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  1. I built a lot in Minecraft, and when I got to Vintage I felt a huge difference, it's obviously not the same game. I noticed some difficulties during the game, such as the lack of dark woods, and the ones that have are difficult to obtain. I also found discrepancies, too many details, exaggerations, visual pollution, all this makes the game seem a little disharmonious and visually heavy. Maybe it's just me, but it bothers me. Please don't get me wrong, I love Vintage Story and I recognize that it's not complete, it's in early access, I'm just worried about the future of the game, that maybe when it's more famous it will be harder to hear from the whole community. Below are some discrepancies I've noticed: A strong detail is the material mismatch in the texture of the boxes: As with other materials, there is a noticeable difference in texture tones: What wood is this? aged? why? The gypsum block is not out of this, although it is a good complement, it is difficult to combine it with other woods in the houses: One suggestion is to add a variety of doors, beds, trapdoors, chests, chairs, tables, and perhaps torches that match the colors of the woods: The steering wheel is acceptable, but this new roof was one of the things that bothered me the most, it completely deviates from the visual standard of the game, I'm afraid that the VS team will use this new roof to make new structures for the game, it would be scary:
  2. Builders blocks is a building additions mod that adds over 790 new blocks to build with, many of which provide new building themes and overal greater flexibilty with your builds. It also provides some functional additions such as climbing scaffold, door options, new light sources, walls, and cairns which can be used as primitive landmarks. Heres my patreon if you'd like to support me: Patreon Current additions include: Decorational- Scaffold blocks in metal and wood variants, as well as hollow and soild versions of those. Non-climbing version. Support braces in 4 versions and in all wood variants. Pylons/Pylon pipes- octagonal supports or hollow pipe versions available in all wood and metal types. Bark blocks- blocks with the bark texture on all sides. Stripped wood- Like planks but without the lines in them. Small/Large leaf blocks- Survival avaiable leaf blocks that can be crafted and picked up when broken. Grave markers in 3 versions and all stone types. Cairns- stone piles used either for decoration or navigational land markers, also has a glowing version for the tip so you can see them at night, available in all stone types, 4 different size variations. Glowstone blocks- glowing blocks that can be chiseled, provides as much light as a normal lantern and can be grown in a barrel in a slightly involved process. Essentally made from suevite rock. Oil lamp chandelier- brighter oil lamp that can be hung from the ceiling. Cage lights in every metal type. Framed metal blocks. Solid metal blocks. Mineral blocks- many many blocks with many textures, can be chiseled or used as condensed storage blocks, includes nugget blocks, bone blocks, lapis blocks ect. Rust blocks- rust iron blocks in a brine barrel to have rusty textures. Transparent solid blocks- with framed version, can be chiseled. Terrariums! Available in 65 different versions including snow, water, desert, mushroom, and grass. Functional- 4 New door types in all wood variants. 2 new "trapdoor" like blocks. Stone pile fences in every stone type. Climbing rocks in every stone type Metal fences in every metal type. Metal ladders in every metal type. 4 versions of climbable scaffold blocks, large stacks can be fell with an axe at the stack base. Made in version 1.17, should still work in 1.16 versions. Download Link: https://mods.vintagestory.at/buildersblocks
  3. Shingles are really neat when you wanna build up a pretty looking house. We all use them, for various different build ideas. But I found that over time, actually getting where you want to be with it can take hours, actual real life hours, to get the materials. And I am not talking about going around exploring and farming for ore or clay in this part. Nonono, thats the fun part afterall. I am talking about sitting in your home, making mold after mold after mold to create bloody Shingles. The one item that needs to be redone over and over and over and over again in order to pretty much build any type of modernized roofing that isnt straw. If you wanted to create a 5 x 5 house for instance, youd need at least 45 shingle pieces to create the various block types we need. On its own that doesnt sound too bad. You create 48 pieces and then fire them up at the same time. Easy. However, once you get to the point where the houses you want to build reach 20x20 or even larger, some of them being Complexes and whatnot, requiring multiple types of roofs, you also get to point where creating shingles goes from "Just a few more" to "Crap this is boring, I need a break". So what is my suggestion exactly? Well, first and foremost it is very simple. A Clay Mold thats fired in a Kiln that can be used to