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Found 3 results

  1. Hello and welcome to the Xlib and XSkills mod. These are technically two mods with the aim to add a character progression system to the game. I split this in two mods to seperate the systems behind the mods from the actual skills. Xlib is an interface that does nothing noticeable at its own. It consists of two parts XLeveling and XEffects. XLeveling provides an interface to add skills and abilities to the game, does synchronisation between server and client and saves and loads data. And it provides a dialog that can be opend by pressing the 'O' key by default. I made it so that you can use this to implement your own skills to the game if you want and you don't have to rely on the ones i created. The mod also adds some general information for skills and abilities to the ingame handbook. XEffects provides an interface to add temporary or permanent effects to the game that can influence a player. XSkills is an implementation for skills and abilities that uses XLeveling . You gather experience for different skills by doing certain actions. And if you have collected enough experience you will get an additional ability point that you can use to increase the tier of an ability. This mod is still under development and some things will probably change. Never the less save games should always be compatible. If you have ideas for new abilities or skills i would like to hear them. If you find any bugs please report them to me so that i can fix them. Skills Following skills and abilities are currently implemented. Only the first tier of every ability is represented here: Configuration The mod creates automatically config files for every skill. You can usually find them in this directory or something similar: C:\Users\[UserName]\AppData\Roaming\VintagestoryData\ModConfig\XLeveling. The files are named after the skill they represent. You can also find a xleveling.json there which contains some general configurations. Here is a list of the things you can configure and a short explanation what everything means: Commands This mod also adds some new commands to the game: Installation As any other mods just download the .zip folders and put them into your games mod folder. Do not unpack the .zip folders. Uninstallation If you want to uninstall the mod make sure you have no meals or meal containers such as crocks left in your world with more than 4 ingredients in it. You can receive these from the happy meal (cooking) ability. Meals with more than 4 ingredients in your world without the mod will crash your game. Unfortunately crocks seem to be affected by this even when they do not have more than 4 ingredients in it. So you may need to remove every crock. FAQ Q: Can i change the minimum skill level i need to learn this ability or the experience i need to reach a skill level? A: Yes you can. For Questions like this i recommend to look at the configuration section of the mod post first. Q: How can i get unleran points? A: You can just search in the handbook for consumables that give unlearn points. The exact search term could be language specific. Q: Can i change the experience i get from mods or can i add experience to new modded mobs? A: You can adjust the values in the mods json files and i think json patches shold work, too. You can find the file here: xskills/assets/xskills/patches/combat.json. You can also use this file as an example on how to add experience to new mobs. Q: Can you release a version for the game version X. A: Probably: yes. But i only develop the mod for the newest game version. Providing support for older game versions would just be to much work. I may not be able to provide versions for every pre release version of the game since the game can change heavily between these updates and i sometimes need some time to adjust the code and sometimes i simply have not the time for this. So please wait at least 24 hours after the release of a game version before asking for a mod version for the game version. Q: What does the all-rounder skill do? A: First of all you can not choose another class with this ability. You can choose another XSkills Specialisation/Profession. These are a class of abilities that allows you to receive more experience for specific skills. By default you can just have one of these abilities. With the all-rounder ability you can have more than one. You can also identify these specialisation abilities by looking at the requirements in the tooltip. A few examples of these abilities are: farmer, minder, digger, metalworker. Experience In general you will get experience from doing skill related stuff. But since it was asked multiple times i will add a more detailed list here. Translations German and english translations by myself Russian translation by @Digitalr Polish translation by @Beerus Create your own skills To add new skills or abilities to the game you should be able to code. Preferably in c# or a similar language. I recommend to set up your development environment like described here and here. Notice that a mod that uses XLib or code from any other mod always has to be a compiled mod. Your mod only needs to add a reference to the XLib library(.dll file) if you want to add abilities or skills. Note that you may have to unzip the file to get direct access to the .dll library. The xlib.zip also contains a xlib.xml file. It contains the documentation for xlib and you may want to add this file to your references, too. I think it is always the easiest to learn from examples. So i made an example skill that shows the most important features of XLeveling. You can find this example in the download section. Downloads The mod can now be downloaded through the mod db: https://mods.vintagestory.at/show/mod/247 https://mods.vintagestory.at/show/mod/244 exampleskill.zip
