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Found 2 results

  1. 1.5.1 Minor Update - adds support for Carrying Capacity and I added the Russian language file from Zig thanks Zig! 1.5 Is now available! This is a fairly major update, especially in the background! I've introduced fluid and power networks which vastly streamline how they function. Also have removed the QPTECHAPI requirement. https://mods.vintagestory.at/qptech 1.5 Changelog (* devices are only available in creative right now) QPTECHAPI no longer used or needed (will be ignored) much improved power networks, connected devices form networks share storage/generation/usage as a single network fixed device powering on/off disabled animations to preven major crash added Fluid networks to more smoothly move fluids thru pipes a pipe on side or bottom will take fluid out of a network only pipe on top of fluid tank will input into tank barrel filling pipes over barrels will fill them (if possible) will stop filling if a valid sealable recipe is present will also drain from bottom if barrel cannot be sealed or if it's not sealed LV Punching Machine - plates->drilled plates *MV Lathe - cold ingots -> rods new machine types/industrial processes: *MV Heater - supplies 2000 units of heat if powered (needs electricity) *MV Crusher - supplies crushing power (needs electricity) *Boiler- provides steam (requires heat + water) *Turbine - provides torque (NOT related to the mechanical power system...yet) *MV Generator - provides power from torque (from the turbine NOT related to mechanical power system) irrigation pipes tweaked to use new fluid network added items: braided copper wire cable cracked rubber crucible steel screws, steel bolts, steel rings MV Stator, MV Rotor, MV Motor MV Sheet Roller - metal plates-> metal sheets *MV Wiremill - metal sheets-> metal wire Link to Discord Moddb link
  2. As many people know panning is a good way for getting resources early on (especially copper) and I love it, but I caught myself ignoring it completely after getting my first copper pickaxe. I think the main problem is that you start having more things to do after you progress past the stone stage (smelting, cooking, casting, smithing, exploring, farming, taking care of animals and building etc.) and you simply may not have time to sit in a pound and pan sand and gravel you have stocked up in your base. So I was thinking, what about giving player option to automate the process later on? Panning was just one way of placer mining techniques, in VS I would like to see something similar to: Rocker Box Drywasher Sluice box After playing with windmills, gears, hoppers and axles I could see those things work in this game. It wouldn't be 100% automated of course because it would still require player input at some point but at least you could get resources out of gravel and sand later in the game without constant player's input.
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