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  1. The image below displays the block having a physical albeit invisible form visually for a manner of seconds and its texture revealing after said seconds are up. Though this has happened recent, and yes I use mods, but I wouldn't say it is because of said mods, as playing on Singleplayer does not yield this same result. One of my pals, suggest its like a server tick thing, but I am unsure of any of that, I just host the server.
  2. I'm an active member of a vintage story server. I am tasked with building in creative, but this has gotten annoying because randomly while building (on 2 separate accounts) my ability to place/break blocks is reduced to survival level reach. As in, I can only reach within a 4 block radius, even in creative mode. I am the only person who has had this issue out of maybe a dozen people, and this is the only server I have this issue. Anywhere else is fine, any other servers, even singe player. Any ideas as to what could cause this, or how we can resolve the issue?
  3. So I have a friend trying to join my server, it's being hosted by Anego Studios themselves (the paid server option). Friend is whitelisted and has the right ip but it continues to say "Server actively refused to connect", I haven't seen any recent posts about this, let alone useful ones with solutions so I presume this is a fairly uncommon issue. I'm not aware of a server password nor how to set one from the game's UI. Does anyone have any pointers in the right direction for this issue? Many thanks so anyone who does! ^-^
  4. Hello! I seem to have run into an issue with my game client where it will crash if I choose to create a singleplayer world or edit one in any way; including randomizing the world name! Here is the bug report: Running on 64 bit Windows with 16 GB RAM Game Version: v1.16.5 (Stable) Loaded Mods: 5/21/2022 11:40:05 AM: Critical error occurred System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at _zXtrAlwcMxPDN3pkprgKfNJKDxy._CN6APN3drRhFjyu5nqigqRRs43X() at Vintagestory.API.Client.GuiElementTextButton.OnMouseUpOnElement(ICoreClientAPI api, MouseEvent args) at Vintagestory.API.Client.GuiElement.OnMouseUp(ICoreClientAPI api, MouseEvent args) at Vintagestory.API.Client.GuiElementTextButton.OnMouseUp(ICoreClientAPI api, MouseEvent args) at Vintagestory.API.Client.GuiComposer.OnMouseUp(MouseEvent mouse) at _eiwcWjWOiipEBFF56arDK3XkTvG._NjwaSHiLd2LGFKsjyFwy2EWUdSw(MouseEvent ) at Vintagestory.Client.NoObf.ClientPlatformWindows.Mouse_ButtonUp(Object sender, MouseButtonEventArgs e) at System.EventHandler`1.Invoke(Object sender, TEventArgs e) at System.EventHandler`1.Invoke(Object sender, TEventArgs e) at OpenTK.Platform.Windows.WinGLNative.WindowProcedure(IntPtr handle, WindowMessage message, IntPtr wParam, IntPtr lParam) in C:\Users\Nexrem\Desktop\transfer\opentk\src\OpenTK\Platform\Windows\WinGLNative.cs:line 808 at OpenTK.Platform.Windows.Functions.DispatchMessage(MSG& msg) at OpenTK.Platform.Windows.WinGLNative.ProcessEvents() in C:\Users\Nexrem\Desktop\transfer\opentk\src\OpenTK\Platform\Windows\WinGLNative.cs:line 1554 at OpenTK.GameWindow.Run(Double updates_per_second, Double frames_per_second) in C:\Users\Nexrem\Desktop\transfer\opentk\src\OpenTK\GameWindow.cs:line 368 at _7zNxEbLnuy6Bq08TdMSIu9ZbrKf._vvUTh6X5xLRNnjtX2xSE7z8yMeh(_SUsdg1ytavxaRcNNkhfDrODGhGP , String[] ) at _yA4PJazdKq1OMm8H6js6v5AhQB._vvUTh6X5xLRNnjtX2xSE7z8yMeh(ThreadStart ) ------------------------------- Event Log entries containing Vintagestory.exe, the latest 3 ================================== { TimeGenerated = 5/21/2022 11:38:26 AM, Site = , Source = Application Hang, Message = The program Vintagestory.exe version stopped interacting with Windows and was closed. To see if more information about the problem is available, check the problem history in the Security and Maintenance control panel. Process ID: f38 Start Time: 01d86d28a74ca700 Termination Time: 3 Application Path: C:\Users\mremb\AppData\Roaming\Vintagestory\Vintagestory.exe