form Shingles, just like we can use other forms to pour metal into. However, here is where the suggestion goes in two different ways. - The first variant - Simplicity at its finest The first variant of the Mold could be used just like any other mold on the ground. Place it, put all Clay in it and you are done. Maybe wait a few minutes at least to take it out again but overall, this is what is required. After that you have your 12 shingles as per usual and into the oven they go. - The second variant - More complex but more relaxed The second variant functions similar to the first. However now instead of simply using the mold as written above, you would place clay into them individually similar to how you would normally mold clay on its own. Now I already hear you say: "But how would that make it better?" Well that is because the second variant would actually let you place more than just one type of clay into the mold at the same time. Youd still need to finish the whole piece to actually take out the end product and with that all types of different shingles, but it would still make it so youd have exactly what you want and so that you may not even have to create more than you need. - Balance Since this is very easy tho and I am sure this will sound far too easy for some this could easily come at a cost. - Making Shingles is now pretty much easy after finally getting a proper kiln and mold setup. But forming shingles on your own means you know exactly how much clay you need for each piece. No materials get wasted in the process that way. But automation has made you lazy. Who cares if there is a little more clay in it? Its not like the roof will fall ontop of your head because one shingle is slightly thicker, right? So here is my proposition towards balancing. We can either go the 1to1 route in which each shingle in this new recipe takes 1 clay each to make it so that proper wastage has been achieved to counter the ease of access or - We can go the lightweight route in which we literally just half the price for each shingle. That means one half a clay per shingle. Or of course we go the way it goes right now and it only uses up what shingles have cost before so players dont have to waste anything at all. However, at the end of the day, it is all up to the devs if they should take this suggestion serious in any way shape or form, which I hope they will. But even if not and any of the devs should still have read this: Thanks for your time and I hope you have a lovely day. The same goes to everyone else of course as well Have a lovely day yall
  4. As the post title says, I'd like to suggest alternatives to the current glass windows in game, as a way to add more window variety, give another use to some existing materials that have relatively limited uses at present (wax, parchment, and cloth). Parchment or cloth windows also seem like a good match to the rough door in terms of windows that have a chance to break/degrade easily. First, some historical background on these glass alternatives: Usable animal horns currently don't exist in-game, but seem like a logical addition to the other harvestables from bighorn sheep. While I haven't found any evidence for windows made from sheep horn, cow horn historically was used for both windows (see a restored cow horn window in Barley Hall here) as well as book covers (see 'hornbooks'). Greased paper/parchment and oiled cloth windows have a long history, although unfortunately not one captured in photographs. They were commonly used in conjunction with wooden shutters to cover window apertures - cultural historian Jacob von Falke describes windows common in wealthier pre-16th century medieval homes that had wooden shutters combined with "fine waxed linen, or oiled paper" as well as windows with horn and transparent mica set in lattices (Art in the House pg 61). The man who made the horn windows for Barley Hall made oiled linen windows as well - he briefly compares the process of making each in the comments of this post. Oiled and treated parchment and cloth created semi-translucent but also waterproof windows that let in much-needed light. In the more recent historical record you can find mention of 'greasepaper' windows used by American settlers as they moved west - a far cheaper and more practical alternative to transporting glass across the continent, especially in the many temporary homes built along the way. As for how to implement these alternatives in game, the parchment and cloth ones could be as simple as combining fat and the window material (or, to go along with the Barley Hall method, fat and resin. Window frames could also be a placeable block constructed out of sticks or boards that could then be filled with 'panes' of parchment or cloth which would need to be refilled as the panes break. Dyed cloth or tinted parchment (historical evidence for the latter is discussed here) could be used as well, adding color to builds. I have other thoughts on adding a parchment construction process to the game, but that's somewhat beside the point for this post. Hope this sparks some interesting possibilities for the devs and/or modders!
