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Found 19 results

  1. MumbleLink enables positional audio support in the voice chat program Mumble, allowing anyone using the mod in multiplayer and in the same voice channel to hear one another spatially in 3D - meaning you can make out their direction relative to you and, if so configured, hear them quieter depending on how far away they are. The mod is completely client-side, so you can use it on any server you wish. [ VSModDB ] [ GitHub Releases ] Source code and information on how to set it up are also available on GitHub.
  2. MoreClasses is a mod designed to completely overhaul the class system and has one major goal: Make each class have a unique play style. All vanilla classes have had their upsides and downsides increased in potency for each class to have a stronger defined role, in addition to this five new classes have been added and the tailor class has been removed and their recipes made available to all, I just could not find a place for them in this overhaul unfortunately. Heres my patreon if you'd like to support me: Patreon Further class info: Some more images: This mod requires delicate balance in many aspects, and as such some things may be under/over-tuned, so as always feedback is greatly appreciated A really important note is that if you change your class via "/player [name] allowcharselonce" and using ".charsel" certain attribute changes may not be applied, you only need to restart the world to fix this issue, this does not affect the new world character selection only when you change classes with commands! Also if you update the mod you must re-select your class through these commands if any changes were made to them, they will not have the new changes unless you do so. Downloads: https://mods.vintagestory.at/show/mod/449
  3. Xandus Inventory Tweaks provides a collection of small tweaks to improve the inventory handling. You can configure in a generated file which parts of the mod you want to use. To use the bulk operations configurations the mod must be installed on the server, too. All other features should work if the mod is installed on the client only. Auto-Sorting: The mod adds a configurable key (default: Z/Y), that can be used to fast sort items in inventories or to automatically sort items into open chests. Shortkeys: Z: Sorts items from your inventory into chests that already contain these item types. Works with multiple chests at once. Z+Shift: Sorts items in open containers by their id. Z+Ctrl: Pulls items out of open chests into your inventory. Ctrl+left mouse: Allows you to transfer all items up to a specific slot of the same item type to an open container. Shift+Wheel: Allows you to push single items into open containers and to pull single items from open containers. Item-Switching: A lot of items can be automatically be swapped into your hotbar after you used the last item of a stack. This even works for broken tools. Additionally, used tools in your crafting grid will be switched as well. Configureable bulk operations: Allows you to configure how many items you want to use in bulk storage operations, such as placing down or taking from item piles, at once. Let me know if I missed anything important that you would like to be added. Installation As any other mods just download the .zip folders and put them into your games mod folder. Downloads Xandus Inventory Tweaks
  4. CarryCapacity is a mod which allows picking up blocks and carrying them in your hands and on your back. This was made possible with the help of the awesome @Tyron providing some code samples with the official example mods. You can pick up chests, baskets, crates, barrels, planters, vessels and anvils by sneaking and holding right click with empty hands - that includes your offhand slot! This will prevent you from sprinting, and depending on what you're carrying, slow your walk speed down further. Placing them back down again is done by sneaking and holding right click on a block. Chests, baskets, barrels and vessels can also be worn on your back. To put what you're holding in your hands onto your back, sneak and hold right click in the air - without aiming at a block, otherwise you would just place it back down. Similarly, it can also be taken off again. Worn like this, baskets won't slow you down, but everything else will. [ VSModDB ] [ GitHub Releases ] Source code and more in-depth information is available on GitHub as well.