  2. This mod (currently) has several potions to choose from: Archer's Flask- Gives the player increased ranged damage, accuracy and charge speed. (Accuracy and charge speed is shown in the character stats dialog) Fighter's Flask - Gives the player increased melee damage. Healing Oil - Gives the player healing over time. Hunter's Delight - Gives the player increased animal lot, forage amount, wild crop amount and reduces animal seeking range. Looter's Delight - Gives the player increased forage amount, rusty gear amount from metal piles, vessel content amount and wild crop amount. Miner's Flask - Gives the player increased mining speed and ore drop rate. (Seems to only work on stone and ores) Potent Oil - Gives the player increased natural healing effectiveness, which means you should heal quicker over time. (Healing effectiveness is shown in the character stats dialog) Purging Brew - Gives the player increased hunger rate to help use all of your food before it spoils. (Hunger rate is shown in the character stats dialog) Predator Pheromones - Animals find the player easier when this is used. Scent Mask - Animals have a harder time to find the player when this is used. Settling Brew - Gives the player decreased hunger rate to help you through the winter. Spiked Oil - Gives the player poison damage over time. You don't want to drink this. Sprinter's Flask - Gives the player increased movement speed. (Walk speed is shown in the character stats dialog) Vitality Flask - Gives the player extra max health for the duration of the potion. Some notes: This mod is currently balanced slightly better than before but some of it may still be overpowered. Balancing suggestions are welcome. Mining potion increases mining speed only on stone and ores. Poison and Regen potion poison/heal you over time. Potion effects disappear after restarting the game or dying. Potion bases and potion flasks are required to make potions. The ingredients to make potions bases other than the basic one are currently just different combinations of flowers with a mortar & pestle. All the recipes should be in the handbook. (search for "potion"). The Wild Farming mod is recommended if you want a renewable source of flowers. (I have tested it and it seems to work) Any bugs or suggestion please go to my forum post or my github page. Should be compatible with most mods although I haven't tested it with many. You can not drink the same potion when you already have the potion's effects active. If there are mods that are incompatible with mine let me know and I will try to add compatibility. Modifying/creating potions Developer stuff and To-Do List Suggestions are welcome. Big thanks to Cynthal for making the new potion flask, herb rack and mortar & pestle shape, creating better names for potions and cover art.
  3. Waypoint Extensions A VintageMods release, by Apache Gaming Options Menu Hotkey: F7 Allows the player to enable or disable automatic trader and translocator waypoint creation. When enabled, traders will get a waypoint when you enter their GUI. Translocators and Teleporters will get a waypoint when used. COMMAND: .wp Quickly, and easily add waypoint markers at your current position. Syntax: .wp [pin (Optional)] [bclay | beehive | bees | bismuth | bismuthinite | black-coal | blcoal | blue-clay | borax | brcoal | brown-coal | cassiterite | cave | chromite | chromium | cinnibar | copper | fclay | fire-clay | galena | gold | hematite | home | ilmenite | iron | lead | limonite | magnetite | malachite | meteor | mushroom | olivine | peat | platinum | poi | quartz | resin | rhodium | rhodochrosite | ruins | saltpeter | silver | sphalerite | sulfur | sulphur | tin | titanium | tl | trader | translocator | uranium | zinc] [title (Optional)] Example: .wp copper Example: .wp pin home Apache Example: .wp trader Trader (Building Supplies) Example: .wp poi Point of Interest (Amazing Landscape!) COMMAND: .wpt Adds a waypoint for the nearest trader at your current location. Must be within 10 blocks of the trader. Icon colours follow the precedent set within the AutoMap mod. Syntax: .wpt [pin] COMMAND: .cm Re-centres the map at a specific position, a specific player, or on yourself. Syntax: .cm [plr|player|pos|position|spawn]. Example: .cm Example: .cm spawn Example: .cm plr Apache Example: .cm pos 15000 10000 COMMAND: .wpex Various waypoint utility functions. Syntax: .wpex purge-icon - Purges all waypoints with the specified icon. Requires confirmation. Syntax: .wpex purge-nearby [radius] - Purges all waypoints within a set radius. Syntax: .wpex auto-tl - Enables/Disables Automatic Translocator Waypoints. Syntax: .wpex auto-tr - Enables/Disables Automatic Trader Waypoints. COMMAND: .gps Broadcasts your current XYZ coordinates to the server, in the form of a chat message. Also copies your coordinates to the clipboard. COMMAND: .wptl Adds a waypoint to a fixed translocator, within five blocks of the player. Syntax: .wptl [pin] COMMAND: .wptp Adds a waypoint to a teleporter block, within five blocks of the player. Syntax: .wptp [pin] ----- Download: https://mods.vintagestory.at/wpex Donate via Paypal: http://bit.ly/APGDonate Custom Waypoint Types: You can add custom waypoint types, or override the ones that are included within the mod by editing the file "~\ModData\VintageMods\Waypoint Extensions\World\{WorldIndetifier}\wpex-custom-waypoints.data". This is on a per-world basis, so you can have separate custom waypoint types for each world you play in. The file is in JSONC format. Examples and instructions are included within the file. Reporting Bugs and Requesting Features: You can report bugs, and request new features, by heading on over to GitHub, and starting a new ticket. This is the best way to make sure I get your feeback quickly, and in a way that allows me to implement necessary changes.
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