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Found 5 results

  1. Welcome to Resurgence! Focused around the Collaborative Classes mod by CaptainOats, Resurgence encourages players to work together and build a community. Collaborative Classes completely revamps the game's classes, adding certain items that only a specific class can create. Doing this enforces trading and cooperation between fellow server mates. The modpack also includes XSkills, which goes hand-in-hand with Collaborative Classes. With this mod, players can further engage themselves in their professions, or even double up! With these mods, including many others, we've created something that is fit for bringing together a community. As of October of 2021, this modpack is no longer being updated. Feel free to continue to use it, though there will not be anyone continuing to keep it up to date. Official Mintphonix Discord server - > https://discord.gg/sZv4hjg2Cz Mod List Modpack Versions Resurgence v1.0 Resurgence_v1.0.zip
  2. Hello this mod greatly expands upon the current animal husbandry system and attempts to make it more realistic and fun. Features include: Livestock Hunger System Genetic Traits: Animal Specifics: Hare Chicken Pig Sheep Wolves: Dogs: Deer(Lichen mod installed): Aurochs(Medieval Expansion mod installed): Pets: Food Troughs, Compost Bins & other Changes/Additions Config Explained: Update notes Please let me know of any bugs, and feel free to leave any suggestions or feedbacks. Happy farming! https://mods.vintagestory.at/show/mod/47 Compatibility: Wild Farming Useful Stuff Primitive Survival Lichen Medieval Expansion Disclaimer: Please post any bug reports, suggestions, and feedback on the forum page of this mod. Anywhere else, such as Discord, will be ignored!
  3. This mod adds various items and a new papyrus paper press which can be expanded with recipes. Currently it does not add that much but i plan on expanding in the future. I am aiming for a mod that will improve survival aspects but also add some decorations to the game. If there are any bugs or something you would like to see with this mod feel free to message me on the Vintage Story Discord server -> Th3Dilli Features: 1. glowing glass / glass slabs in various colors (creative only - no recipe) 2. christmas present (creative only - no recipe) 3. paper making from papyrus rolling pin tool paper press (different colors) paper lantern (sphere) (ingame paper lantern is now craftable too) 4. Wooden pier blocks (creative only - no recipe) 5. Slightly lower blocks that serve as a street or path (different colors - creative only - no recipe) 6. Lantern poles (modular - different colors - creative only - no recipe) 7. Snowball (can be obtained by breaking snowlayer - not snow block) 8. Book for crafting Bookshelves Works in singleplayer and on multiplayer servers. For multiplayer add it to the server mods and you should be fine Harvest papyrus with a knife to get raw papyrus. Tools: Papyrus Paper making: Paper lantern Lit recipe: Glowing Glass / Glass slabs: Paper lantern (sphere) Book and Bookshelve th3expantion_0.1.2.zipth3expansion_0.1.3.zip New Releases can be found on the ModDB Th3Expansion
  4. I made this mod to get a lot of the creature mods and the vanilla mobs to interact more. This is done by adjusting a lot of the behaviors and and stats. This is a WIP and will be adjusted as need based on feedback. Additional versions may be made available in the future. Current supported mods The Neighbours (Forums) - The Neighbours (ModDB) Lichen (Forums) - Lichen (ModDB) Better Drifters (Forums) - Better Drifters (ModDB) Medieval Expansion (Forums) - Medieval Expansion (ModDB) Ore Crystals (Forums) - Ore Crystals (ModDB) Download from FoF Balanced (ModDB)
  5. This theme pack has enhanced ore contrast with a lot of them matching IRL coloring. This has kept most of the feel and pixel style while make several changes like more saturated foliage, soil has increased contrast, and new sun and moon Version 1.0.1 fix for missing soil and redo of soils Ore Foliage Sun and Moon Glass Soil Changes in 1.0.1 You may also want to get my Skybox, note: this does require custom install instructions included in readme. Themepack Midnight-Texture-1.0.1.zip Skybox Skybox-1.0.0.zip
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