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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, noob here. I know that you have to feed animals in order for them to breed, but do I have to keep feeding them to keep them from starving or some such? I assume I don't, since exploration for further than a day's away from base would be impossible if animals had to be fed every day, but I'm running low on grains for my chickens and it's winter now... Extra side question: do pregnant animals need to be continually fed in order for their pregnancy to progress, or is it going to take the same amount of time no matter if they have no food since becoming saturated enough to breed o
  2. One thing I noticed seemed a bit off was that you can't feed vegetables to animals, and I thought it might be a cool thing to add. Sometimes you find yourself with a surplus of vegetables, turnips for example, and in real life, animals like pigs would definitely eat them, which would be better than letting it rot. I think it would make sense for it to be 2 vegetables for 1 serving, although I'm not sure about that.
  3. Sitting in my estate, I began to notice how wolves were hanging around in packs in the vicinity and once they attacked me right next to the farm. After killing the adults, four babies remained, whom I decided to drive into the corral for the sake of interest. so I did it. They lived for a while (one disappeared without a trace) then grew up and attacked me. In the end, I said goodbye to them, but the thought came to me: what if it was possible to steal a puppy like this and feed him meat until he becomes neutral to you. if you mate such neutral individuals, then their puppies can become more f
  4. Dry grass as (large) trough feed feels like a cheaper yet more labor-intensive alternative to grain, which feels like a less-effort yet more expensive feed. Time is always the most limiting factor of increasing generation nevertheless, but berries might provide a more laborious option for feeding/breeding chickens for those willing to put in the effort, just like dry grass. Plus, it would give purpose to collecting berries beyond just eating. Portion size (and potentially berry type) could be used to fine-tune balance. Thoughts?
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