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Found 8 results

  1. These mods are designed to tweak armor to fit better into the game, some brief examples of each are: Class Based Armors- gives each armor type a buff to a specific statistic, like chainmail armor increasing bow shooting speed, or gambeson making you move faster and use less hunger. Armor Stat Rebalance- Decreases the negatives from wearing armor, for example plate armor used to slow you down by 42% but now it only slows you by 24%. More Armor Durability- Increases armor durability by about 2x-3x. Armor Crafting Rebalance- Makes armor recipes make more sense, not designed to make armor cheaper, but makes the crafting of it to be less grindy. More armor durability is an addon for classbasedarmors/armorstatrebalance, but it can be downloaded and used separately from these mods, you have to use the combination zips of these mods to use both at once. Heres my patreon if you'd like to support me: Patreon Class Based Armors: Armor Stat Rebalance: Armor Crafting Rebalance: More Armor Durability Examples: ONLY ONE STAT TWEAKING MOD WILL WORK WHEN ENABLED, ONLY ENABLE ONE ZIP OF "CLASS ARMORS" OR "STAT REBALANCE", EACH MOD ALSO HAS A VERSION WITH THE INCREASED DURABILITY MOD, THE INCREASED DURABILITY MOD WILL NOT WORK ALONGSIDE "CLASS ARMORS" OR "STAT REBALANCE" UNLESS YOU DOWNLOAD THE VERSION WHICH INCLUDES IT. CRAFTING REBALANCE IS INDEPENDENT OF THESE MODS SO IT WILL WORK WITH ANY OF THEM AND CAN BE ENABLED REGARDLESS OF WHAT MOD YOUR USING. DOWNLOADS: All mods work in 1.13, and 1.14. Class armors: Stat Rebalance: Addons (increased durability/ armor crafting rebalance):
  2. Reading up on medieval armour, seems a lot of the armour set in the game were often worn together IRL, with scale, brigandine, or plate armour being worn over mail, which itself was worn over a gambeson or buff coat. This is represented in-game to an extent, with chain armour being used to craft plate and scale armour, but this effectively "eats" the chain armour and prevents it from being used by itself or with other armours. I would propose a system where armour can be worn in three layers of slots, with the inner slots being required to be filled before the outer slots. This would reduce the significant opportunity cost involved with metal armours, allowing the player to craft earlier armours without worrying as much about "wasting" the material or effort, as different tiers could now be mixed and matched, e.g. bronze chain worn with iron brigandine. Started this as a "quick suggestion" on the Discord but after taking an hour to finish it I realized it's probably detailed enough to be on the forums.
  3. The armor system is pretty flawed in its current state, but the foundation is actually pretty good. This patch reworks how armor stats are distributed and gets rid of the Tier system to allow its true potential to shine. Items that previously had High Tier Protection will instead get a +50% damage reduc in its place. Instead of focusing on Damage % reduction, Flat Damage is the focus, and % reduc is used as a bonus. Instead of calling it Flat Damage Reduction, I will be calling them Defence Points. Each defence point lowers damage by 1. Simple. If you have Damage Reduction, that calculates after defence points are applied. Did you know that Leather Armor is actually High Tier Protective? Yeah, for whatever reason the tooltip doesn't show for this, but thankfully the new system means it gets a nice 50% damage reduction. Not bad for an early game set. The values are so intuitive I don't even need to explain them, but i'm going to anyway: Improvised Wood: 0.5 defence points Leather Jerkin: 1 defence point Wood Lamellar: 2 defence points Leather Armor: 2 defence points + 50% damage reduction Copper Lamellar: 3 defence points Bronze Lamellar: 4 defence points Woven Cloth (Gambeson): 5 defence points + 50% damage reduction For metal armors, a different system is used. Take the base value for copper, add 1 for bronze, 2 for iron, and 3 for steel: Brigandine 8 base defence points Chain: 9 base defence points Scale: 11 base defence points + 25% damage reduction Plate: 12 base defence points + 50% damage reduction Bonuses: Bismuth Bronze is worse than Tin Bronze, so it has 5% less defence points Black Bronze is better than Tin Bronze, so it gains +5% more defence points Iron and Steel are strong. Everything made out of them gets a bonus +10% damage reduction Anything made out of Gold gives +20% extra damage reduction Anything made out of Silver gives +15% extra damage reduction and 10% more defence points Meteoric Iron has 2.5% more defence points than Normal Iron Pristine Antique armor has the same defence value as Steel Plate Damaged Antique Armor loses 10% of its defence points of Pristine Broken Antique Armor loses 600% of the defence points of Damaged Be careful taking big hits with armor not designed to do so. While damage reduction will always apply in full, damage dealt to durability remains the same. You might find your armor taking heavy damage from attacks of higher tier. Download is now available on the ModDB. Enjoy! And feel free to leave feedback.