  5. It would be nice if a vertical only slab could be placed in either side of the block below it
  6. Hello everbody! This is my first try on a castle in Vintage Story. It took me longer than expected and of course i had a two month break in which i didn't build anything. At the moment the castle only consists of the outer walls and i will not continue this project. I still think it didn't come out too bad. I had problems with my building flow due to how different it is to Minecraft and of course i had to get used to the World Edit in this game. I will continue building things though. Just a bit smaller i guess . Ingame time: Greetings from Germany, Chris
  7. I See that the game slowly evolving , getting better and better , if all the stuff that in the planed road-map going to get in the game i think everyone will be happy! I hopeing for an update that make the Pve and the world generation better , giving the game more life with new monsters and animals , vegetation and landscape formations. this one of the things i really want in the game gameplay wise , the other thing would be new npc's and humanoid enemy's like tribes etc. On the Creative side what im really into , there is 1 big thing i miss that would speed up the progression of building , this would be an Asset Database where we can store our buildings , or building parts , when its come to chiselling its take a lot of time to create a polished stuff , if we can just store an 50x50x50 or 100x100x100 as max , block sized building as asset in a data base and put it down with 1 click instead or rebuild it again will make things much easier and faster for people who may want build complete worlds. Note: this will not copy storage boxes , tools , just the buildings , and chiselled structures that we make! In Creative would be very easy to use it , build something like a statue , a table , a chair or whatever we select the blocks that contain the object and with and added button we can save it in the asset database , this would be a file folder on our pc and we save this assets as files here. and with 1 click we can just drag the asset rotate it and place it where we want. In Survival it would be similar , but we would need all the materials to build it , we could place down a decoy structure what would be like a "ghost form" of it and it will materialise when we bring the materials to it , similar way how the building works in The Forest game ofc this only will work with these assets that we created. i think most builders would love to have this as a feature! What you guys think?
  8. The Adjustor Mod for VS 1.15.0+ A useful tool for builders that lets anyone who has it rotate slabs, stairs and other blocks without breaking them! Even from difficult angles - just hold the crouch key and the rotate controls are flipped (spin instead of flip up/down). NEW: Fixed mode. (Default;'F' key) - allows forcing the SAME direction for all blocks - each click will always try and force the block to the same direction. Lets you place several types of slab-like blocks onto roofs or sides they would not otherwise go. Release Notes; V0.1.11 Made compatible with V1.14 ! CHUTES and Chests are now reorientable, it wasn't easy either! Wooden Axles - for technical reasons are not adjustable. Lanterns and several other 'angular' rotatable blocks can be spun around - (but not flipped, can't do both) * Download Mod link HERE * Updated version; works better with V1.9.6+
  9. Having a windowed door or trapdoor doesn't make much sense or look good in an interior or as a cellar door. I think a recipe to cut a window hole in a door or trapdoor after you craft it wouldn't be too much hassle. Thanks for reading! : )
  10. Mentioned subjects have been discussed in Discord on a few occasions, but there is no thread here mentioning these. And as the game now has vertical slabs, I think there may be good reason to reconsider the introduction of both wicker fences and wattle-and-daub walls as flavour adding, theme fitting additions to the overall game experience. Concrete proposals: Add wicker fences and gates that can be placed in the same fashion as plank based fences and gates. Both would also have the same block height, but the wicker gates would only be an effective barrier for animals, not for drifters. That is, they would 'automatically switch to open position' when a drifter comes within the hit box of the gate and drifters would perceive them for their path-finding AI as if they were grass blocks or similar (hoping this will be possible). The recipes for each would be the following: Wicker fence: 6 sticks in the lower 6 slots plus 4 reeds in the top center slot to produce 6 wicker fences. Wicker gate: 4 sticks in the slots to the bottom and center left and right plus 2 times 2 reeds in the bottom and center middle slots to produce 1 wicker gate. Add wattle wall (elements) with the qualities of vertical slabs and only placeable as such. They have a slight 'see-through' texture: light partially passes through them (like, doubles the light intensity reduction per block) and both predatory animals and drifters will be able to notice a player on the other side of these wall elements. Their recipe: Wattle wall: 1 wicker fence in the central slot plus 2 sticks above and below that to produce 1 wattle wall block. Add wattle-and-daub (wall elements) in two variants: a vertical slab and a full block. The properties of these are similar to plank blocks of comparable size. Their recipes: Wattle-and-daub single wall: 2 wattle wall elements in the central slot plus 1 cob block in the slot to the right to produce 2 wattle-and-daub single wall blocks. Wattle-and-daub double wall: 2 wattle-and-daub single wall blocks next to each other to produce 1 wattle-and-daub double wall block. Would be nice if it would be possible to also create them by placing a wattle-and-daub single wall block in the same block space as an already placed wattle-and-daub single block. Make the wattle-and-daub double wall blocks reinforcable with the plumb and square, but only with a very limited number of materials. Any type of stone, brick or metal should not be effective. Make the wattle-and-daub wall blocks 'paintable' with a limited number of dyes after placing them. The 'vanilla' blocks should have a 'cob' like appearance, but application of specific dyes will change that on the face where it's applied. This may be done in the same fashion as the way salpeter deposits are placed in the world. Upon breaking of a dyed wattle-and-daub wall block the paint (plaster) layer will dissappear. Proposed dyes: Lime, blue clay and fire clay. Applying these to a wattle-and-daub wall block results in layers of plaster with colour schemes that are mixtures of cob and the used powder. Specific lime types created from the various sea shell types available in the game, if ever they will be added. All will have their own specific hue variant. I hope these will be considered for a future update as I think this will greatly enhance the options for early game building and they will add a lot to the flavour of various, more utility like, builds. Any constructive feedback is this thread appreciated and may be used to further improve the above proposals.
