on them!) v1.4.0-1 Added Decorative Reed Mats (Large / Small) Added Hide Floor Pillows (Dyeable!) Added Antler Tines which can be whittled into antler blades & arrowheads Added Antler Pickaxes, a pre-metal-working pickaxe that can only mine stone and flint. Includes a patch to the base game stone & flint to require pick level 1 to allow primitive stoneage quarrying. This should be compatible with the vast majority of mods, but if it's undesired, just delete "rock-picklvl.json" in the patches folder. The antler pickaxes will be useless, however. ============================================================================= UPCOMING FEATURES Linen Fabric Tents (Will feature brighter colors & a fancier look) Birch Bark Cultivation Antelope (will spawn in the same biome as hyenas) ============================================================================= 1.15.1: Lichen-v1.5.0.zip 1.14.10 Lichen-v1.5.1-1.14.10.zip Lichen-v1.5.0.zip
  25. Adds a new tool to the game, the spyglass. Some metal smithing, and glass smelting you can have your very own spyglass, then go exploring the wilds, or spy on your neighbors from the safety of your windmill. As of v0.3.0 - You can now use the mouse wheel to adjust your zoom some while your are using the spyglass. As of v0.3.1 - Config Options Also for the record, you shouldn't smack things with your spyglass, you might cause it damage! On the Mod DB at https://mods.vintagestory.at/spyglass Or on GitHub at https://github.com/fuami/Spyglass
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