  4. I wanna gauge people's opinions on what the best armor in the game is. Make it subjective, and justify your decision with a comment. EDIT: Here is the wikipedia page if you wanna see stats https://wiki.vintagestory.at/index.php?title=Armor Personally I voted for Hard Leather because the lack of a downside compliments my trade routes very well. I don't normally need to deal with combat (aside the odd wolf) so speed is the most important thing to me.
  5. I suggest adding various shield types: buckler, heater shield, kite shield and tower shield. Buckler - timed press parry causing full negation of damage (in a cone of 45 degree radius) Heater shield - constant protection by holding a button (lowers received damage by some procentage, works in 100 radius, can be used while riding on mounts [if those are added]) Kite shield - constant protection by holding a button (lowers received damage by some procentage [higher than heater shield], works in 120 radius, can be used while riding on mounts) Tower shield - constant protection by holding a button (lowers received damage by some procentage [higher than kite shield] and negates some flat damage, works in 140 radius, slows down the player significantly while in "defensive stance") Amount of damage received and slows would depend on type of materials used to create a shield. All stats are up for debate, and other types of shields suggestions are also welcome.
  6. This huge mod doubles the current amount of tool-grade metals in the game, massively expanding the endgame content. Enjoy 7 unique metal types all with their own quirks and complexities to create, start with blacksteel- a tier 5, progress to crysteel or move on to redsteel/bluesteel in teir 6. Finally, with some rare resources you will be able to create the three legendary metals-adamantite, mithril, and ultimately vinarium. Mod takes major inspiration from the minecraft mod "Minefantasy II", currently using TerraFirmaCraft colored steel ratios, might change them for balance though. I recommend using my mod: BetterDrifters so post steel tools have some sort of point in progression. Looking for feedback on things like "is the durability/mining speed difference too small or dramatic?", crashes or general balance suggestions on things like the hammer/excavator. I'll read all feedback. Mod is currently in a alpha/testing state, while unlikely, there may be crashes and there might be incompatibilities with other mods like: Metal recovery is at least one mod that will not work with this from what I've seen, so use it/similar mods at your own discretion. Brief description: I'll go over some basics here but I've included three new guides in the handbook going over stuff in more detail. You should give them a read if you need help. Metal properties: Each new metal offers a choice: durability or speed. While some metals may let you mine faster or offer increased mobility this often comes at the cost of durability, as such you will need to make a choice of what metals you will want to make your tools or armor out of. Images: Downloads: Current- MysticalMetals1.0.1.zip Old:
  7. Torondor’s questions of the day #3: When creating armor that requires other armor as part of its base (chain requires leather jerkin, scale or plate requires chain, etc), does the base armor need to be undamaged with full durability? If not, how does the previously lost durability, say on my existing chain leggings, show up on my scale leggings created from those chain leggings?
  8. The current armor system needs improving. First problem: There's way too many systems fighting each other. This adds a lot of unnecessary complexity and makes the damage calculations completely unapproachable. Most of the armors are completely unbalanced, either being completely worthless or being overpowered to the point that even the hardest enemies are a joke. The system isn't really working. So how do we fix this? Simple. Keep everything else but remove Teirs, %reduc and flat-reduc. Instead, each point of Defence will lower each attack by 1 hit point. If this brings an attack down to 0, the damage is completely negated, puts you on damage mercy, removes the jelly-screen and replaces the 'ouch!' with a satisfying armor clanging noise. Lets take a look at a few common enemies we will be fighting: Regular Drifter - 2.5 damage Deep Drifter - 4 damage Boar - 5 damage Ram - 7.5 damage Wolf - 8 damage Corrupt Drifter - 12 damage Nightmare Drifter - 20 damage Now with that in mind, and taking the already-existing stats as a base, lets make some values that are fair. Early game Armors: Leather Jerkin - 1 defence points (enough to halve a drifter's attack) Wood Lamellar - 2 defence points (halves a deep drifter's attack) Copper Lamellar - 3 defence points (over-halves a boar's attack) Bronze Lamellar - 4 defence points (halves a wolf's attack) Woven Cloth (gambeson) - 5 defence points (completely negates a boar's attack) Late game Armors: Brigandine - 8 defence points (completely negates a wolf's attack) Chain - 9 defence points Scale - 11 defence points (nearly negates a corrupt drifter's attack) Plate - 15 defence points (makes fighting nightmare drifters far less dangerous) These assume copper as a base, but for Bronze, add 1 point and for Iron, add 2 points. Every point of damage the armor reduces will be subtracted from its durability instead. The values provided are assuming ideal circumstances. For example, almost-broken armor may act less ideally, providing a % of its nominal protection. Certain weapons (such as broadswords or hammers) may also bypass armor protection to an extent to help level the playing field for PvP interactions, or potentially open up the option for bosses/tough enemies which can ignore your armor somewhat.
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