  5. Temporal Tinkerer is a mod that aims to implement bunch of gadgets and trinkets to extend out endgame content, while also providing some content to even the early-game. Currently, there are two technologies temporal and electric, both have their own quirks/costs but provide powerful items. Includes 3x3x2 mining, a super fast multi-tool, powerful armor cutting swords, new ruins, a couple sets of awesome armor, and overhauled hacked-locusts. Heres my patreon if you'd like to support me: Patreon General Mod Content Overview: Images: Feel free to- suggest anything, build off of the mod, or integrate these parts and pieces into your mods! Installing the mod after you've already generated the world works just fine, but you will need to generate new chunks to find any new ruins. Downloads: https://mods.vintagestory.at/temporaltinkerer Old Downloads:
  6. This mod (currently) has several potions to choose from: Archer's Flask- Gives the player increased ranged damage, accuracy and charge speed. (Accuracy and charge speed is shown in the character stats dialog) Fighter's Flask - Gives the player increased melee damage. Healing Oil - Gives the player healing over time. Hunter's Delight - Gives the player increased animal lot, forage amount, wild crop amount and reduces animal seeking range. Looter's Delight - Gives the player increased forage amount, rusty gear amount from metal piles, vessel content amount and wild crop amount. Miner's Flask - Gives the player increased mining speed and ore drop rate. (Seems to only work on stone and ores) Potent Oil - Gives the player increased natural healing effectiveness, which means you should heal quicker over time. (Healing effectiveness is shown in the character stats dialog) Purging Brew - Gives the player increased hunger rate to help use all of your food before it spoils. (Hunger rate is shown in the character stats dialog) Predator Pheromones - Animals find the player easier when this is used. Scent Mask - Animals have a harder time to find the player when this is used. Settling Brew - Gives the player decreased hunger rate to help you through the winter. Spiked Oil - Gives the player poison damage over time. You don't want to drink this. Sprinter's Flask - Gives the player increased movement speed. (Walk speed is shown in the character stats dialog) Vitality Flask - Gives the player extra max health for the duration of the potion. Recall Flask - Teleports the player back to their home. Glow Flask - The player will glow brightly. Some notes: This mod is currently balanced slightly better than before but some of it may still be overpowered. Balancing suggestions are welcome. Mining potion increases mining speed only on stone and ores. Poison and Regen potion poison/heal you over time. Potion effects disapear after dying or restart. Potion bases and potion flasks are required to make potions. The ingredients to make potions bases other than the basic one are currently just different combinations of flowers with a mortar & pestle. All the recipes should be in the handbook. (search for "potion"). Wildcraft adds herbs to the game to add more combinations for potions. (previously wild farming did this but now only wildcraft adds herbs. Also currently not all of the herbs are used in potions.) Wild Farming mod is recommended if you want a renewable source of flowers. Any bugs or suggestion please go to my forum post, my github page or post a comment down below. Should be compatible with most mods. You cannot drink the same potion when you already have the potion's effects active. If there are mods that are incompatible with mine let me know and I will try to add compatibility. Modifying/creating potions Developer stuff and To-Do List Suggestions are welcome. Big thanks to Rejn_Bashag for making the new potion flask, herb rack and mortar & pestle shape, creating better names for potions and cover art.
  7. The weaponpack mods are a series of individual mods focusing on their own individual section of combat- melee, ranged, defense. The mods attempt to overhaul and/or improve existing mechanics in the game without straying too far from the vanilla style by offering modded weapons that are slightly better than their vanilla counterparts, this keeps vanilla things untouched most of the time and lets me have a lot more freedom with what I can do with the additions. Heres my patreon if you'd like to support me: Patreon Some important info: WeaponPackAlpha: WeaponPackBeta: WeaponPackGamma: Downloads: Alpha- https://mods.vintagestory.at/weaponpackalpha Beta- https://mods.vintagestory.at/weaponpackbeta Gamma- https://mods.vintagestory.at/weaponpackgamma Old versions (alpha):
