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Found 2 results

  1. Hello. I want to add block called "statue" to my mod and it is very important to provide user an opportunity to control block orientation. It always looks one way. Is there a special property to fix this (I have checked official documentation page several times but didn`t find anything...)? Thanks in advance)
  2. do you feel that the log placement is a bit weird? i do. if it placed better at longer distances or greater angles i wouldnt mind it as much. its a hassle for people to have to pillar up close to a horizontal log build just to place horizontal logs, or have to pillar up to place logs vertically. my example ^ trying to build that required a lot of pillaring up to place those logs horizontally and being at-least 3 blocks away. or at head height. the vertical ones required me to either be right next to them or to pillar up.
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