  11. I would love to see proper slope-shaped roof blocks. The stair-shaped ones always look so blocky. I like that you already added shingles, I always missed them in minecraft. An additional thatched roof or Wooden Roof block would also be great. Not every building needs a shingled roof. Recipe suggestions: Thatched Roof Shingled Roof Wooden Roof Reed Shingle Firewood Stick Reed Board Shingle Stick Firewood Stick Stick Reed Board Board Shingle Stick Stick Firewood
  12. As long it occurs to make an anvil and then a saw to make wood planks and stairs, you can only make a single layer of block for roof in the "stone age". While it's known that ancient hpuses had hay roof since the paleolithic age. Can you implement the hay stairs in the game? thank you Ps: there will be shields also?
  13. AbjectPovertyCraft aims to replicate the plugin functionality of the civ genre of minecraft servers, with a returned focus to resource scarcity in order to encourage political and economic cooperation between large groups of players. We were the earliest proponents of the plumb and square method of in-game reinforcement for Vintage Story, and hope to have a hand in the further development of mods that will give like-minded groups of players the tools needed to band together, form societies, build nations, and enforce rule of law in their areas of influence in-game without the need for admin intervention. Server address: (or find us in the public listing) Current version: 1.9.12 Required Mods: 1.12.0-rc.1-CivMods-1.0.7.zip1.11.0-CollectibleExchange-1.1.0.zip If you have any further questions, or wish to connect with other players: Join our Discord. Or make a post on /r/AbjectPovertyCraft. This server is PUBLIC. There is no whitelist, nor will there ever be.
  14. Hello everyone. This is my 1st post on this forum hence I would like to thank Tyrone and all the ones who are involved in the development of the game. Keep up with the excellent work! I'd like to give my little contribution by telling you about my experience with building materials. Let's start with clay: in my opinion clay is a fine material to make roofs. During a run I decided that I wanted to top my base's buildings with blue clay stairs and slabs in order to simulate a tiled roof. I cooked some clay and I realized that the process yelds one block of clay instead a single brick. Who wants to make a block of brick has to use 4 units of clay for a single brick. To me this is a nonsense: why a single brick should be 4 times more expensive than a block made of the same material? It would be more logic if 1 or 2 pieces of clay made a brick and 9 made a raw block. Another 2 ideas about bricks: 1. Bricks forming. Instead putting the clay on the crafting table it would be nice to craft a wooden frame then put the frame(s) on the ground and fill it with softened clay (clay + water, in a similar fashion of bread dough). After a certain amount of time the sunlight would dry the bricks and make them ready for being cooked. 2. Bricks cooking. It would be nice if it was possible to build a multi block structure (like the charcoal making one) where raw bricks can be cooked in large batches. In order to make stones collection more efficient my suggestion is to use both hands: the left hand would hold the chisel and the right one the hammer. Hitting a rock block a certain amount of times would drop the whole block. I suppose that this thing could pave the way for other 2 hands mechanics like: quiver and bow or tongs and hammer for metal forging. Right now clay is used as binding agent to make brick blocks. I think that it could be interesting to use lime instead. Burning animal bones or certain types of stone on a campfire would yeld dye which mixed with water would make lime. The mixing could be made in an empty bucket placed on the ground instead using the crafting table.