  8. Cave content is a mod designed to make the caves a little less boring, my hope is to one day make sure every cave you explore have more than just bare stone. Works in old worlds, but you will need to explore newly generated terrain to see the new content. Locust and bell changes are global to all areas of the world no matter when they were generated. Heres my patreon if you'd like to support me: Patreon Currently cave content tweaks/adds: New stuff- Rot caves- At the deepest depths, the same rot that brought the end of the world still resides down there, dormant, It's aged so much it's no longer a direct threat to your healthy seraph as it only slows your movement speed by 25% when walked through, but it still makes for an eerie reminder of the past, drops rot when broken. Compacted machinery- This strange ore seems to form uncommonly near the mantle, how these parts and gears got here is a complete mystery, what is clear is it offers a decent source of some rare components provided you have a decent enough pickaxe. Also drops temporal tinkerer parts with that mod installed. Tweaks- Added 2 more variants to locust nest spawns, a huge and gigantic variant, this should make nests a little more common, but these are also much more deadly to come across. Increased spawn rate of sawblade locust and the bell, since you will see more of them the sawblade locust has 5 less health and does 4 less damage. Images: Download: https://mods.vintagestory.at/show/mod/2140
  9. I am ready to release my first mod for vintage story! I always struggle with keeping my storage room sorted and managing my items, so I made Cosmosis. With Cosmosis you can transfer and sort your items automatically so you never have messy chests again! The mod is still in early development, it needs more polish and is light on features but you can already use it for a variety of useful things. Check out the video on the mod page for more info. https://mods.vintagestory.at/cosmosis
  10. BackpackPack is a mod intended to be a successor to "QOL Tweaks BetterBackpacks", it is designed to fill in gaps in the backpack progression and even drastically increase the base games backpack capacity with the plus version. It replaces all of vanillas backpack recipes with improved versions and adds some early and late game backpack progression. Heres my patreon if you'd like to support me: Patreon This mod has two versions- the "BackpackPack" and the "BackpackPackPlus"; The normal version keeps the storage capacity of vanilla backpacks and keeps the newly added backpacks in line with those numbers. The second, or "Plus" version uses numbers similar to the original "QOL Tweaks Betterbackpacks" mod meaning backpacks give you much more storage that is about double of the base games numbers. Use the normal version if you like vanilla storage numbers, and use plus if you like huge inventory sizes. Backpack Progression: (Quantity slot amounts are shown as PLUS version, N/A to standard version) Storage Numbers: Mod is usable on existing worlds, however backpacks existing before the mod was installed and across the two versions will need to be replaced (by re-crafting or spawning them in) to have their storage numbers be updated. The two versions are exclusive to each other, as they have different mod id's so if you load a world that had the standard version with the plus version the other versions items will simply cease to function, but the currently loaded version will work fine, you may want to refund the cost of the items though if you make the switch intentionally. You wont loose the items from mistakenly loading the wrong mod though, just load back up the version you had when you made the items and they will function as normal. Character backpack graphics (as in being shown on the back) seems to be buggy for some reason, if you want your backpack to show on your back you will have to re-log otherwise nothing will show up on your back, seems to be some issue with the base game. Downloads: Standard Full link: https://mods.vintagestory.at/show/mod/1061 Plus Full link: https://mods.vintagestory.at/show/mod/1060
  11. A mod that adds new fuels. I originally created this mod to be able to reclaim my iron-shavings from the MetalRecovery mod. Also includes fire logs and peat processing. Now you can stack fire logs, and both refined peat bricks into piles. Firelogs and the handbook aren't playing nice, firelog now has a description that includes crafting cost, the item should be hidden by the handbook now. Heres my patreon if you'd like to support me: Patreon Fuels: Download: https://mods.vintagestory.at/show/mod/450
