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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everbody! This is my first try on a castle in Vintage Story. It took me longer than expected and of course i had a two month break in which i didn't build anything. At the moment the castle only consists of the outer walls and i will not continue this project. I still think it didn't come out too bad. I had problems with my building flow due to how different it is to Minecraft and of course i had to get used to the World Edit in this game. I will continue building things though. Just a bit smaller i guess . Ingame time: Greetings from Germany, Chris
  2. A work in progress for a lord's estate. I really love the basalt, obviously, so I wanted to majorly work in it. The drawbridge/gate mod by Rhonen was a huge help! :)
  3. Hi everyone, Here's a small update on previous video in mid july...couple weeks later. I still suck in english describing what i mean as i think in an other language then try to translate Figured i'd do a small video. Sorry this is my first time i do that..sound and quality in somewhat not optimal But i thought a video might be better than screenshot to go around our current base to share with you all.
  4. Hi everybody! Chris again, but this time I just made this post in order to find a name for my newest project in Vintage Story. Here's a picture of the wall i built. Doesn't seem too epic hm? Ye it looks pretty small. Actually the highest point of the tower on the right is exactly 256 blocks away from the lowest block of the structure. So this thing is MC maximum build-height. But it's gonna be much bigger than that. As this is just a small part of the outer city wall. I plan to build a huge city with an arean, temple, a few castles and palaces and of course more than 150 normal houses. I'm looking for a great name. I might be creative building stuff but my imagination is not the best so i thought it wouldn't hurt asking for suggestions on that matter. So if you have a fitting name to a huge medieval-fantasy city, then post it here as comment. You will be updated here or in another thread in the "build" area on the current status of the project. Thank you for reading and suggesting! Greetings from Germany Chris
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