  15. So stone bricks appear in underground dungeons now. E.g. I saw granite ones. They look great and can be a good end-game material, an improvement of cobblestone. But getting them via exploration is not very reliable, they become too time-expensive, especially on multiplayer servers. Why not allow players to craft them, with some expensive enough recipe? E.g. Can be done from raw stone block only => checkerboard quarry in needed. Made from raw stone similar as firewood from logs - crafting in grid with pickaxe and hammer. This may create an additional use for mold-made bronze tools in end-game. I suggest at lest 2 bricks are made from one raw stone block. 1 might be too expensive imho. To create brick blocks u use similar recipe as for blue/fire bricks - with clay. This will make them reasonably expensive: quarrying+tool durability+clay+need quite a lot of bricks to make enough brick blocks. And dungeon-looted bricks will be very desirable, to save on all those resources and crafting time. And this addition can be very cheap development-wise: most brick textures/blocks seems to exist (maybe except stairs/slabs). Stairs/slabs can be copy-pasted from existing blocks. Recipes don't use any unique mechanics, and can be copy-pasted from firewood and from blue brick blocks crafting. Profit!
  16. Currently I have a deadlock with my build on a server. I need to expand the building, e.g. to add a kitchen, but it progresses slowly and with lot of frustrations, my design skills are terrible. I could try things in creative first, but I can't import the layout of my existing base and its surroundings to a singleplayer world. Also, despite that being a standard practice, I always hated switching to a separate creative world to design things for survival, because you have to do things kinda twice and it breakes immersion. Could a feature be introduced into the game to allow "mind experiments" for planning and designing buildings and terraforming? E.g. player can sit on some block setup or some station of sort. Or dream while sleeping. Or consume a potion. And be transported into a "dream" world, which is a copy of his, and the player can switch to a creative mode there. After trying and building all things there, player returns to the ordinary world, and can enable to see blocks from the dream world, appearing as ghost blocks. The problem is to prevent cheating, e.g. ore prospecting and ruins search. Idk how. Maybe travel distance limit can be an answer. The dream world is a bubble with radius of ... 100 blocks? I guess it will be generated very quickly. And even if you go into the dream world when exploring the land, you can't explore significant part of cave system or surface. But for a building design it would be more than enough. Or maybe dream exploration can be a thing and quite expensive for early game. Like: we pay for finding ore/ruins with time and metal for tools. Why not pay with less time but different resources for potions instead of metal tools.
  17. Hello everybody! Chris again. This time i will open a thread on my current project. A huge Vintage Story city. Im trying to build this city because i never built a real, good looking city and also because of a random wall i was building to test new WE features and i thought, why not using that wall in an outer city wall? At the moment i am still at the beginning of my project and i am experimenting on many things like the style of buildings, blockvariety, size and terraforming and of course the general theme of the city. First of all: How am i going to proceed in order to build this map? 1. Basic terraforming and terraindesign. 2. Basic structures and planning where to put each individual building. 3. Exterior walls and structures. 4. Basic surroundings of the city. (streets, parks, ways, stairs, lakes, ...) 5. Adding nature to the surroundigs and the buildings. (Trees, bushes, decorative leaves, flowers, flower pots, more detail in naturalizing the terrain,...) 6.More detailed surroundings. (Lanterns, outside lights, details in the streets and ways, details on the exterior walls, ...) 7. Intirior design and details. 8.Additional things like eastereggs, secrect passageways, hidden doors, hidden rooms, organics, maybe nametags on each indiviual building. As you can see the first "block" (a group of buildings surrounded by a main street) is already finished talking of basic exterior walls, but of course this was just the first experiment on which style i am going to choose. Those 19 buildings in this first "block" are only a small percentage of the future amount of buildings (about 400 are planned right now) and of course i have planned to include some bigger marks on my map. - One huge castle (bigger and more military looking. More towers and less decorative meaning) - a palace (more detailed and decorative building with more windows and less towers) - a huge temple - a highgarden building (a building with different levels with different "gardens" on it) - a huge gate as entrance to the city - a main market right in front of the gate - another marketplace (the city is going to be big so i place the second maketplace a bit further away from the first) - arena (well i guess there's no need to explain) - and of course different " special" buildings and places like a variety of stores, a blacksmith, a library, many parks, waterfountains,... If you have any suggestions about what you would like to have in this city just post a comment down here! :-) Also i still don't know exactly how i am going to call this city, so suggestions concerning the name are welcome as well! I will use this open thread to post updates, wether by editing or just commenting under this main post, so if you are interested in my current project just come by every once a week and be hyped for the day Vintage Story will have another EPIC project on its list. Thanks for reading! Greetings from Germany, ~Chris
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