  12. -Collaborative Classes- {Retired} PLEASE NOTE: Any version earlier than 3.0.0 will not be compatiable with versions after and including 3.0.0 This is my first mod so thank you for both your time and understanding. Collaborative Classes is a mod that aims to bring a stronger focus on classes in vintage story. This includes changing the postives and negatives of the classes to be more focused on collaborative gameplay. Many of the classes now specialize in only a few particular things, with a set of negatives to things they are not good at. With the aim of the mod to promote trading and collaboration on servers, I would recommend not playing in single player. Mod Includes: Revamps the classes to be more focused around collaboration and trading within a community. Adds reinforced tools (2x Durability) that require mulitple classes to craft. (Tools for All Classes) Mercenary can turn Gem Bits into sellable gems. Mercenary and Labourer can make smaller denominations of rusty and temporal gears (for player trading). Mercenary can craft superior copper and iron weapons. Mercenary can mend metal armor. Excavator can turn Crystalized Ores into Gem Bits for other classes to use in recipes. Excavator can craft a hybrid pick that both mines and can be used as a weapon. Labourer can craft dye which can be made into coloured chiselable blocks. Gatherer can craft seeds. (quite expensive) Forester gathers wood and charocoal with higher yeild. Hunter can make bone masks. Hunter can mend leather armor. Download: https://mods.vintagestory.at/show/mod/453 Classes: Features: Potential Issues: Any mod that adds/changes classes or traits WILL clash with this mod. BUT should work with xskills and xlib mods Reinforced tools won't use other mods crafting recipes. Loading up an old world and opening the traits tab WILL crash your game This mod will only work on fresh worlds Credits: Thanks to BluryFace for some great models - (https://www.twitch.tv/blury_rng) If anybody is looking to help or want to make a addon to this mod, absolutely, message me and I will be glad for the help/support ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Changelog:
  13. Adds a new tool to the game, the spyglass. Some metal smithing, and glass smelting you can have your very own spyglass, then go exploring the wilds, or spy on your neighbors from the safety of your windmill. As of v0.3.0 - You can now use the mouse wheel to adjust your zoom some while your are using the spyglass. As of v0.3.1 - Config Options Also for the record, you shouldn't smack things with your spyglass, you might cause it damage! On the Mod DB at https://mods.vintagestory.at/spyglass Or on GitHub at https://github.com/fuami/Spyglass
  14. Better drifters is a mod dedicated to making drifters more notable as an enemy. Most importantly it scales up their models, adds new sounds, and a new nightmare drifter model, all in hopes to make them more intimidating. It also changes many aspects of their stats making them slightly less common but more dangerous, tweaks the loot tables to be slightly more generous to compensate, and adds a new weapon drop to high-end drifters, below are a deeper breakdown of the changes: Heres my patreon if you'd like to support me: Patreon Combat tweaks: Drifters have all had their health increased by a few hitpoints on the low end and progressively more as their tier increases. Max spawn count for each drifter has been decreased by a large amount so there should be fewer drifter swarms and more 1-1 encounters but they should be more dangerous All movement speeds (except surface) have been increased by a scaling amount depending on tier up to double speed Drifter aggro/sight range now scales with tier from 14 blocks to 20 Now deal slightly more damage, the rate of attack has been slightly randomized and now scales with tier so harder tiers hit more often. Surface and deep drifters take a little longer time before they damage you in a swing so you have a a tiny bit more time to dodge them. Chance to flee when hit has been reduced overall, means fewer cowardly drifters that wont finish what they started Scaling with their larger models, each tier also has larger hit boxes to mach the size MOST IMPORTANTLY: The priority override for stone throwing has been fixed to make drifters not interrupt themselves with an absurdly high rate to throw stones, in addition to these next changes this means drifters will try to only throw stones at you when they cant reach you The cooldown between thrown stones now scales with drifter tier but has been increased by 3x at the minimum and up to 8x at max, so drifters cant just spam stones but higher tier drifters can throw more often Loot and cosmetics: Drifters have been tuned to have slightly more drops, added flax twine to loot tables and gave surface drifters a tiny chance to give rusty gears, flax fiber drops really commonly but the other drops have only been increased by a small amount Harvest times with the knife have been cut in half New weapon drop from corrupt, nightmare, and double headed drifters, rare chance to drop on the first two but the weapon offers lots of damage but does not have that many uses Drifter size has been increased, surface/deep have had a 30% increase in size, double headed is 2x larger, and the rest have are increased by 50% Nightmare drifter model tweak- now has many glowing eyes, don't stare into them for too long... New sounds for all drifters, corrupt and up have reverb added to sound more otherworldly Images: Downloads: https://mods.vintagestory.at/show/mod/547 Alternate hardcore version available in comments. Thanks to Thaliusfor making those changes. For those who want a even bigger challenge.
