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Found 2 results

  1. My first mod. Modifies the recipe for the Hunter's Backpack to require rope and sticks/bones instead of reed/papyrus. I like the colder regions of the game, but the complete absence of reeds makes starting in one unreasonably difficult unless you get lucky with the ruin and wild crop generation. Rope can be crafted with vines, which are available in colder regions, allowing the crafting of a hunter's backpack in a climate which lacks reed or papyrus. You can find it on VS ModDB Version 2.0.0 After playing with the previous version, I found 5 rope to be an excessive jump in cost if you wanted to make the hunter's backpack with reeds, with a total requirement of 30 per backpack. I had previously made a variant which altered the crafting recipe of rope to require half as much rope but it didn't sit right with me. The new recipe only asks for 3 more reeds from the vanilla 15, without need for altering the crafting recipe of rope.
  2. ============================================================================= My first mod for vintage story. Thanks to all the very patient and helpful people in the discord who answered my many numerous questions, weathered my bug reports and were just generally an extremely overall pleasant community to interact with. Notably novocain for writing an app to make my workflow from BB to VSMC possible and radfast for helping me troubleshoot issues with VSMC ============================================================================= Lichen is the start of an expansive content mod which will add mostly decor, building blocks, plants, and animals of a more natural, and even primitive, variety. If you have any suggestions, please, I'd love to hear! Please do not hesitate to report ANY and ALL bugs! ============================================================================= This mod is released under a CC0 license, except when under the circumstances i use original game assets (obv), then that specific part (textures etc) assumes the parent license. have fun kids. we're all ash in the end. ============================================================================= ♥ Click here for the Lichen Website ♥ You can read about all the features there! ============================================================================= > Download HERE <
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