Report Id: 117ebe12-95a0-4239-b278-2668a61b27dc Faulting package full name: Faulting package-relative application ID: Hang type: Unknown } -------------- { TimeGenerated = 5/20/2022 11:28:25 PM, Site = , Source = Windows Error Reporting, Message = Fault bucket 1381417961401207149, type 5 Event Name: RADAR_PRE_LEAK_64 Response: Not available Cab Id: 0 Problem signature: P1: Vintagestory.exe P2: P3: 10.0.19044.2.0.0 Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  5. I was first not able to get a meal out of a crockpot with a bowl (I had previously done so and three servings remained), so I picked up the crockpot to try placing it in a different spot and when I placed it, it turned into a clay form. I was not able to use clay to "continue" the form and when broken it did not drop anything. Before this, I had been in the middle of making a clay item when I ran out of clay, so perhaps there was some confusion related to that. I am playing on Windows 10 and just updated to 1.16.5. The only mods I use are Step Up, Carry Capacity, and Simple HUD Clock.
  6. Found a bug that allows you to dupe in multiplayer. You can dupe any tool or armor by clicking with someone on it in the same time . Tools are duped on the rack, and the armor on the dummy. At first I was surprised because the object behaved strangely, and then completely disappeared. Moreover, the duped object and the original disappeared. We decided to restart the server. And after the restart, there were two tools / armor.
  7. I was killed by a drifter and when I respawned I was standing in a tree block with leaves on my upper half and tree blocks above and to all sides of me.
  8. Hello. I recently bought this game, however, I get an error every time I try to start a singleplayer world. I have already reinstalled the game and have tried several different worlds to no avail. Any help would be appreciated. client-crash.txt
  9. Not winter. Brand new world, first in-game month or two, none of the berries I plant are progressing. The wiki says "Berry Bushes flower only during Spring, Summer and Autumn. In Winter, their growth is completely halted, even if put in a greenhouse. It will constantly show 'Will Flower in 4 Days, weather permitting.' even if the weather is not permitting." The last sentence perfectly describes my problem, though it is currently not winter. The area I am in is relatively warm (30-39C). The only two explanations I can figure are: A) Berry bushes have a maximum heat tolerance I did not know about before (as far as I know, berries grow in any temperature or climate. Temp/climate only affects their generation). B) It's a bug.
  10. Hello, has anyone else noticed that your windmill wing have turned invisible, but are still working? This is new in the release candidate. I have tested without mods to be sure. Best regards, C.
  11. So I tried to purchase the game on the website, multiple times, and every time I do, it says "There was an error processing the payment. Please try a different payment method or contact us for assistance." I have tried multiple times throughout the day, with the same results. I used the support system on the website and 10hrs later have not had a response, (which is fine I'm sure they're busy) so I am making this post. My internet was fine for every attempted purchase, and I tried at different times of the day, incase the issue was the site having a lot of traffic. Anyone know what the problem is?
  12. When creating a new world, play settings cannot be customized when using the maximum GUI scale (16) as the "Back" and "Apply" buttons are cut off. The second picture is the same screen with the GUI scale set to 15, where the buttons are just barely visible. (v1.14.10)
  13. As in the subject when I try to make Meat Stew, the cooking process is not progressing. I tried to do this with berries, onions and carrots in all configurations. It always looks like on the picture. I think this is a bug, but I can also be doing something wrong. Meat and vegetables are fresh.