  15. I made this mod to get a lot of the creature mods and the vanilla mobs to interact more. This is done by adjusting a lot of the behaviors and and stats. This is a WIP and will be adjusted as need based on feedback. Additional versions may be made available in the future. Current supported mods The Neighbours (Forums) - The Neighbours (ModDB) Primitive Survival (Forums) - Primitive Survival (ModDB) Lichen (Forums) - Lichen (ModDB) Better Drifters (Forums) - Better Drifters (ModDB) Medieval Expansion (Forums) - Medieval Expansion (ModDB) Ore Crystals (Forums) - Ore Crystals (ModDB) Download from FoF Balanced (ModDB)
  16. This theme pack has enhanced ore contrast with a lot of them matching IRL coloring. This has kept most of the feel and pixel style while make several changes like more saturated foliage, soil has increased contrast, and new sun and moon Version 1.1.0 reduced the over saturation, and added skybox Version 1.0.1 fix for missing soil and redo of soils !! New pic coming soon !! There are 2 downloads for this map the main theme pack, Midnight Texture1.1.0, and Midnight TextureNS1.1.0. Midnight TextureNS1.1.0 does NOT have the skybox Ore Foliage Sun and Moon Glass Soil Changes in 1.0.1 You may also want to get my Skybox, note: this does require custom install instructions included in readme. Download Midnights Themepack (ModDB)
  17. Adds a new type of ingot mold called the "foundry" it comes in two sizes- one can solidify 24 ingots at once and the other does 12 at once. The foundry must be filled completely for you to receive the ingots when they cool, otherwise it just holds the amount poured into it until you eventually fill it all the way. I got annoyed with having to make a billion ingot molds, having to find the space for all of them, then having to pour over and over again, so here's the solution! Heres my patreon if you'd like to support me: Patreon Made with any tool-tier metal- bronze, iron, steel: Download: https://mods.vintagestory.at/show/mod/1197
  18. Adds two new food preserving blocks for long term food storage. They require no maintenance and will always work at their full potential and will only be affected by regional food spoilage rates, great for dedicated servers. The two new containers are: Ice Box- Preserves food at the following rates: Vegetables-50% slower decay Grains-75% slower decay Fruits-75% slower decay Proteins-50% slower decay Dairy-75% slower decay Salt Box- Preserves food at the following rates: Vegetables-75% slower decay Grains-50% slower decay Fruits-50% slower decay Proteins-75% slower decay Dairy-50% slower decay Each box has 8 slots, the same as the basket. The best food storage in vanilla being the clay storage vessel, only has a reduced rate of 75% vegetables, and 50% for grains The decay values can be improved further by putting the blocks in a cellar, food items with no category currently decay at their standard rate. Heres my patreon if you'd like to support me: Patreon Includes sounds, animations and custom models for the blocks: Download: https://mods.vintagestory.at/show/mod/1231
  19. A mod that literally gives you more dry grass. Have you ever swung your new fancy scythe and gaped on in abject horror as four pieces of grass dropped from the giant forest like grassland you just carved a path through? Yes? Then you might like this, it increases dry grass drops based on the length of grass ( by chance ) Its based on the size of the grass you cut, and by default it only applies to scythes. These are manageable in the config see the Mod DB Page for info on that. By Default short grass is 10% for extra, Medium Short is 25%, Medium is 50%, Tall is 100%, and Very Tall has 25% chance to give THREE WHOLE DRY GRASS! Exciting I know. Not much else to say, hopefully it works well and people will enjoy seeing the dry grass rain down around them in a glorious shower of... dry... grass. On the Mod DB at https://mods.vintagestory.at/moredrygrass Or on GitHub at https://github.com/fuami/MoreDryGrass - My first attempt to modding VS, hopefully things work well
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