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Found 12 results

  1. As in the subject when I try to make Meat Stew, the cooking process is not progressing. I tried to do this with berries, onions and carrots in all configurations. It always looks like on the picture. I think this is a bug, but I can also be doing something wrong. Meat and vegetables are fresh.
  2. Hello all, I just bought the game and installed it on macOS. In the main menu mouse clicks are not always registering. But more important, when I start a game the mouse only works when a dialog is open. But otherwise no mouse movement will have any effect on looking in any direction. In other words, I can only walk using WSDA, but no turning by mouse. if I'm not in in full screen mode the macOS dock will appear on top of the game window. if I'm in full screen mode then nothing happens when I move the mouse. I do notice that both left and right clicks are working and also t
  3. Hello Folks, I hope may you all will be well on your side of the screen. In https://www.vintagestory.at/ there is multiple files upload parts are available. As a Ethical Hacker, I can able to say it was mis-used. I have uploaded the proof of concept video in my google drive and turned on the link and below given the link. Kindly check it out. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rdvQ7X0nG9TEueHnYER3BfkKk39O_aAn/view?usp=sharing Cheers!
  4. Like title says. I have a Server with PVP turned off but the players can still hurt each other by throwing stones.
  5. Hi I found a bug regarding display cases. When you break a block below a table with a display case on top, it can happen that all the items from the display case would vanish. But this only happens, when the setup of the blocks is such, that the display case lands on top of a block on which it is not possible for the display case to be placed on... Don't know, if that description makes sense... You can download a video from my dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1rz9j3hw95zy1zx/vanishing display case item.mov?dl=0 Manuel
  6. Hi I found a bug regarding the placement orientation of ingots on shelfs. Depending on the orientation of the shelf, the ingots placed on it are oriented differently. In one of the orientations, the ingots partialy overlap and the overlapping region of the ingots flickers when the player moves around. See picture and gif. Manuel
  7. So I presume it is because its only calculating light on one chunk but I could be wrong, so I am just reporting this right here. The video of this bug is right here:
  8. Sound Effects Bug: When stood in the third story of a full enclosed building, over 20 blocks above ground level, the noise from the drifters spawning in the caves 30+ blocks below the building is still plainly audible, and as loud as it would be if the Drifters were in the same room. This causes an incessant white-noise when playing which is nigh-on impossible to get away from while in the vicinity of the build. I believe this to be a bug, or at the least, an oversight. There is currently no efficient way to light up caves, or surrounding area to stop the spawning, so means even during da
  9. Anvil does not drop objects after completion by Helvehammer. It is still a work item when picked up manually and turns into 2 ingots when placed again.
  10. Edit: does not happen anymore in 1.13 stable Temperature was within range. At my first harvest I got 1 from 5 mature cabbages, the second try was 5 from 6 and the third 4 from 6.
  11. My PC crashed while playing. After restarting and loading my savegame something is wrong. Everytime I try to load the corrupted savegame, the game crashes to desktop and produces an error message with the content below: Is there something which can be done to repair the corrupted savegame? Running on 64 bit Windows with 16 GB RAM Version: v1.12.5 (Stable)02.03.2020 13:05:52: Critical error occurred System.IO.EndOfStreamException: Über das Ende des Datenstroms hinaus kann nicht gelesen werden. bei System.IO.__Error.EndOfFile() bei System.IO.MemoryStream.InternalReadInt3
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