  14. Hello all, I just bought the game and installed it on macOS. In the main menu mouse clicks are not always registering. But more important, when I start a game the mouse only works when a dialog is open. But otherwise no mouse movement will have any effect on looking in any direction. In other words, I can only walk using WSDA, but no turning by mouse. if I'm not in in full screen mode the macOS dock will appear on top of the game window. if I'm in full screen mode then nothing happens when I move the mouse. I do notice that both left and right clicks are working and also the scroll wheel is working, just not the moving (looking). My setup: iMac (Retina 4K, 21.5-inch, 2017) macOS Mojave v10.14.6 Vintage Story v1.10.12 I also (manually) tried mono version v5.16.0 and v6.0.0 (latest) all with the same outcome. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated. Cheers, Richard70nl
  15. Hello Folks, I hope may you all will be well on your side of the screen. In https://www.vintagestory.at/ there is multiple files upload parts are available. As a Ethical Hacker, I can able to say it was mis-used. I have uploaded the proof of concept video in my google drive and turned on the link and below given the link. Kindly check it out. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rdvQ7X0nG9TEueHnYER3BfkKk39O_aAn/view?usp=sharing Cheers!
  16. Like title says. I have a Server with PVP turned off but the players can still hurt each other by throwing stones.
  17. Hi I found a bug regarding display cases. When you break a block below a table with a display case on top, it can happen that all the items from the display case would vanish. But this only happens, when the setup of the blocks is such, that the display case lands on top of a block on which it is not possible for the display case to be placed on... Don't know, if that description makes sense... You can download a video from my dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1rz9j3hw95zy1zx/vanishing display case item.mov?dl=0 Manuel
  18. Hi I found a bug regarding the placement orientation of ingots on shelfs. Depending on the orientation of the shelf, the ingots placed on it are oriented differently. In one of the orientations, the ingots partialy overlap and the overlapping region of the ingots flickers when the player moves around. See picture and gif. Manuel
  19. So I presume it is because its only calculating light on one chunk but I could be wrong, so I am just reporting this right here. The video of this bug is right here:
  20. Sound Effects Bug: When stood in the third story of a full enclosed building, over 20 blocks above ground level, the noise from the drifters spawning in the caves 30+ blocks below the building is still plainly audible, and as loud as it would be if the Drifters were in the same room. This causes an incessant white-noise when playing which is nigh-on impossible to get away from while in the vicinity of the build. I believe this to be a bug, or at the least, an oversight. There is currently no efficient way to light up caves, or surrounding area to stop the spawning, so means even during daytime hours, drifters still spawn, and are insanely loud, considering they are over 50 blocks away, in a sealed cave, through multiple layers of rock, gravel, grass, and wood. I shouldn't be able to hear them at all. Steps to reproduce: 1. Find an underground cave. 2. Light up the surrounding surface area (in my case, a building), to dissuade spawning in the immediate area. 3. Stay in the area through a few day cycles. Expected Results: • Groaning during the night from surface drifters that spawn and wander into the lit up area, but then leave in the morning. • Other than that, silence. Actual results: • Groaning during the night from surface drifters that spawn and wander into the lit up area, but then leave in the morning. • Loud, incessant, relentless groaning from the caves below ground. Potential Fixes: • When in an enclosed area, such as a building, with the doors closed, drifter noises from outside should be muted. • Drifters within underground caves should be muted when players are on the surface above. Preferred Additional Fix to the wider problem: • Include an ability to adjust/mute the volume of hostile mobs within the Sound Options of the game (bringing in the option to adjust/mute passive mobs, neutral mobs, weather, echo chambers, and block interaction sfx). Why this is a bug/oversight: • There is currently no possible way to get away from the constant white-noise of these drifters. It's insufferable, and destroys the playability of the game. There is no way that the sound should penetrate through the ground like this, and there is no way to stop it short of overwriting the drifter sound effect files of the game with silent OGG files.
  21. I´ve found a copper metal chain while panning bony soil and wanted to melt it to make black bronze. After adding gold and silver nuggets I got less metal units than expected.
