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Found 3 results

  1. Bullseye Latest release - 2.3.0 (01-05-2022) changelog: Hello and welcome to Bullseye! This mod is aiming to overhaul and rebalance ranged weapons in a vanilla-friendly way. A new aiming system, relying on player input rather than randomness A specific role and handling for each bow Obsidian and bamboo arrows, iron and steel spears, spear head clay molds Broad rebalance - higher damage for spears and arrows, decreased arrow break chance, spear durability higher in melee and lower when throwing, and more Other minor features (throw your spears with a running start to make them go farther!) Get the mod on its Vintage Story Moddb page here: https://mods.vintagestory.at/bullseye Source on Github under the MIT No Attribution license here: https://github.com/Rahjital/VSBullseye So what changes does the mod really make? You can read up on that in more detail here: All feedback is greatly appreciated and helps improve the mod. Let me know here in this thread if you have any comments!
  2. I enjoy seeing the crock labels. However, unless you place them while facing north, you don't see the label. My suggestion is that when placing a crock, the crock label should always be orientated facing the player. Example, if you are facing east and place a crock down, then the crock should be orientated with the label on the west. Thanks - that's it.
  3. I was first not able to get a meal out of a crockpot with a bowl (I had previously done so and three servings remained), so I picked up the crockpot to try placing it in a different spot and when I placed it, it turned into a clay form. I was not able to use clay to "continue" the form and when broken it did not drop anything. Before this, I had been in the middle of making a clay item when I ran out of clay, so perhaps there was some confusion related to that. I am playing on Windows 10 and just updated to 1.16.5. The only mods I use are Step Up, Carry Capacity, and Simple HUD Clock.
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