  22. When Shift-clicking the result of wooden planks craft by combining saw and a stack of wood, output is 204 planks, but when getting the result click-by-click it's the correct one - i.e 192.
  23. While the game runs fine on my main computer, I wanted to be able to get it to run on my brother's computer too, so we could play together online. Unfortunately, we can't get it to work on my brother's computer. Even when on the lowest graphical settings, the game freezes on the character customization screen, before any models load. The game doesn't actually crash, and we just have to end the game process, so there's no crash report but I was advised to include client-main.txt, so it's attached below. My brother's computer can run most 3D games, and we've played MC online using his computer. We just got the game a few days ago, so we're using version Computer specs: Windows 10 Home. (Version 1803, OS Build 17134.765) Processor: AMD FX(tm)-6300 Six-Core Processor, 3.50 GHz Installed Memory (RAM): 8.00 GB System Type: 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor BIOS: Award Modular BIOS v6.00PG DirextX Version: DirectX 12 Graphics Device: NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS Approx Total Memory: 4064 MB Display Memory (VRAM): 480 MB Shared Memory: 3583 MB I've included DxDiag.txt, too, with information from dxdiag about my system information. I hope that's enough information. I really would like to be able to play with my brother online. client-main.txt DxDiag.txt
  24. I´ve harvested Reeds and after harvesting ~40 Reeds and some grass the Game crashed. Win7, no mods. Let me know if you require more logs. Edit: Moving the crosshair while the scythe animation still plays seems to trigger the ctd, but I'm not quite sure. Running on 64 bit Windows with 16 GB RAM Version: v1.14.0-pre.3 (Unstable)27.10.2020 10:56:25: Critical error occurred System.NullReferenceException: Der Objektverweis wurde nicht auf eine Objektinstanz festgelegt. bei Vintagestory.GameContent.ItemScythe.OnHeldAttackStep(Single secondsPassed, ItemSlot slot, EntityAgent byEntity, BlockSelection blockSelection, EntitySelection entitySel) bei Vintagestory.API.Common.CollectibleObject.OnHeldUseStep(Single secondsPassed, ItemSlot slot, EntityAgent byEntity, BlockSelection blockSel, EntitySelection entitySel) bei Vintagestory.Client.NoObf.SystemMouseInWorldInteractions.HandleHandInteraction(Single dt) bei Vintagestory.Common.EventManager.TriggerGameTick(Int64 ellapsedMilliseconds, IWorldAccessor world) bei Vintagestory.Client.NoObf.ClientMain.MainRenderLoop(Single dt) bei Vintagestory.Client.NoObf.ClientMain.MainGameLoop(Single deltaTime) bei _mO1OMh8kncBt6cjOWOIAi4uKXfh._tqCBmo91Iso0C6Z4MxE3pGk9BGm(Single ) bei _bLYKVt0OIIpbDM9s6d78wEvV4kh._T6ntkYAYy93JTmMeUW5BPEb2H9g(Single ) bei _bLYKVt0OIIpbDM9s6d78wEvV4kh._9wnG1I0dv2nE1qiCj4WtSykSuSBA(Single ) bei Vintagestory.Client.NoObf.ClientPlatformWindows.window_RenderFrame(Object sender, FrameEventArgs e) bei System.EventHandler`1.Invoke(Object sender, TEventArgs e) bei OpenTK.GameWindow.RaiseRenderFrame(Double elapsed, Double& timestamp) bei OpenTK.GameWindow.DispatchRenderFrame() bei OpenTK.GameWindow.Run(Double updates_per_second, Double frames_per_second) bei _Af9KcMdBp4FV1bF3d63CYMzaRzM._hX3i5Vm8yHkCuhYPtFN3CuEBTRN(_Ky6UZsVVbxXy26d1FTibdLqrMyI , String[] ) bei _slFJfYF3pqJDCES83egtGxsoWTD._hX3i5Vm8yHkCuhYPtFN3CuEBTRN(ThreadStart ) ------------------------------- client-main.txt
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